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Conservative media reveals its nature as dumb whenever Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”) opens her mouth. We suffer under this because it leads us away from what is important and toward what sells ads and makes careers, which is drama and not a sane, healthy, and stable view of the world.

Pundits have always blasted conservatives as the stupid party (but somehow forget the other part, which is that Leftists are the evil party). This stereotype rings true because conservatives navigate the world by gut instinct, unlike Leftists who are articulators.

Leftists love describing things. They adore theories, characterizations, and narratives. They are natural writers and painters, actors and lecturers. They like to render the world comprehensible in symbols and then navigate it by those.

Conservatives — believe it or not — have a more complex view of the world in which much is mystery and no single theory explains anything. Instead, we view history as a lesson and try to learn from our mistakes.

However, that leaves us with an almost total lack of things to say when policy issues come up. We tend to fall back on “it just does not feel right” because all of our principles are internalized and come across as too general to apply to any given question.

That leaves Right-wing media looking for tangible examples of things. For instance, we can relate to a fourth-generation welfare queen on drugs, or the closure of a small town factory, or even a burning flag better than abstractions, theories, and talking points.

Currently, Right-wing media stumbles each time it mentions AOC. They are playing right into her hands by making fun of her; like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, she wants the other side to talk about her constantly in order to make her more important to the media and therefore, more electable because she is instantly identifiable.

AOC knows what she is doing. She deliberately speaks in goofy and outrageous terms so that the media carry home her message to her constituency, who are mostly minorities but all invested in getting free stuff from government.

Each time she says something silly, conservative media goes off like a shot in order to cash in on their audience raging and throwing things at the screen. Everybody gets rich. AOC hammers home the message that she is the lone minority giving free stuff and that she enrages the white people.

In fact, she makes her own prophecies true. She says that essentially white people want to keep minorities down and refuse to fund all these free stuff programs, and then she mutters something offhandedly and her constituents see… AOC being attacked by a whole bunch of angry white people who look to them like they are enraged to see a minority person in power.

Further, she plays the Trump game by first offering up insanity, and then dialing it back, so that the cuck side of her opposition and the weak side of her own support come together and think, “Well, that’s not so bad. We can survive that.” And so it will pass…

She makes conservative media dumb down her points so that they become the message she wants her audience to hear. When she presents a complex plan, and conservative media summarizes it as “she wants to tax us to death to give away free stuff that we cannot afford,” her audience eats that up. We told them that she stood for white genocide, and she said nothing.

AOC went through competitive schools and grew up around wealthy people. She knows exactly what she is doing. The new Democrat audience will not vote for Hillary, but they will vote for a minority person who enrages white people as much as Trump enrages Leftists.

Best of us, she makes this con work by depending on the greed of conservatives. They are clamoring to be heard on the easy issue of “we hate AOC,” and so they carry her water without intending to, and in doing so make her the most identifiable Leftist candidate in 2020.

We talk with joy about the death of the Leftist media, but perhaps the demise of the conservative media cannot come too quickly because they have become the tools of our opposition and have taken us along on their greedy, thoughtless ride to our demise.

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