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Periscope (February 9, 2019)

  • Starving Venezuelans’ Warnings To The US: “Socialism Is A Big Lie!”

    Stupid politics can lead to horrible outcomes. It helps if the idiots are also too blind and too arrogant to listen to people who have tried stupid politics and won all the stupid prizes that sort of carny game hands out to the winners. Venezuelans are doing their best to warn us that The Maduro Diet doesn’t just burn the calories. They get Holodomored.

    But that wasn’t real socialism. No MMT, No Green New Deal, these guys were just pikers. Trust Washington, DC. They know exactly how to get it done. Look at those wonderful democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obamacare was toadally awesome. You know you want socialism. These guys in Venezuela just didn’t do it properly.

  • The Green New Deal’s Huge Flaw

    Apparently, Slate Magazine doesn’t believe Ed Markey and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are real Socialists. Spoiler Alert: Most trust-fund babies from a Hipster Brooklyn loft aren’t.

    On Thursday, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey unveiled just such a fix: the Green New Deal, a proposal that bills itself as a plan for the environment and the economy in equal measure. It is designed to steer America toward a low-carbon economy, fulfill the right to clean air and clean water, restore the American landscape, strengthen urban sustainability and resilience, and put a generation to work. With prominent endorsements from leading Democratic presidential candidates, Ocasio-Cortez has brought more attention to climate change in two months than her Democratic peers did in the past two years.
    But the Green New Deal has a big blind spot: It doesn’t address the places Americans live. And our physical geography—where we sleep, work, shop, worship, and send our kids to play, and how we move between those places—is more foundational to a green, fair future than just about anything else. The proposal encapsulates the liberal delusion on climate change: that technology and spending can spare us the hard work of reform.

    What Slate actually does do intelligently is explain why it’s hard to inflict Liberalism on those not stupid enough to buy in. The biggest enemy of Amerikan Socialism is the insterstate highway. White flight occurs along the limited access highway. As does American class stratification. Amerikan cities failed as soon as their tax serfs had access to egress. When liberals turned cities into !DIVERSITY! prisons, Levittown beckoned. The expensive commute is the price we pay for the attenuation of the Leftist vision. Leftism is like an electro-magnetic field. It loses power as you get to a further radius from the source of emission.

  • The ‘promise’ of demonic power = service to the demonic agenda

    Socialism is the ultimate temptation of Faust. You keep gaining power the way an accretion disk spins itself into a planet. But socialism confers no power over reality – only the people who are tired of being victimized by reality. Soviet agriculture and the Venezuelan crude oil industry are examples of reality striking back.

    For example, someone may pledge (explicitly, more often implicitly) to serve the evil, demonic agenda – and in return he will be rewarded sexually, or in terms of high salary and social status. This trade is perfectly normal, mainstream – and applies to the great majority of successful people in The West. But – whatever their initial hopes or motivations, and whatever their short term pleasurable payment – such people do not actually get enhanced power; they never get to impose their own personal agenda on the world.

    The rEvolution always eats its children. It’s like the way the woman gets burned in the old Black Sabbath song, by Iced Earth. You can successfully witch-burn Hillary, but socialism lumbers on. What rough best now slouches towards Bethlehem? That beast is socialism. Dialectical Materialism is the veil pulled over your eyes. Socialism always leads to death. That’s because it’s supposed to lead to death. Nancy Pelosi and Amy Klobuchar will do no better at riding the demon than any other liberal who has tried.

  • Deadliest City Memphis : Hardcore Killers : Gang Crimes

    So The History Channel goes over the top here, but they explain what happens when standards collapse. Somebody still has to run the place. Even if it’s a Memphis housing project.

    Major clicks (gangs) like Goonsquad, KingGate Mafia, YoungMob , Trulla and FastCashBoys also nutbush cartel mob have a strong presence, with a growing presence of Latino gangs like La Raza Nation, MS-13, Mexican Mafia, Latin Eagles, Maniac Latin Disciples and Latin Kings. In 2010, 26 gang members faced deportation after they were arrested with ties to the Vatos Locos and Sureno-13 gangs. Gangs in the Memphis area are concentrated in high crime neighborhoods like Hollywood, Hickory Hill, Parkway Village, Westwood, Raleigh, Frayser, Orange Mound, Whitehaven and Binghampton; but their presence is also felt in the suburbs of Tipton County, Tennessee

    How do FastCashBoys get to run things? It’s just another chapter in the grim chronicles of socialism.

    1) Disincentivize smart and decent people.
    2) Subsidize the dysfunctional at the expense of the useful.
    3) The good and the hard-working leave.
    4) The hordes of needy stream in.
    5) The system collapses.
    6) “G-Train” Hughlett now rules the ruins.

    At that point liberals piously tells us that “G-Train” isn’t a real socialist. Neither was Pol Pot.

  • ‘I Was Laughing So Hard I Nearly Cried’: WSJ’s Kimberley Strassel Can’t Get Over Green New Deal

    The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel was not impressed by the rollout of the proposed Green New Deal — in fact, she argued Thursday that “if a bunch of GOPers plotted to forge a fake Democratic bill showing how bonkers the party is, they could not have done a better job.” As Democrats rolled out the resolution, notably backed by freshman Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the commentary and criticisms rolled out as well. Strassel was firmly and decidedly in the camp of the latter.

    Cucks cannot fight evil. They do not take it seriously enough. Everybody laughs when socialists tell you what’s good for you. Their going to replace airplanes w/ high-speed rail. They will rebuild every house and building in Amerika. They’ll build so many windmills that Don Quioxte will need a decade of therapy. They’ll hire the homeless and disposessed to do all the work. Because of MMT; they’ll not even really have to pay for it. The only guy who loses is the guy walking behind the unicorn parade with a shovel and trash can.

    Kimberly Strassel just can’t help herself. It’s hilarious. Except that these people really believe this. They will genuinely attempt this if they are allowed to. It will fail in horrible fashion. Then the externality problems begin. The socialists never suffer alone. They always inflict their liberalism on people who don’t deserve such an awful, awful curse. Somebody, meaning somebody other than Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s daddy, is going to pay!

  • Expert warns Australia could turn into slums in 20 years | 60 Minutes Australia

    Australians are not real !PROGRESSIVES! either. The Opal Tower was the future of urban housing. Australia is now having a housing bubble – just like the USSA did 13 years ago. They threw up a building as cheaply as possible, overcharged for the units, and then issued junk mortgages to unqualified borrowers. The only reason people are ever that stupid is that they expect the government to issue them a “Get Out of Stupid Free” Card.

    The buildings fall apart, the borrowers default on the mortgages, somebody has to do something. It’s inhumane. Lets do what Memphis did and put up housing projects. “G-Train” just needs a hand up instead of a hand-out. That’s what a real socialist would do. It’s what Bane would have done in The Dark Knight.

  • The Villainy of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises a response to Confused Matthew

    Want to know who a real socialist is? D.J. Aurini has a classic review of Christopher Nolan’s Bat Man Movie “The Dark Knight.” The first ten or so minutes play well with today’s Periscope theme. The villain character in the movie is named Bane. Bane is a real socialist. A real socialist hates the people he professes to love.

    Aurini nails why Bane is an ultimate villian. “He is beyond a psychological threat. He is a moral one.” As a good socialist, Bane says the word “citizen” as if he wants to spit. Cops consider citizens to be sheep. Criminals consider them to be victims and raw materials for their schemes. Here Aurini doesn’t go in hard enough.

    The socialist is the worst combination of a cop and a criminal. Think Senator Edward Kennedy alone with your 14 Year-Old daughter. They use their authority to impose whatever sicko evil they have in their minds and hearts on a hopeless citizen they consider beneath contempt. He’s here to enlighten your callow daughter about the ways of the world. She’ll know all sorts of things when he gets through taking her for a diving, oops, I mean driving lesson.

    Socialism always leads to death because a real socialist detests the typical human being. A normal human being, particularly a normal male human being; is wired in such a way that he will be tempted to smash that which they hate. Stalin probably didn’t make a particularly comfortable drinking pal. At some level he and Beria didn’t need to kill anyone. They wanted to. They didn’t believe it was necessary. They believed it was morally necessary. It wasn’t a hard job that somebody had to do – it was a fun job that Stalin and Beria *enjoyed* getting to do. To quote an old Army Jodie “I do the killin’ ‘cuz it’s so fulfillin’.” That’s why socialism always leads to death.

  • Pompeo Claims Hezbollah “Active In Venezuela” To Justify Possible US Intervention

    I’m tempted to throw the Red Bull-Sh!t Flag right at the head of Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Get that Hezbollah Boogeyman out and all the Cucky-Cucks will dress up as gays and dance to it like John Travolta. If you read this and think False-Flag high above Mt. Neo-Con, I don’t blame you.

    As the Trump administration has continued to ratchet up pressure on the Latin American nation amid a crippling political and economic crisis, and hinted on several occasions that US troops would be deployed, Mike Pompeo told Fox Business that “people don’t recognize that Hezbollah has active cells” in the country, adding that “the Iranians are impacting the people of Venezuela and throughout South America. We have an obligation to take down that risk for America” he said, quoted by the Independent.

    But let’s examine who’s been in charge of Venezuela. Bane has basically had 1.5 decades to run amok sans Batman. Turn a place into hell, and you pretty much hand over the keys to Old Scratch. Why not Hezbollah? They are just as worthy a !DIVERSITY! executioner as our Homeslice “G-Train” was in Memphis. Just as “G-Train” would never have kept his drug corners in a Memphis with cops on the streets and a motivated neighborhood watch program, Hezbollah would get chased off the way Muhammad was originally sent packing from Mecca if they just sprung up sui generis in the middle of Caracas.

  • Diversity’s Dilemma

    This post is good, solid Kakistocracy. You read it. You laugh. You kind of get it and decide to read it again. At that point, a stronger vodka-tonic is necessary…

    Asians, naturally infuriated by being treated like whites, have gone straight to the head of state: a federal judge. In doing so they have sown the potential for both to lose. If Asians win, diversity as state religion could simply be tossed out like a segregated southern school house. Asians labor under a satisfying delusion that perceived merit will perpetually carry them forward. In reality, mandated diversity has always been their friend and mortally wounding it will accrue to their detriment in ways they have almost certainly not considered. But, of the world’s seven billion minorities, the death of Diversity would cut Asians shallowest, and so they betrayed their POC partners for a wider berth at the Western trough. On the surface that seems reasonable, though in reality both will have lost. But if Asians lose this case, they risk relegation to a semi-formal state of whiteness. The court could carve out another principled exception to America’s sacred principle of non-discrimination. Taken even further, a thorough judicial enshrinement of Diversity might even mandate strict university admissions in alignment with population demographics.

    He nails what it feels like to be Asian. They try to game this screwed up country. Minority when it works, White when they need a vacation from the USSA. The Asians are suing to get the White Portion of their behavior rewarded. They’ve discovered “acting White” costs more and requires the time and acumen to dollar-cost average into most facets of life. “Practice more. Suck less.” requires lots and lots of practice. It’s not what’s hapening now. It’s making a seed grow into a big, healthy orange tree. And now the !DIVERSITY! is trying to steal all the citrus fruit.

    I’ll extend things further. More is at stake this time. The Asians don’t intend to, but they are suing Harvard to save Harvard. If you want your university to be the best, you need the smartest peple you can find willing to invest into low-time preference projects. Otherwise, Harvard falls to the Tragedy of The Commons. When any old person gets a preferential admission, the value of the university declines.

    Let that university decline, and it eventually becomes a slum. The Asians don’t have this in mind, but they are forcing Harvard, against it’s own hopelessly cucked institutional will; to make a few reapirs and prop up the property values. And this how we keep Venezuela from turning into Venezuela. We force the place to keep it’s traditions repaired. As weird as it seems right now, we might need smart people from a place like Harvard. And I don’t mean 1/1024 smart people like Senator Lieawatha either. I wish the Asian plaintiffs godspeed. We might just need a place that’s like what Harvard is supposed to be.

  • Homeless Zombie Hordes Take Over Venice Beach

    Venice Beach used to be absolutely awesome. It now will require 29 housing projects before Venice beach can start rousting homeless people again. This means they will never be rid of the homeless. This means that Venice Beach will never be a decent place again. And what happens when homeless people discover they can just show up and force LA to build them housing? Venice Beach will now be a perpetual bum magnet. This is how California becomes home to 43% of Amerika’s welfare recipients. Eventually “G-Train” will be the last one left to run the place.

  • Andrew Jackson: Our First Populist President

    Admit it. You admire and respect Andrew Jackson. You think he would have signed off on TARP? Would he have invaded Iraq? Hows about some ObamaCare? Nope. Maybe – but it wouldn’t look much like Iraq when he was done. And absolutely nope. People like Andrew Jackson because they wish he was President. They wish he was President because they know bloody well that he never worked for any “Elite.” He was too busy making himself elite.

    Lacking elite status and a liberal arts education, Jackson instead “knew the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and his own experiences on the frontier and in war.” Birzer concludes that this was “more than enough to make him an American, a republican, and a great president.”

    He was a polarizing figure in his day, but Jackson’s ranking by historians as a near-great president and inclusion on U.S. currency betoken a lasting legacy of personal charisma, bravery, and honesty, mixed with respect for the common people. If his historical stock is on a downturn today, that says less about Jackson and more about current progressive pieties.

    He once remarked that one man with courage makes a majority. People follow those who legitimately lead. People follow twice if that leader is unambiguously loyal to them in return for their followership and support. The enlightened polemecists who claim to be historians will remind you of Jackson’s slave-holding and his exile of The Cherokee. They will massively ignore the net positive effect he had on the economy and the power of the nation he led. In a sense, Andrew Jackson was Amerika’s Pinochet. We, like Chile; were extrodinarily lucky to have one.

  • And here’s a light-hearted and funny look at why traditionalists are needed to balance a society…

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