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Periscope (January 13, 2019)

  • Judge: Women would lose birth control coverage under rules

    Conservatives view all social actions as relative to a state of nature. That is, if you were a human emerging from the primordial ooze, what would you be able to do? The Constitution is based on this sense of natural rights, or that idea that what you could do in nature cannot be banned but it also cannot be subsidized. That means you can behave as you do in nature, and the rest of us can respond as we are wont, so if your drug use, homosexuality, swinger lifestyle, slovenliness, egalitarianism, or other creepy nu-West behaviors alienate us, we can keep you out of our community. You can go start up your own. That, after all, is the rule of nature. Natural rights are distinct from natural law and natural order in that natural law is a set of descriptive principles, like those in science, about how the world works, and natural order refers to the innate hierarchy of all life and the divine which is part of life but per Dunning-Kruger unequally perceived and therefore, invisible to most. That herd now finds it hard to believe that they should pay for their own birth control, despite it being inexpensive and not mandatory. Healthcare is there to cure things that threaten your life; sex and family are personal choices. In the Leftist view, however, which is opposed to natural rights, it is the role of society and its bureaucratic government to enforce equality so that no one faces negative consequences for her decisions. These two mental outlooks — natural rights versus civil rights — cannot be reconciled, and this is why we are heading for civil war.

  • ‘I Love My Skin!’ Why Black Parents Are Turning to Afrocentric Schools

    People discover that they enjoy being among others like them the best in part because this provides a positive feedback loop for their sense of their own identity and through it, their sense of well-being. We see again why assimilation does not work, and why in nature, humans naturally divided into groups. Only the Leftist class warfare project of diversity created the Tower of Babel called multiculturalism in which these natural instincts are thwarted by “social engineering.” If nationalists have any smarts, they will argue for anything that dethrones the Tower of Babel, and that means supporting nationalists of other races and ethnic groups.

  • Racist says ‘white men created civilisation’ in sick rant at Brixton McDonald’s

    Let us cut to the core of what we must say: white men created white civilizations, namely Western Europe, and white people are required to maintain those civilizations, so anyone who is not of the founding ethnic group — Britons in Britain, Germans in Germany, Dutch in the Netherlands, and so on — must go back home. This is not a judgment of these people as inferior, only that they are inferior for the purposes of having Western Civilization. We have plenty of internal diversity; too much, in fact. We do not need others. At the same time, having them here prevents us from asserting the standards and customs that we need in order to make Western Civilization work. Diversity was simply an illogical policy chosen by voters because proles cannot think, and people in groups seek “compromise” that actually means “decay” because no clear direction is ever taken, so we end up at the same lowest common denominator thinking that dooms every other human civilization. We must escape or it will destroy us. Diversity delenda est!

  • How to Stop China’s Debt-Trap March to World Domination

    China has a crafty Asiatic strategy for taking over the world: offer loans that the recipients cannot hope to repay, and then take advantage of their incompetence by seizing the collateral in question, thus increasing Chinese holdings systematically until they own key industries, strategic locations, and vital institutions across the developing world. At that point, they will have enough votes at the UN to do whatever they need to in order to achieve total control, after which point their civilization will collapse again because that is what happens any time they gain too much power. Not surprisingly, the Chinese web has expanded through what looks a lot like colonization which uses this debt trap, and now Chinese-style repression of speech has followed. Perhaps the Communists never died out, only changed their model to include the consumerist abundance that defeated them in the last round.

  • I, for one, welcome our new world parliament overlords

    Speaking of “everybody wants to rule the world,” it seems that the UN has a new plan in store for us: a world parliament. This fulfills the implicit objectives behind “workers of the world, unite!” and an older philosophy called world federalism which reasons that if Abraham Lincoln unifying the American states made a superpower, unifying all of the states of the world could create a megasuperpower. This appeals to those who want total control, which means that they are not working for something like their own people, but against the ability of anyone to escape their net and have a sane life somewhere without their egalitarian ideology and the warlord-style control structures that invariably come along with it.

  • Brexit failure a catastrophic breach of trust, says May

    If you want to know why people are giving up on democracy, this is it: they can vote for something and then have “the system” thwart them with its endless labyrinthine internal bureaucracy. In addition, since voters only wake up when the situation becomes really dire, this means that they have no hope of repealing all of the laws that have set up the system as it is. In short, democracy has made itself into a totalitarian system, and even when there is a popular uprising against non-functional policies like being in the EU, the system will defeat all attempts to escape it and in the end, all will serve the system that was supposed to serve them. The only way out is strong power that can remove all the rules and start focusing on reality again, but people are pretentious little beasts, and so they are easily seduced by the vision of personal power that is promised in “equality.” In the meantime, the UK voted for Brexit but being well-versed in the ways of power, Theresa May decided to spin out the process so that she could get buy-in from all parties. Women approach bureaucracy this way because they take a preemptively defensive view, meaning that they first try to cover all attacks against them, second to get a compromise so that everyone is happy, and only in third position do they worry about objectives. Men take the opposite approach, and so they tend to do well on big changes but find details bothersome, where women are at home in the details and the politics. Her approach worked well for the rest of her career, but in the case, when an actual decision was on the line that would have real world consequences, it all broke down. If she manages to find enough consensus to either have some kind of Brexit deal or throw up her hands and execute a no deal Brexit, she will salvage that career; if a second election is forced, Brexit will not happen, and she will be seen as a failure but will probably get to take home whatever donations came her way from the other side.

  • Europe has made a political decision to go into recession (non-paywall)

    We can translate from the woo: after the 2008 crash, Europe tried “fiscal austerity,” which meant cutting the entitlements programs it used as stimulus for its economy. Stimulus and quantitative easing are the two pincers of a demand-based economic system; stimulus dumps money into the economy, then the people spend it, then they are taxed, then government borrows more money or issues more money, and then with that “growth” it repeats the process (known as the circular Ponzi scheme). Demand-side economics produces a great boost for awhile, and then a sudden horrific crash as the market realizes that it is operating on the assumption of higher value for properties within those economies, and corrects itself, which means adjusting downward the values of those properties (stocks, bonds, currencies). Europe made itself dependent on government entitlements, then those produced a crash, and then to get out it cut entitlements but failed to radically cut taxes or stimulate business, mostly because its industries are choked under layers of regulations, unions, and secondary taxes that make everything more slower and be more expensive at every level of the business. This makes life more expensive while depressing wages. If Europe finds that, as this article illustrates, it experiences a recession every time it cuts entitlements, this means that its economy is dependent on those entitlements and will experience erratic but regular recessions. A better fix: go full libertarian, cut the entitlements, and stimulate spending with tax cuts and a massive reduction in government-created roles because those do not increase actual productivity, only actual spending, creating a gap in value between prediction and reality.

  • ‘They tell nothing but lies’: France’s ‘yellow vests’ reveal their hatred of the media

    2018 was the year that people lost faith in things. They have tried, faithfully, for over two centuries to make democracy work. They have patched it with market capitalism, entitlements socialism, and the regulatory state. They have educated everyone, used state propaganda, and a captive media to encourage people to do what is “right” according to the principles by which people in power exist. Still, democracy fails to deliver on its promise, which is that people get what they need because their fellow voters have the same perception. It turns out that democracy, like diversity, shatters unity, and soon everyone becomes a member of a special interest group which votes for what benefits that group at the expense of everyone else. The media, being comprised of for-profit corporations like every other industry, offers to its audience a mixture of denial of the failure of Western democracy plus just enough edgy rebellion for each of them to think that they are cool, iconoclastic, different, unique, groundbreaking, cutting edge, altruistic, divinely inspired, artistic, and likeable hybrids of Jesus and Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront so that they can live in this little fantasy (Under The Tuscan Sun or Eat, Pray, Love for women) and “feel good” in the moment rather than see the abyss rushing up to swallow them whole. Now, the “yellow vests” — who really probably do not have a political theory or side, but simply have noticed that modern life sucks because we work all the time doing nothing of real-world importance while paying all our income in taxes and for overpriced, mediocre goods which have been gamed by the handful of cynical corporations that seem to own everything — have noticed that media manipulates them while government flatters them and that no one is telling the truth that they see, so they have turned (intelligently) against the media. Burn down all the lies, and see what is left.

  • A Major Drug Company Now Has Access to 23andMe’s Genetic Data. Should You Be Concerned?

    If you read their contract, this was the plan all along. Drug companies need access to lots of data that they can then correlate with your medical records. This enables them to use their machine learning algorithms to see what genes correlate with certain diseases and advantages. They can then sell two products: first, things that suppress the effects of those genes when disease appears, and second, things which enhance other people using things learned from your genes. If you wonder why many of us did not send in our samples and instead relied on family history records, this is why.

  • The “skills gap” was a lie

    Things we learn about our recessions: employers responded to high unemployment by making their job descriptions more stringent. In other words, more specific. That created the illusion of a “skills gap” since they could not fill these positions, when in reality what they were doing was promoting people from within their organizations because those people are not unknowns. What they do not tell you in this article is that employers are this way because of the high risk and cost of hiring new people. Education no longer means much; affirmative action of a dozen varieties means a risk of getting sued and losing millions, with cases that take a quarter-million just to mount a defense in court; many people are crazy or suffering from antisocial personality disorders. In other words, we have plenty of workers, but the costs of choosing the wrong one are so high that employers are reticent to play the field. Reducing regulations, unions, and legal liability could go a long way toward alleviating this.

  • South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa urges action against ‘rape crisis’

    Diversity everywhere seems to result in the same mixture of lack of social unity plus low grade ethnic warfare: vandalism, rape, corruption, theft, white flight, and periodic race riots. South Africa proves no exception. It turns out that when your society has diversity problems, the solution is not to simply give the minority groups a seat at the table; it is to send them away. Diversity does not work — in any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — and it splinters civilizations into warring special interest groups who take focus away from the future and reality and turn it toward self-referential infighting, at which point society collapses and all of the ethnic groups are destroyed, leaving behind a cultureless grey mixed race.

  • Ontario is under one-man rule. Who will stop Doug Ford?

    Apparently this is a crisis: “Ford has eliminated environmental, worker and consumer protections, cut public services, cut education funding, and teed up public assets for a mass selloff.” Not only that, but he has done this by using his authority to its fullest instead of waiting around to bring everyone in for a hug session and giant interminable committee meeting where they can all emote about their reactions to the situation. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a revitalization of the community and a restoration of economic health. No wonder the Left is afraid: he broke every rule in their book and still won.

  • Anal Sex Is More Common Than Having a Twitter Account in the United States

    We know that these surveys rely on user-reported data and in those surveys, people tend to brag or at least exaggerate their sexual prowess and frequency. However, the fact that heterosexuals are having a lot of anal sex suggests that the Left has successfully replaced a focus on the family with a focus on individual pleasure, to the point where people are essentially using other people to masturbate more than having relationships with any depth. At that point, a pursuit of intensified pleasure and greater taboo-breaking occurs simply because such depthless relationships are boring, and so people try to dress them up as best they can. It does not work, and many end up childless and alone.

  • Europe’s Crisis of Confidence Opens Door to Bannon-Style Chaos

    We can sum up populism this way: diversity does not work, and it turns out that the pre-war Right was correct about many things that we threw out from fear of being like Hitler. Immigration is crushing our societies, all of the Leftist programs we adopted have ruined our economies and made daily life miserable, and we realize that the Left is pathological and will not stop until they have total control. We are seventy percent Soviet Union right now and struggling to hold the line. As discontent spreads, the Left falls, and with it, the notion of democracy as a universally good thing. This could be the work of George W. Bush, who by trying to bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan, showed us how democracy does not work for everyone, causing us to wonder if it was working for us. Luckily, the Left has zero response to this rising defectionism except to call us all losers and demand we double down in the mines to pay for more Leftism, all while they get paid fantastic salaries as bureaucrats, consultants, and lawyers and we bleed money to subsidize our growing, restive, and seeminly useless mixed-race underclass.

  • More cases emerge of Saudi students vanishing while facing Oregon charges

    The problem of people with dual loyalties arises when conflict appears. They have an escape valve; they can always go back home, or to the promised land that is their ethnic home. To them, we are a means to an end and living here is a temporary condition because their identity can never be here. When times get tough, they bail.

  • California bans gender in setting car insurance rates

    Neurotics out there in voterland demanded that gender go away so the quarter of a percent of our population which might be transgender can have driving licenses that do not trigger it. This in turn causes the state to ban different rates for people of different genders, educational backgrounds, job, or credit score. This means that everyone pays higher rates because risk is higher since insurance cannot simply filter out the bad options, and especially harms women under twenty-five and males over twenty-five, who otherwise would pay a lesser rate than the opposite gender. Californians will shrug, demand higher salaries, and find new ways to cheat on their taxes because everyone realizes that at this point, the state has simply become a lottery for anyone able to demonstrate disadvantage enough to get benefits payments.

  • Woman who failed frontline infantry fitness test was given a ‘pass’ by the Army until furious male soldiers who HAD completed course staged rebellion

    Pushback continues as political correctness reveals even greater absurdities in its implementation. Most people do not realize that removing standards hurts only those who can rise above the standards, and decreases the value of any achievement, which causes people to become apathetic pro forma performers as in the former Soviet Union. In this case, the crusade for feminism led the military to essentially abolish standards, which insulted and demoralized everyone who had struggled to meet those standards, since their achievement was now worthless. Unlike what would have happened has this occurred in 2015, in this case the authorities relented. Perhaps we are slowly learning that gaining ideological brownie points (IBPs) is not worth rendering every institution wholly dysfunctional.

  • Prisons minister: Scrap sentences of less than six months

    Perhaps a better idea might be to simply bill them for the damage that they have done. The criminals can then work for society, instead of all of us working more hours in order to pay for the criminals. Keep in mind that you work at least a quarter of a year to pay for your income taxes that pay for other people to hang out in prison with free food, television, and sodomy. At some point, we might get to a society with three punishments: you pay back those you harmed, you get exiled, or you are executed. If you do something really bad, they just send you away to another society, maybe one of those floating anarchist colonies we keep hearing about. If you kill someone, they kill you, unless you cut a deal by testifying or leading them to the shallow grave where you buried the victims. For anything else, they just tack it on to your bill. That spreads out that pain and makes it very personal, without making it punitive in the sense of torturing you for having violated our rules. It also gives people an incentive to avoid committing any crime that they cannot easily pay for, at which point they might find themselves wondering, why bother? This will not dissuade the born criminal class, but those are best exiled and kept out of the gene pool anyway.

  • AfD demands radical EU reforms to avoid Germany’s ‘Dexit’

    German moderate far-Right party calls for the EU to be scaled back to a trading bloc and mutual defense organization as was its original goal. This cuts out the social engineering ideas of the Leftists and gets Germany off the hook for continuing financial aid to the poorer nations of Europe. However, since the EU intends to be a superpower, this would effectively destroy the EU, and so it will be opposed. The resulting showdown will draw more people to populism because they want less government and more normal life. These little challenges have a way of snowballing, and this could be good for Europe, which has never found a way to articulate what is widely disliked about the EU, but might now be able to express exactly how morally corrupt the new superpower turns out to be.

  • Majority of the teens who posed in high school prom photo throwing up the Nazi salute have REFUSED to apologize

    Defiance spreads as people realize that the public shaming upon which our governments once relied has now failed. It used to be that government could set policy, and then large groups of Leftists would pounce upon anyone who spoke out against it, effectively destroying their lives. They ruined careers, broke up marriages, drove away friends, and left people in a state where they could only get minimum-wage jobs and live outside the big cities. This delighted the crowd, which loves nothing more than to pull down someone who knows better. The backlash against this comes from people who mix free speech, rising resentment against the Leftist Establishment and its dogma, and humor. They point out that as things stand now, playing around with far-Right imagery is simply a way to prank their pretentious elders and the ostentatious moral posturing of a dying society. People defend them because most of us now are sick and tired of the witch hunts and the crucifixions, preferring to live in a society with more tolerance for dissenting and non-compliant opinions.

  • Teacher fired after controversial slavery lesson building $1 billion class-action lawsuit

    They do very little of importance in schools now. Equal parts daycare and propaganda, schools teach almost nothing and graduate students who know only what they must do to get to the next level. As a result, we have engineers without horse sense and English students who know nothing of literature before 1990. A teacher in New York decided to illustrate her lesson about slavery with a physical demonstration of how horrible it was, so she had students lie on the floor to show how closely-packed the slaves were during transit. Some of these students were black. Fearing the inevitable diversity gang backlash, the school district fired her and let the headlines further destroy her life. Now unemployable, the teacher has sued, causing schools to re-evaluate whether they want to deal with these diversity lawsuits at all. A few billion dollars of these and affirmative action and civil rights will be back on the menu in the Supreme Court.

  • Portugal approves law widening definition of rape

    Rape law originally required the alleged rapist to have forced himself on the victim. Using some dubious Leftist science and theory, lawyers argued that this was too narrow, because some victims were simply too afraid to resist. This turned rape law into sexual assault law, and held that “consent” was the magic line which separated sloppy casual fumbling from a felony. This effectively destroys sexual assault law because it becomes “he said, she said” which means that one sex will always be at the disadvantage. If we #BelieveAllWomen, men become targets of opportunity; when the backlash to that arrives, we will be back at asking women to provide evidence, which means that unless there are other witnesses — a rarity in this type of case — their best case will consist of, you guessed it, evidence of violence. Portugal has made an unfortunate choice here but on the plus side, this will discourage casual sex by raising the risk of such encounters.

  • Thousands of dads are left in shock as DIY paternity tests soar

    When you make sex casual, you ruin the sense of lifelong bond that belongs to a healthy family. As a result, people behave as if the family were optional, and soon they take an attitude of convenience toward it, respecting it only when it serves their immediate status needs (power, prestige, wealth). This means that when the going gets tough, they wander off and have sex randomly with someone who is of the “grass is greener” variety of illusion, meaning that from a distance they see the good and ignore the bad, knowing that they will not commit long enough to have to struggle to overcome the bad. This leads to a situation where many men are little more than donors, and many women see the family as like government, a method of wealth transfer that enables them to do whatever they want and avoid consequences.

  • ‘Barely above water’: US shutdown hits black federal workers hardest

    The election of John F. Kennedy was the death knell for America. Elected as our first minority president, since he was a non-WASP, he promptly launched us into the new American vision which used Soviet-style social engineering to enforce our version of total Leftism, namely civil rights and the quest for goverment-enforced equality. Had he been anything of an intellect, he would have realized that this was destructive, but he did not know or care. As part of his agenda, he rolled out affirmative action, or the idea that government had to consider minorities first when hiring and contracting services. This quickly became a problem because any minority who was passed over could then flip around the innocent-until-proven-guilty standard into guilty-until-proven-innocent for whoever failed to hire or contract with that minority. Over time, affirmative action spread to the private industry, since most firms dealt with firms who dealt with the government, and eventually it was written into law. It was maintained most fiercely in government, however, which seems to hire mostly female minorities, funneling money into the underclass neighborhoods but also achieving low performance because these employees know that they are diversity hires and so tend to treat the whole thing as an elaborate joke. Not all of them do, of course, as there are many lovely people doing their best with the system, but enough do that soon government found itself hiring five people for every job. With the government shutdown, many of these have been sent into panic, which is why we see fewer minorities on the streets and more white people during this shutdown.

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