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First a few words on where we are:

We moderns find ourselves in the position of making a choice. Do we stick with individualism, knowing that it is a path to death and Chinese domination, or admit that we need some goal beyond ourselves, like culture and nature? If we opt for realism, modernity must die.

Donald Trump made a good first step by revealing to us that our system is beyond salvage. When an election pauses, then reverses after a 3:00 AM recount, it is time to investigate, and yet that is the one thing that the system refuses, except with manipulated “recounts” that do not address the real problem, which is fake ballots and algorithms tweaking things behind the scenes.

When your democracy — and yes, eckshyually fedora types, we are a democracy, albeit a constitutional republic, but if voting is involved, you are a democracy, just not a direct democracy, which is where your confusion is; like most moderns you assume a narrow case (democracy = direct democracy only) sort of like you assume that all conservatives must be neoconservatives — cannot peacefully and fairly decide the transition of power, it has invalidated itself. When it does so for a vested group interested in its own power, you are ruled by tyranny. At that point, you have become a threat to yourself and others and need to be locked in a padded room with Paul Anka’s Greatest Hits on repeat.

At the time all of this election drama started, I suggested that Trump has advanced on three layers — surface, procedural, and criminal — with the caveat:

Trump refuses to smite these people. He did not go after the rioters. He has not had anyone arrested, at least not directly. There has been no spate of hiring. He knows that the Left wants him to act like a tyrant, because that will fit into the Leftist narrative and seem to “prove” it.

Instead, Trump and his team have launched a series of legal challenges that may not even be decided by the time his second term is over. This keeps the Right in the role of Innocent Victim, and forces the Left to reveal itself as Cruel Aggressor.

Instead of going after them, he focuses on revealing them. He shows what they have done, and this separates America into two groups: those who are OK with corruption because they believe in the ideology behind it, and those who believe that corruption is unacceptable.

In order to fully reveal the crisis of America 2021, he had to push things to a breaking point:

However, he faces a stopping point, which is that “a crisis avoided is a crisis ignored.” Meaning that if, like Reagan, Trump were to patch up this mess of a country, he would only do so in order to hand it over to the same group of people. We need not just regime change but a change of system. Whatever happened after 1790, something went wrong — observers like myself point a finger, but probably not the index finger, at the Fourteenth Amendment — and now the system has become exactly what it was designed to avoid.

We all had high hopes for January 20th. Perhaps Biden would reach out toward the Bible, and an olive green wrist would slap cuffs on him and march him down the ramp to a waiting Zil which would take him to Guantanamo. This seems fair at least.

But as I pointed out, there is a pattern:

My feeling has always been that he has three prongs — calling out local counts to get them adjusted, a Bush v. Gore style Constitutional case, and finally, the SIGINT his team captured the night of the steal — and he keeps using those in order, each time proving that the system is irretrievably corrupt.

At this point, Trump has all of the cards. He has done the polite thing and accepted the decision of Congress — but not conceded — and taken off to the golf course to relax for awhile. However, he has made no bones about the fact that this is not over:

“We’ll do something, but not just yet,” he told the Washington Examiner as he sat at his regular table in the Grill Room of the Trump International Golf Club. An aide to the former chief executive then swooped in and swiftly, but politely, ended the interaction.

He needs the world to absorb what has happened, and for the memory of the fake Capitol riots to fade away (since the Capitol police basically allowed this to happen, one must consider them fake, or at least partially engineered).

He still has this three methods of attack. The inauguration and resulting drama simply provides more evidence for what he will prove, which is a coordinated election theft, SpyGate, and fake impeachment engineered by a cabal which rules the American government from within through the aid of Wall Street and China.

If the Democrats impeach him, as they seem sure to do, they give him a day in court to introduce all of this material. If they fail to do so, he still has state civil court for a Bush v. Gore style challenge, and somewhere out there a special prosecutor still lurks, uncovering information (or sorting through what he has been presented). Not all parts of American government have fallen, and huge parts of intelligence, military, and legal agencies want this resolved, and will view a Chinese takeover of our civilization as a very bad thing indeed.

We all hoped for gunfire and arrests on January 20th. That would have been fitting! Instead, we have to sit in for the long haul. The GOP has revealed that it must be purged. The world economy is headed for a crash. China is about to start a war.

At that point, he can point to the evidence and say, “see here, we trapped them communicating, and there’s the message from China coming in, and they act on it here.” The Democrats want to impeach Trump to prevent him from returning, but as usual he distracts with his right hand while moving his left.

They have no idea how technology has made it easy to track them through their cellular phone data:

Digital rights advocates reacted with alarm to a report published Friday detailing how Defense Intelligence Agency analysts in recent years bought databases of US smartphone location data without first obtaining warrants.

Last September it was revealed that the US military was purchasing device location data from apps—including a Muslim prayer app used by tens of millions of people around the world—and using it for counterterrorism purposes.

You do not need a warrant if the provider sells it to you. Even more, internet traffic can be trapped the same way, and contact-tracing software specializes on linking people to connections and in turn, getting a picture of the groups who are communicating with each other.

I suggest that people stop moping about. It was never guaranteed that action would take place before the inauguration, nor that being out of office would stop Trump from continuing his legal actions, nor that others in government have set into motion legal actions which are simply gathering data from the ongoing acts of Democrats.

If they faked an election, seized the presidency, and then did things as commanded by China, and this can be proven, they are all going to jail. Apparently we must be patient to see if this will come to pass.

If that is proven, the American government will dissolve. We will get not just regime change but System change. Our government will have to revisit Marbury v. Madison to reconsider judicial review, re-interpret or repeal the Fourteenth Amendment, and make other fixes to get back to what the Constitution designed.

Even better, we can feel a sea change afoot, not just in terms of regime change and system change, but attitude toward modernity. People no longer want to defer to external authority; they want a natural order where they are responsible for themselves only and have a cultural framework and orientation toward the good. We have seen that if we tolerate the bad, it takes over, so this new society will point us toward the good and start yeeting out those who go the other direction.

For centuries, we have based our societies upon pluralism, or the art of compromising in order to keep procedure in order so that we do not need strong authority. This created systems that perpetuated themselves with “noble” goals like anti-poverty, equality, and anti-racism.

These systems act as Systems always do, which is to narrow the requirement for success from succeed in reality to obey the system. Meritocracy, ideology, and even consumerist profit motive all work to take the focus away from results in reality and to turn it toward what most people think is okay-I-guess. This comes with an increase in red tape and taxes, as well as having too many people on the committee and stirring the pot, resulting in a neurotic approach which bogs down in the many thousands and millions it must pay off or placate in order to act. Societies strangle themselves by trying to be good to everyone. What humans think is good is in fact bad. Every human society so far has self-destructed by adopting class warfare to placate its underclass, bureaucracy for efficiency, and “politeness” which consists of avoiding anything which might offend anyone, which in a diverse society means just about anything will offend some group.

As it turns out, these are as destructive as Nazism or Communism, and we must avoid them. Trump has shown us the first step. It is up to those who remain free of mind to take the remaining steps, and enforce the change that humanity needs. If we fail in this, not just the USA, but all of humanity will pass into darkness, and continue degenerating until we become low-IQ hominids.

On the other hand, if we liberate ourselves from the need for a collectivist or individualist system that ignores the necessity of having a goal beyond humanity itself, we can finally fix ourselves and get to the stars.


  • Chaucer to be scrapped as British university ‘decolonises’ curriculum

    Management told the English department that courses on canonical works would be dropped in favour of modules that “students expect” as part of plans now under consultation.

    Most people want what is toxic. That is, they demand that their individualism be catered to, which requires removing all standards and culture so that everyone can be accepted. This mental virus consumes societies, but first, it erases history and learning.

  • A critical animal for Earth’s survival has gone missing — study

    According to a study published Friday in the journal Cell Press, 25 percent of known bee species have disappeared from the public record since the 1990s.

    Too many people means not enough land for nature. If we avoided immigration, this would not be a problem, but instead we keep building more housing to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. Does this make fortunes? No doubt. It also ensures that the future will be a bleak one.

  • MyPillow Guy among the Trump acolytes picking up the torch

    While many Republicans, particularly those in Washington, are eager to move on from the former president and his personality-driven, racially divisive politics, Trump’s acolytes across the country are already preparing to pick up the torch.

    Even the mainstream media — and AP is a voice of China now — admits that everything in American politics is about race. Diversity wrecked this nation. It is just a bad policy, like socialism. In the meantime, the only Republicans who have any chance of getting into office these days are the MAGAites; the audience will stay home and not vote for the rest. Trump will get his revenge as mass carnage breaks out among GOP candidates in 2022.

  • Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force

    China, which claims Taiwan as its own territory, has conducted almost daily flights over the waters between the southern part of Taiwan and the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea in recent months.

    China behaves just like the Mongols under Genghis Khan. They are culture-destroyers who will create an order based on “values” (really: political values, meaning ideology) and will replace actual values, practices, and genetics with it. Then their empire will collapse from mismanagement, as such efforts tend to do, leaving behind primitive ruins where anyone who could think was executed long ago.

  • Black women in the UK four times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth

    Black women are still four times more likely than white women to die in pregnancy or childbirth in the UK, and women from Asian ethnic backgrounds face twice the risk, according to a new report.

    Under diversity, the majority always becomes responsible for the fortunes of minority groups, despite genetic differences leading to different outcomes. Instead of acknowledging that each group needs its own care, we shoehorn them into one-size-fits-all which works for no one. A sane solution here would involve each group managing its own healthcare, but that would not provide what the egalitarians want, which is a raceless underclass permanently voting Leftist.

  • Case against woman charged in boyfriend’s suicide to proceed

    Prosecutors say You sent Urtula, of Cedar Grove, New Jersey, thousands of messages in the last two months of their relationship, including many urging him to “go kill yourself.” Urtula died in Boston on May 20, the day of his Boston College graduation.

    Egalitarianism exists to lift from the individual the responsibility to understand external reality and find a direction within it. Movements for workers love equality because to them, life simply means having a job, and then spending time on entertainment. These are simple and small things that get made into a religion and theory of civilization, instead of being relegated to the (numerous) underclasses where they belong. People at a level above repetitive labor tend to experience more of life, and as part of class warfare, these things are eliminated. In a sensible society, we would each be responsible for our responses to words, but in the egalitarian world, the only thing that separates us is the set of external influences on us, which means that in order to keep that fiction alive, we must insist that someone typing “kill yourself” on a phone is responsible when the recipient, who was mentally unstable anyway, finally does it.

  • People of Color Still 50 percent More Likely to be Fined for COVID Breaches in U.K.

    The figures showed that while 80 percent of fines were issued to white people, 18 percent of fines went to those who identified as Asian and Chinese (11 percent), Black (5 percent) or Mixed (2 percent). Black Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (BAME) make up 13 percent of the population in England and Wales. White people make up 86 percent of the population in the two countries.

    The Left continues pushing for worldwide lack of police enforcement on third world origin people, allowing them to wage ethnic war against the captive majority. Diversity always ends this way.

  • Associations of Fish Oil Supplement Use With Testicular Function in Young Men

    After adjustment and compared with men with no supplement intake, men with fish oil supplement intake on fewer than 60 days had semen volume that was 0.38 (95% CI, -0.03 to 0.80) mL higher, and men with fish oil supplement intake on 60 or more days had semen volume that was 0.64 (95% CI, 0.15 to 1.12) mL higher (P for trend < .001). Similarly, testicular size in men with supplement intake on fewer than 60 days was 0.8 (95% CI, -0.2 to 1.9) mL larger and in men with fish oil supplement intake on 60 or more days was 1.5 (95% CI, 0.2 to 2.8) mL larger compared with men with no supplement intake (P for trend = .007).

    Interesting how essentially nutrition determines health. Apparently the ancient Greek doctors followed this line of thought almost exclusively.

  • Everything Is Broken

    How was it, I then asked, that it took my husband and me—both children of doctors, both people with reporting and researching backgrounds, among the lucky who have health insurance, and with access through family and friends to what is billed as the best medical care in the country—years to figure this out, and that in the end we only did so basically by accident?

    Norman looked at us sympathetically. “I don’t know how else to tell you this but bluntly,” he said. “There are still many good individuals involved in medicine, but the American medical system is profoundly broken. When you look at the rate of medical error—it’s now the third leading cause of death in the U.S.—the overmedication, creation of addiction, the quick-fix mentality, not funding the poor, quotas to admit from ERs, needless operations, the monetization of illness vs. health, the monetization of side effects, a peer review system run by journals paid for by Big Pharma, the destruction of the health of doctors and nurses themselves by administrators, who demand that they rush through 10-minute patient visits, when so often an hour or more is required, and which means that in order to be ‘successful,’ doctors must overlook complexity rather than search for it … Alana, the unique thing here isn’t that you fell down so many rabbit holes. What’s unique is that you found your way out at all.”

    If the medical industry was comprehensively broken, as Norman said, and the media was irrevocably broken, as we knew it was … Was everything in America broken? Was education broken? Housing? Farming? Cities? Was religion broken?

    Everything is broken.

    Meritocracy means narrow-channel selection; we choose people who are good at taking tests and memorizing stuff, and then promote them. We then make them responsible for their careers, not the ostensible goal of their jobs, which motivates them to bring in as much money as possible at the expense of others. Democracies tend to end as giant non-aggression pacts in which all members are stealing from all others and voting to take whatever they can from other groups to benefit their own.

  • An index measuring country stability finds the U.S. dropping

    Though the U.S. is stable according to some of the index’s economic, political, and social measurements, it has seen a stark drop in what the index labels as cohesion, an indicator that reflects internal divisions.

    Diversity destroys cohesion. It also erases standards, which further obliterates any sense of actual unity, which is convenient because those in authority want to force us to adopt externally-compelled unity in the form of political ideology.

  • Online Misinformation Dropped Dramatically After Twitter Banned Trump

    The new research by the San Francisco-based analytics firm reported that conversations about election fraud dropped from 2.5 million mentions to 688,000 mentions across several social media sites in the week after Trump was banned from Twitter.

    Censorship works. All of those discussions went to other places that media does not watch, having never heard of them. This lays the groundwork for a fully irate social movement against Leftism, and it starts out with good cause. They drew first blood.

  • Evaluation for Myocarditis in Competitive Student Athletes Recovering From Coronavirus Disease 2019

    In this study of 145 student athletes with COVID-19 who had mild to moderate symptoms or no symptoms during acute infection, cardiac MRI findings (at a median of 15 days after a positive test result for COVID-19) were consistent with myocarditis in only 2 patients (1.4%), based on updated Lake Louise criteria.

    Modern society suffers a measurement problem: assuming that people are equally, we also assume that whatever happens to them is the result of external stimulus, but evidence suggests that in many cases — for example, COVID-19 — their problems existed before the external stimulus. We will find that most COVID-19 statistics were erroneously interpreted in this way. Add a disease to sick people, and you get lots of deaths that would have happened anyway, but are occurring now in a blob rather than trickling through.

  • Danish and Chinese tongues taste broccoli and chocolate differently

    By letting test subjects taste the bitter substance PROP, two studies demonstrate that Danish and Chinese people experience this basic taste differently. The reason seems to be related to an anatomical difference upon the tongue surfaces of these two groups.

    Again and again we discover that genetics is real. In the controversy over nature versus nurture, it seems most likely to be 80% nature and 20% nurture, with the caveat that much of nature consists of pre-requisites (like certain IQ levels) which can be damaged by their environment, but not much enhanced by it. Remember the Flynn Effect? Another statistical ghost.

  • China enters 2021 on rebound after recording lowest economic growth in 40 years

    GDP grew 2.3% in 2020, the data showed, making China the only major economy in the world to avoid a contraction last year as many nations struggled to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. And China is expected to continue to power ahead of its peers this year, with economists forecasting GDP to expand at the fastest pace in a decade at 8.4%, according to a Reuters poll.

    They adjusted their 2019 figures downward in order to make 2020 look good, but the bigger point is that faking a pandemic and inducing purchased assets in the West to make it into a full-blown trend hysteria works very well if you want to be a superpower. I suspect that their current figures are not wholly real, either, in part because it would be impossible to fully know their economy as it is practiced, which means that even the Chinese know that their system is internally unstable like that of the Soviets.

  • Google Is Not What It Seems

    It was Cohen who, while he was still at the Department of State, was said to have emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to delay scheduled maintenance in order to assist the aborted 2009 uprising in Iran. His documented love affair with Google began the same year, when he befriended Eric Schmidt as they together surveyed the post-occupation wreckage of Baghdad. Just months later, Schmidt re-created Cohen’s natural habitat within Google itself by engineering a “think/do tank” based in New York and appointing Cohen as its head. Google Ideas was born.

    American intelligence agencies figured out that social media and the post-2007 internet function very well as a propaganda organ for fomenting color revolutions. Then they turned that same power onto America itself. Google wants to be a Chinese company, and it does what China asks of it, even while also pretending to be good friends of the American government.

  • Venice is watching tourists’ every move

    But the new system not only records what’s going on; it analyzes the traffic, recognizing the different types of boats, from gondola to a “topo” — essentially a water-truck. It then stores the numbers. And it even tallies with the public transportation timetables, logging if a waterbus is late and, if so, by how many minutes.

    Contact-tracing is the miracle technology of the twenty-first century. It enables you to instantly see repetitive interactions, allowing you to sniff out crimes, revolutions, and even affairs before they happen. It will be adopted for the usual reason: your security. When given an option for technology that will save lives and keep order, democratic societies will get over their squeamish objections and adopt it.

  • Federal murder probe opened for Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick who died following riots

    According to sources familiar with the matter, authorities believe Sicknick’s death was driven by a medical condition. They’re also investigating reports that he was attacked with a fire extinguisher or another item at the Capitol, sources said. So far, reports of an attack haven’t been confirmed and authorities are hoping to locate video or other imagery from the scene.

    It looks like that, other than Ashli Babbitt, everyone who died in the Great Capitol Riots of 2021 managed to pass on from pre-existing medical conditions. Thanks, Obamacare.

  • Capitol Police handling of riots shrouded in secrecy

    However, because the Capitol Police is technically part of Congress, it is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, the usual route for digging into steps taken by a police force, Fox News noted.

    Instead, the force falls under the oversight of the Committee on House Administration, whose chair is Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.).

    So… who arranged this riot again? It sure was convenient for the Democrats. Trump wanted an ongoing protest, but before his audience could arrive, a group of random people showed up and put on MAGA gear. Clearly some of the audience were Trumpsters, but not all, and the Capitol police sure gave up easily.

    It turns out that some familiar names cropped up:

    The sergeant at arms of the House is under the direction of Pelosi and is responsible for securing the Capitol along with the Capitol Police.

  • DC police investigating ‘Pepe the Frog’ graffiti as a possible hate, bias crime

    Police were called to investigate on Saturday when a tipster suggested the defacement may have been “motivated by bias or political or religious affiliation.”

    You can see the mission creep involved with lawmaking here. “Hate crime” originally meant an assault motivated by racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual bias. That term gradually came to mean anything that offends someone from a protected group. They will blow this around and bluster with threats but then blow it off, mainly because few people think a cartoon frog is a hate symbol or really care about people painting hate symbols on hateful murals.

  • ‘Gondor has no king’: pro-Trump lawsuit cites Lord of the Rings

    The case offers a baseless mix of allegations of electoral fraud common among the Trump base and calls for the voiding of every vote cast in the election – which was won handily by now-President Joe Biden, who was sworn in this week.

    It even reads like Soviet propaganda! They have to get the word “baseless” in there, and then make the Narrative claim of Biden winning an election, all while not mentioning — as real journalists would — the irregularities that make people think that the election was less than legitimate.

  • Americans see democracy under threat

    Of potential threats to their way of life — from foreign adversaries to economic forces to natural disasters — Americans today say the biggest threat comes from inside the country, from “other people in America, and domestic enemies.”

    They want to use this to argue for more crackdown on “domestic terrorists” who might paint green frogs on our ugly murals. In reality, what they have shown is that Xiden ended American democracy by blatantly stealing an election and then having his media and government allies cover it up.

  • The Hong Kong migrants fleeing to start new lives in the UK

    The UK will introduce a new visa at the end of January that will give 5.4 million Hong Kong residents – a staggering 70% of the territory’s population – the right to come and live in the UK, and eventually become citizens.

    Britain abolishes itself with good intentions but terrible thinking. That is almost a twelvth the population, effectively guaranteeing that future Britons will look like Asiatic Slavs, Arabs, Irish, or Jews.

  • Nearly half of adult Canadians struggle with literacy — and that’s bad for the economy

    About half the adult population fell short of passing a high school level of assessment, by testing the ability to digest lengthier and more complex texts while processing the information accurately.

    Public education, diversity, and democracy fail all at once. Who wants an audience of voters who cannot understand even a basic political speech?

  • Vaccine nationalism puts world on brink of ‘catastrophic moral failure’: WHO chief

    Such a “me-first approach” left the world’s poorest and most vulnerable at risk, he said at the opening of the body’s annual Executive Board meeting in virtual format.

    Morality — humanist morality — is itself a failure because it denies reality. In reality, those with cash are going to get the vaccine first. The WHO wants the West to fund the vaccine for the world, since wealth transfer from successful to unsuccessful is their goal, in order to grow the proletariat of alienated people who “own nothing and (do not) like it” because those are the ones who vote for more government, more external control, and more morality propaganda.

  • Woman mistakes ‘poppers’ for candy, burns mouth and cracks tooth after eating some

    Lisa Boothroyd says she bought a box of Fun Snaps from a local store, where it was stored near various candy items, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports. According to her, the product’s placement in the store and the design of the box led her to believe that the Fun Snaps were candies. Instead, she had actually bought a box of novelty noisemakers.

    This lawsuits exists to shake down the store. If you let one through, you get more of them. However, judges these days seem terrified of laying down the hard line on anyone who is not independently wealthy.

  • Rachel Levine tapped for health post, could be first openly transgender fed official

    Levine faced criticism over the impact of the pandemic on nursing homes amid interim guidance from the state Health Department in March, 2020 that required them to readmit “stable patients who have had the COVID-19 virus,” Penn Live reported.

    Some real Fall of Rome type comedy here. Not just that this person has been promoted for political reasons, but that this person is obviously incompetent, having transferred COVID-19 patients into the most at-risk area known so far, nursing homes. Affirmative action always goes this way.

  • MyPillow’s CEO, a Trump supporter, says Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s stopped selling his products

    “I just got off the phone with Bed Bath & Beyond,” Lindell said during an interview Monday evening with the Right Side Broadcasting Network. “They’re dropping MyPillow.”

    “Just got off the phone — not five minutes ago. Kohl’s, all these different places. … These guys don’t understand,” he went on. “They’re scared. Like a Bed Bath & Beyond, they’re scared. They were good partners. In fact, I told them, ‘You guys come back anytime you want.’”

    Companies are terrified of their shareholders. If they attract scandal, which at this point means failing to be Communist, or fail to take advantage of the new audiences of both SJWs at home and Chinese abroad, their boards will be replaced. Consequently, all of our companies — just like all of our media talking heads — have fallen in line with the Communist agenda. Takeovers happen when the tyrannical power is portrayed as “good” and those who refuse to promote it are therefore, by implication, assumed to be “bad.”

  • Mexico archaeologists reveal tale of cannibalism and reprisal from conquest

    Residents of Tecoaque, also known as Zultepec, captured a convoy of about 15 male Spaniards, 50 women and 10 children, 45 foot soldiers who included Cubans of African and Indigenous descent, and about 350 allies from Indigenous groups in 1520. All were apparently sacrificed over the space of months.

    Sometimes, telling only one side of a historical struggle makes you see the other side as the bad guys, when in fact the conflict was far more nuanced.

  • Panel: China, WHO should have acted quicker to stop pandemic

    “What is clear to the panel is that public health measures could have been applied more forcefully by local and national health authorities in China in January,” it said.

    When you select your leaders for political reasons or affirmative action, you get incompetents across the board. No one did much of anything well; they were too busy following procedure and advancing their own careers by fanning the flames of panic.

  • Monarch butterfly population moves closer to extinction

    Scientists estimate the monarch population in the eastern U.S. has fallen about 80% since the mid-1990s, but the drop-off in the western U.S. has been even steeper.

    Scientists say the butterflies are at critically low levels in western states because of destruction to their milkweed habitat along their migratory route as housing expands into their territory and use of pesticides and herbicides increases.

    The high cost of immigration.



  • 1 in 3 Europeans say US can’t be trusted: Poll

    More than 60 percent of respondents to the survey of 15,000 people in 11 European countries, commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations and conducted in November and December after the 2020 U.S. election by Datapraxis and YouGov, also said the American political system was “completely” or “somewhat broken.” Eighty-one percent of Britons, 71 percent of Germans and 66 percent of the French said the U.S. system is broken.

    Steal an election, lose the respect of the world. Europeans always complain about American leaders, generally knowing little of America that is not on television, but the fact that we have these contentious elections time after time shows us a permanently divided, self-hating country.

  • EU welcomes a “friend” in the White House, much to do together

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she hoped incoming U.S. President Joe Biden would join forces with the European Union to impose legal standards and norms on the digital world to rein in hatred, lies and fake news.

    “In a few hours Trump will be history, but his supporters are there,” von der Leyen told a group of reporters in Brussels ahead of Biden’s inauguration to succeed Donald Trump.

    “I think we all experienced the effect and sometimes the … heavy negative impact on our democracy if there’s hate out there, there’s polarisation, fake news. And I’m sure that we will have an ally to work on that.”

    Democracy went from “freedom” to censorship rather quickly. Now you must have pro-democracy views, an always-expanding measure of how egalitarian you are, in order to be considered “good” by those who profit from having huge governments and an ideological mandate to transform us into an equality-driven grey race.

  • Jared Kushner helped create a Trump campaign shell company

    Trump’s campaign leaders even launched an internal audit of the shell company and operations that were conducted under former campaign manager Brad Parscale but never reported the results of that review.

    If Trump dropped his attempts to fix this election, it was probably because of this.

  • World-first biomarker test can predict depression and bipolar disorder

    A great deal of research in recent years has circled around a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF. This important protein plays a role in replenishing brain cells and promoting healthy neural functions and low levels of it have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and mood disorders. Some research has also suggested one way exercise exerts beneficial effects on the brain is by boosting levels of BDNF.

    One wonders how much pollution reduces this one. The whole world seems depressed permanently.

  • DNA breakthrough of two men buried in a cave near Oban 6,000 years ago

    Earlier research by Professor Reich and others has shown that immigrant farmers from Northern France came to Britain around 4,000BC, introducing a way of life that was totally different from that of the indigenous population of hunter-fisher-foragers and almost wiping out their DNA signature.

    “There were so many incomers that they almost drowned out the indigenous DNA signature. It declines rapidly as the incomers arrive and, in contrast to the situation on the Continent, it did not recover.

    However, that does not mean that we are dealing with a genocidal or disease-borne wipeout by the incoming farmers.”

    The genetic history of the UK reveals this constant trend: Northern Europeans moving in and replacing the neolithic and Southern European populations living there. When the Britons chose Germans for their royalty, they were merely acknowledging the Nordid-Cromagnid-Daleofaelid origins of the functional parts of UK society.

  • Treasury nominee Yellen says U.S. can afford higher corporate tax rate if it coordinates with other countries

    “We look forward to actively working with other countries through the [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development] negotiations on taxes on multinational corporations to try to stop what has been a destructive, global race to the bottom on corporate taxation,” she said in response to a question from Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho.

    Conservatives clean up, the voters forget, and then Leftists come in to wreck everything. Trump may have set up an economic bomb here, since if anyone is so foolish as to reverse the course of transition upon which he set our economy, moving from “service-oriented” (jobs created by government and offshoring) to production-oriented. Interrupting that will result in a broken pile of rubble. Yellen — were she competent — would realize this and be quiet. However, she must advance her career, so she is banging on about the economic theories that were in vogue when she wrote her thesis, another tone-deaf permanent government employee.

  • Malwarebytes said it was hacked by the same group who breached SolarWinds

    After today’s disclosure, Malwarebytes becomes the fourth major security vendor targeted by the UNC2452/Dark Halo threat actor, which US officials have linked to a Russian government cyber-espionage operation.

    “Linked” as in “used similar tools.” Interesting that someone wanted to get into our security systems, as if they intended to disable them and control the flow of data.

  • Average London house price exceeds £500,000 for first time

    In its monthly snapshot of the market – based on sales registered last November – the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that the average price of a home in London was up by 9.7%, to a record of £514,000.

    Tax-and-spend policies always drive up home prices in the long term. No one can retain wealth unless they throw it into housing, which then means they get taxed further, and pass that cost burden on to the next generation.

  • ALS study reveals a unique population

    “The DNA results caught us by surprise. The most frequently mutated ALS genes were flawless in Maltese patients,” said the study’s lead researcher Dr Ruben J. Cauchi, PhD, a senior lecturer at the University’s School of Medicine and lead investigator at the University’s Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking.

    We keep treating DNA as locations and not code. The same numbers do not always appear in the same place when you switch codebase. Different groups have instructions at different places. One-size-fits-all promotes ignorance, not understanding.

  • Biden repudiates white supremacy, calls for racial justice

    “A cry for racial justice some 400 years in the making moves us,” Biden said in the nearly 23-minute-long speech promising to heal a divided nation. “A cry that can’t be any more desperate or any more clear. And now a rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.”

    Diversity destroyed America. Biden wants to erase any vestige of majority rights so that his party can rule forever thanks to the third world vote. In reality, any diversity always brings bigotry, hatred, racism, and genocide. If we avoided diversity, we could have avoided tyranny, but instead we got Abraham Lincoln and a new way for people to signal obedience to the “good side” in our class war. The shopkeepers want the proles to like them, so that they do not notice the high markups and lower quality products being foisted upon them.

  • Tokyo District Court upholds ban on dual citizenship

    Japan is one of around 50 countries internationally, including China and South Korea, that only permits its citizens to hold one nationality.

    This makes perfect sense: insist that people be fully committed to your country in order to reside there. Naturally the big Western democracies find this beyond the pale.

  • Austria presents national strategy against anti-Semitism

    The Alpine country’s Europe Minister, Karoline Edtstadler, stressed Austria’s responsibility to fight anti-Semitism regardless of whether it comes from the far right, leftists, immigrants or anybody else, Austrian news agency APA reported.

    Without diversity, you do not have the problem of different ethnic groups warring it out on the streets, with each one insisting that it needs special protections.

  • Home schooling is widening attainment gap between rich and poor, finds report

    At primary level, 23% of pupils are now doing more than five hours of learning a day, up from 11% at the end of March, while among secondary students, the proportion has increased from 19% to 45%. However, researchers found that, while 40% of children in middle class families were managing five hours, just 26% of those in working class households were doing the same.

    The errors just pile up. First, they assume that hours a day tells something about educational outcomes, when in fact raw ability is the dominant determining factor. Next, they somehow blame society for something that ultimately is the choice of the people involvd. They then use this to extract a narrative of rich-versus-poor, when in fact the wealthier kids are doing nothing other than spending more of their time on schoolwork. All of this points to the massive failure public education in the UK just as it is in the USA.

  • Rogue antibodies could be driving severe COVID-19

    But this study also suggested that SARS-CoV-2 might cause the body to generate autoantibodies that attack its own tissues. Some of the infected individuals had autoantibodies against proteins in their blood vessels, heart and brain. This was particularly intriguing because many of the symptoms seen in the pandemic are linked to these organs.

    When the body cannot locate the actual infection, it attacks itself because that is where it notices the effects of the infection. In humans, this most commonly means that the notion of equality is adopted and causes society to slice out parts of itself, trying to remove an idea which spreads through speech. In other news, this is why some of us called this disease “COVAIDS” in the early days.

  • The push for standing forest protections in US climate policy

    For instance, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. forests presently sequester roughly 9 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2016.

    “We’ve got to cut emissions, but the other side of it is we could increase removal rates,” said Moomaw. “A lot of people are talking about technologies to do that, but none of those will be in place in the next 10 years when we need it.”

    In 2019, Moomaw and his co-authors published a scientific review finding that the capacity of forested lands to sequester carbon dioxide could be increased significantly. They say the fastest way to do this is through what they call “proforestation,” the natural growth and development of standing forest ecosystems.

    In other words, what people have been encouraging for years. Even better than trying to bulk up existing forests, why not create more space for forests?

  • City of London to remove statues linked to slavery trade

    “The view of members was that removing and re-siting statues linked to slavery is an important milestone in our journey towards a more inclusive and diverse City,” the City’s political leader Catherine McGuinness said.

    Trends destroy humanity because they are inherently passive-aggressive. If someone else does something, and it succeeds, then you feel a fool for not doing it, and others will blame you if you fail, since you could have succeeded with that safe, low-risk, socially-approved, and sure thing. Consequently, all of business folds like a series of dominoes to the newest panic and trend, which is to get in good with the Communists before they take over. Sane people would fight them, but no one makes a career that way.

  • Nord Stream 2: MEPs call for halt to Russian gas pipeline

    Washington argues the project will increase Russian influence over Europe.

    How can it not? The people who supply your energy can shut it off in the winter and make you suffer greatly. If you get a new supply, you will become dependent on it to enough of a degree that losing it can destabilize your society. Trump pointed this out to the Europeans, who with characteristic pretense denied it, since they like the idea of being free of American influence, even if it means the end of their autonomy.

  • Macron urged to set up ‘truth commission’ on abuses in Algeria

    Presidential aides said it was more important to end the culture of “denial and things left unsaid” surrounding France’s past in Algeria and said that Macron would undertake “symbolic acts” of reconciliation.

    Uh-huh. This is a ritual cucking. Sounds lot like a truth and reconciliation commission:

    The commission was set up to investigate atrocities committed both by the apartheid government and by anti-apartheid forces between 1960 and 1994, and to foster reconciliation among South Africans.

    But recently it has been accused of failing in both these tasks.

    Such commissions are one-sided affairs designed to victimize one party with guilt and use that as an excuse for future mistreatment. These are more like struggle sessions than actual beneficial adjudications:

    During Mao Zedong’s totalitarian and often ruthless rule over China, from the early 1950s through 1976, one of the Communist Party’s most unpleasant tactics for maintaining control was something called a “struggle session.” On the surface, the idea was that everyone had to suss out “class enemies” and try to better their own commitment to the Communist revolution by attending regular “struggle session” meetings where they’d admit their own revolutionary failures and try to do better as individuals and communities. In practice, though, it was a form of self-reinforcing terror, a means of purging political enemies real and imagined, a tactic for working people into ideological fervor, sometimes in mass “sessions” with thousands of people.

    Look for this strategy to come to the USA. First them get you to admit guilt, and then they create a running tab for you to pay off that guilt, never agreeing on a final figure. The right way to handle this is to reject it entirely and not participate.

  • Washing your clothes can create Arctic microplastic pollution

    In the new study by the Ocean Wise conservation group and Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, researchers sampled seawater from across the Arctic and found synthetic fibers made up around 92 percent of microplastic pollution.

    Of this, around 73 percent was found to be polyester, resembling the dimensions and chemical identities of synthetic textiles — particularly clothing.

    Humanity cares about what is popular with other humans, not the consequences of its actions. Hence decades later we find ourselves cleaning up for ancient sad trends of the past.

  • Responsible Mining Foundation concerned about thousands of abandoned, at-risk tailings facilities worldwide

    Switzerland-based Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF) issued a statement on the second anniversary of the tailings dam burst in Brumadinho, Brazil, highlighting the fact that there are still approximately 223 billion tonnes of tailings stored in more than 30,000 tailings storage facilities around the world, including active, inactive and abandoned facilities.

    The Golden Age of industry came and went. Nothing but landfill remains, slowly oozing toxins into what is left of a once-pristine ecosystem.

  • Enemies, a Love Story: Inside the 36-year Biden and McConnell Relationship

    He is the key to the new president’s ability to turn the page from the Trump years. After years of legislative stasis, Biden is betting big that the Senate can return to the deal-making body he and McConnell came of age in. He hopes that he and his 2012 negotiating partner can plumb their shared history to locate a workable middle in a hyperpolarized time.

    Careerists make sure that they get along with their coworkers. This means compromise and falling back on procedure instead of acting toward affirmative goals. Over time, the Uniparty forms because every person involved simply wants to reduce their own risk and increase their power.

  • Chaos of Trump’s last days in office reverberates with fresh ‘plot’ report

    In yet another earth-shaking report, the New York Times said Trump plotted with an official at the Department of Justice to fire the acting attorney general, then force Georgia Republicans to overturn his defeat in that state.

    How terrible that he might use tactics as forceful as those used by his adversaries. In the Leftist-leaning Late Stage Democracy of the modern West, the only acceptable role for conservatives is to lose, and for Whites, to die.

  • Alphabet scraps ‘moonshot’ Loon internet balloon project

    Loon, which used high-flying balloons to bring internet to remote areas of the globe, will be winding down its operations after it said the technology proved too expensive.

    Everyone always knew that this was the case, but it made such good headlines to be bringing internet to the poor and non-White of the world. Google was basically a self-promoting public relations agency until it got big enough to stop caring about what the rest of us thought, and began focusing on how to make us obey its desire for one world market.

  • A brief explanation of the cathedral

    “The cathedral” is just a short way to say “journalism plus academia”—in other words, the intellectual institutions at the center of modern society, just as the Church was the intellectual institution at the center of medieval society.

    The Cathedral concept, while easier on the brain, is less direct than dark organization or even Crowdism, a concept I understood in the 1990s which later was given a snappy simple name. The Cathedral concept probably came from The Cathedral and the Bazaar:

    Linux overturned much of what I thought I knew. I had been preaching the Unix gospel of small tools, rapid prototyping and evolutionary programming for years. But I also believed there was a certain critical complexity above which a more centralized, a priori approach was required. I believed that the most important software (operating systems and really large tools like the Emacs programming editor) needed to be built like cathedrals, carefully crafted by individual wizards or small bands of mages working in splendid isolation, with no beta to be released before its time.

    Linus Torvalds’s style of development—release early and often, delegate everything you can, be open to the point of promiscuity—came as a surprise. No quiet, reverent cathedral-building here—rather, the Linux community seemed to resemble a great babbling bazaar of differing agendas and approaches (aptly symbolized by the Linux archive sites, who’d take submissions from anyone) out of which a coherent and stable system could seemingly emerge only by a succession of miracles.

    In libertarian lore, free markets work better than organized, tightly-controlled organizations except in cases of rare talent. Much of what ESR hashes out was discussed extensively in the previous decade when comparing the business model of IBC PC clones to the narrow-channel system that Apple and DEC used.

  • The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission Final Report

    The declared purpose of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission is to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776 and to strive to form a more perfect Union.” This requires a restoration of American education, which can only be grounded on a history of those principles that is “accurate, honest, unifying, inspiring, and ennobling.” And a rediscovery of our shared identity rooted in our founding principles is the path to a renewed American unity and a confident American future.

    Leftism appeals to losers and people who fear that they may be losers. It says that nothing is your fault, and if you do not have something, it is because you are equal and this was done to you by bad people, instead of the message you need to hear for your own mental health, which is that you must create a life for yourself based on a realistic assessment of your skills and needs. The Trump White House archives make for good browsing, full of positivity, affirmation, and honest answers to our problems.

  • Biden Scraps Trump’s Executive Order Lowering Prices of Insulin, EpiPen For Impoverished Americans

    The move to rescind Mr. Trump’s cost saving measures by the HHS is just one component of the Biden administration’s government-wide effort, announced this week by the White House, to scrutinize the Trump administration’s healthcare policies.

    When you elect some guy on the “not-Trump” platform, you get someone who will vandalize all of the good things done by the president, replacing them with moribund Obama, Carter, and Clinton policies.

  • Homemade bomb thrown at Los Angeles church condemned for anti-LGBTQ teachings

    Protests have been held outside the church recently due to its anti-LGBTQ teachings and an online petition calling on the city to ban it has been signed more than 15,000 people.

    Leftism works by uniting a mob. Mobs operate on the principle of the broadest human social groups, which is that you unite based on what you hate, not what you love. There is no affirmative plan to Leftism. They want to destroy everything that stands in their way and exist in perfect subsidized anarchy, at which point they will discover yet again that they eliminated function along with the “inequality.”

  • Republicans who impeached Trump are already on the chopping block

    Pro-Trump Republicans are racing to launch primary challenges. The former president’s donors are cutting off the Republican incumbents. And Trump’s political lieutenants are plotting how to unseat them.

    January 6th was there to show us that it was the GOP, not the DNC, which ultimately refused to look into this stolen election or counter-act it. Collaborators always hang first, and in America, we do that by staying home and letting all the GOP guys get voted out of office, unless there is a MAGA or further-Right candidate.

  • Glenn Greenwald: ‘Journalists Are Authoritarians’

    Though unapologetically progressive, the 53-year-old former lawyer never shrinks from fighting with the left. A week before the 2020 election, he quit The Intercept, the online news organization he co-founded in 2014, because, by his account, it refused to run a story unless he “remove[d] all sections critical of” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Denouncing what he called “the pathologies, illiberalism, and repressive mentality” that led him to be what he characterized as “censored” by his own media outlet, Greenwald railed that “these are the viruses that have contaminated virtually every mainstream center-left political organization, academic institution, and newsroom.”

    This man walked with the Left and sat in the trenches with them. Like most cutting-edge Leftist journalists, he finds himself increasingly alienated from the far-Left that is now “moderate” Democrat territory, and drifting toward the libertarian Left-of-center.

  • Biden’s Culture War Aggression

    On immigration, he is way to Obama’s left, proposing a mass amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants, a complete moratorium on deportations, and immediate revocation of the bogus emergency order that allowed Trump to bypass Congress and spend money building his wall. Fine, I guess. But without very significant addition of border controls as a deterrent, this sends a signal to tens of millions in Central to South America to get here as soon as possible. Biden could find, very quickly, that the “unity” he preaches will not survive such an effectively open-borders policy, or another huge crisis at the border. He is doubling down on the very policies that made a Trump presidency possible. In every major democracy, mass immigration has empowered the far right. Instead of easing white panic about changing demographics, Biden just intensified it.

    Whites are no longer panicked; we have accepted the ongoing genocide and now simply want a society without any diversity. There is your equal and opposite reaction. You try to kill us, and we decide to take away your weapon. Reparations-with-repatriation is the solution.


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