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  • Nearly 175 Saudi military aviation students grounded in U.S. after base shooting

    After the debacle of interning non-white groups like Japanese and Italians during WW2, suddenly it is acceptable again to notice that a class of people present a threat. It is even permissible to act against them without individual convictions. This goes against the direction that American law has taken over the past seventy-five years. Has diversity forced us to accept that we have a greater duty to reality than to law and economics?

  • Hundreds set to protest in Stockholm as Austrian writer receives Nobel Prize

    He stands accused of minimizing Serbian war crimes, yet where this would have caused panic five years ago, it seems to disturb few people now. As the narrative on diversity collapses, we are more forgiving of those who committed even atrocities in their pursuit of a diversity-free life for their people. Diversity kills societies, so those who act against it are acting in self-defense, not unprovoked aggression.

  • Pete Hegseth responds to being kicked off Twitter after Pensacola attack tweet

    Narratives are fragile. They exist to explain the unnecessary as necessary. Their weakness comes from the tendency of people to defect from the unnecessary, since it is not actually relevant to leading a good life and having a good civilization (these two connect, since without a good civilization, none of your good deeds are recognized or perpetuated). When information arises that contradicts a story interpreted through the Narrative, it serves as a way of criticizing the Narrative, and people begin to defect from the crowd that needs that Narrative. This weakens the crowd, and so it lashes out as if struck, since a loss of faith in its narrative means that the crowd dies and people will have to actually focus on reality, self-actualize, mature, learn, and find a sense of purpose. Right now, the Western world is trying to censor enough people to keep the Narrative — which right now, for most people, means simply “everything is fine, keep doing what you are doing” — alive since people fear change, but as we see instances where the Narrative has been applied end in catastrophic failure, we have to question not just the instance but the essence of the Narrative.

  • South Africa has the longest working hours in the world – University of Oxford

    Perhaps diversity, which forces lots of hoop-jumping into every job in order to prove that it is “fair” and not “racist,” simply expands the amount of pointless, boring, life-sucking, and reality-hating stuff we have to do at jobs.

  • PM releases new religious discrimination bill with 11 key changes

    Australia takes the first steps toward freedom of association:

    The new bill also makes clear that religious camps and conference centres will be able to “take faith into account” when deciding whether they provide accommodation to people, while religious hospitals and aged-care facilities can do the same when it comes to staffing.

    In other words, you will not necessarily have to bake that gay cake if your faith forbids it. Now it is time to dig out some of the best parts of the Bible to be part of our faith:

    5 And Moses said unto the judges of Israel, Slay ye every one his men that were joined unto Baalpeor.

    6 And, behold, one of the children of Israel came and brought unto his brethren a Midianitish woman in the sight of Moses, and in the sight of all the congregation of the children of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

    7 And when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation, and took a javelin in his hand;

    8 And he went after the man of Israel into the tent, and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel, and the woman through her belly. So the plague was stayed from the children of Israel.

    9 And those that died in the plague were twenty and four thousand.

    10 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,

    11 Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, while he was zealous for my sake among them, that I consumed not the children of Israel in my jealousy.

  • Exxon Mobil prevails in New York climate change lawsuit

    We have to confront the crisis of rights-without-duties in our society, and our solution cannot be to shift those duties to whatever party has the money. Exxon Mobil warned its investors about pollution, but no one cared, mainly because those investors are everyday people who own that stock to make money. If a problem will come about in three decades, the answer is to make money now so that regular Joe and Jane American can have a fatter retirement fund, investment portfolio, or nest egg. Put together a huge group and you have a tragedy of the commons. We can blame capitalism, perhaps, but the real blame seems to be the instability of the classless upwardly mobile society.

  • Number of Europe’s poorest regions in UK ‘more than doubles’

    Keep spending on entitlements, and people no longer have money for anything but survival; keep importing immigrants to fund those entitlements, and soon you have a mini third world in your midst. Add up all of these policies plus the other socialist and bureaucratic ideas imposed on humans, and you see the crisis: societies that seek to consolidate power win in our modern wars, maybe, but over time, they impoverish everyone because they must fund their own system, and by the careerist self-interest of those involved in it, soon the system becomes more interested in growing and perpetuating itself than doing whatever it theoretically exists to do.

  • Invasive Mice Are Gnawing the Scalps of Endangered Albatrosses

    Invasive species do not play by the rules which allow niches and ecosystems to form, so in the short term they win, and then they die out when they encounter the diseases, environmental conditions, and famines that have shaped those niches. In this way, moving one species out of its niche into another is always a death sentence for everyone, just like human diversity.

  • Why Black Brits Are Considering Leaving UK After Election: ‘If The Conservatives Win, I’m Gone’

    Conservatives conserve things like civilizations. That requires defending them, among other things, against threats that will destroy them, like diversity. We do not want diversity and never have but accepted it, in the fog of WW2 propaganda that created the 1960s, in order to avoid being like Hitler. Now that Hitler is well and truly gone, we can appreciate that he was right about some things (environment, diversity) and wrong about others (Holocaust, repression, war on tobacco). This means that instead of deceiving others with false support for diversity, we are speaking honestly, and the world is responding in kind. The end result, separation by ethnic group into different geographical nations, will work best for everyone, even if in the short term some groups lose some of their wealth.

  • Brexit Party councillors caught on hidden camera in racist tirade against Asian people

    Another day, another forbidden contra-Narrative truth is spoken. The Left gathers, ready for a sacrifice, since a crowd loves nothing more than a scapegoat that it can conquer and feel a sense of symbolic victory through that act. In the meantime, this concillor accidentally blarted out the truth: any foreign group comes here to conquer, even if they do not know it at first, and they will outbreed us, seize the vote, impoverish us with taxes, wage constant low-grade racial cold war through crime, and finally, take over and find a way to eliminate us. Any group which becomes too navel-gazing and delusional to notice this face is eliminated by natural selection. Do we in the West simply take our virtuous Darwin Award and fade away, or do we fight for our own survival?

  • Grandmother killer whales boost survival of calves

    Support for kinism from “the grandmother effect”:

    “If a grandmother dies, in the years following her death, her grand-offspring are much more likely to die,” said lead author Dan Franks from the University of York.

    “It can explain the benefits of females living a long time after reproduction,” he said. “From an evolutionary standpoint, they can still pass on their genes and genetic legacy by helping their grand-offspring.”

    In other words, by not continuing to reproduce, the grandmother whales might actually be doing more to ensure their genes get passed on than if they were reproducing.

    In the same way, civilization amplifies the survival prospects and qualitative aspects of living, giving our offspring a chance to not just survive, but be healthy and happy, at which point they are in turn more likely to pass on healthy and happy families.

  • ‘Richard Jewell’ Faces Boycott Calls Over ‘Egregiously Sexist’ Depiction of Reporter

    In the meantime, as reported here in the past, this report in fact engaged in the behavior described. More likely, the pro-Narrative people are simply outraged that the society which their theory says is ideal turns out to be such a mess. Much like the Soviets, they find themselves standing among the smoking ruins, commenting on how nice the math was but how sad it is that it did not turn out so well in the more complex real-world environment.

  • Cold War redux? U.S. to hold largest Europe exercises in 25 years

    Trump realized that something went wrong during the Clinton years when China was given free reign over America, and that Obama was a result of this, and that the voters were sleeping through it just as soundly as they have slept through every other major issue before it became a blood-drenched crisis. We really should fire those voters for incompetence. In any case, China and Russia have rebuilt the Asiatic Alliance and now the world is slowly, slowly realizing that it is going to have to counter them. The groundwork for WW3 lays on the table, and whoever is most prepared can avoid the worst entanglement in it. In addition, if we are able to decouple our economies, we can induce the Asiatics to self-destruct again and this time, sweep them off the continents connected to Europe.

  • Virginia Beach mass shooting led to 450 workers’ comp claims

    In the 1980s, it became clear that America was headed into a Soviet-style system where most jobs were created by government, either directly hiring or through its myriad plethora of laws, regulations, court cases, interpretations, guidances, standards, and expert opinions. This means that in the new America, your best option consists of being on disability. Not surprisingly, 450 people decided to cash in on this by claiming that being near a mass shooting gave them PTSD and therefore government should pay them to live for the rest of their lives.

  • Protests erupt as India pushes for religion-based citizenship bill

    Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and Christian can come to India under this new law, but Muslims cannot, as India attempts to build a nationalist state around Hindu religion and heritage. Muslims, who tend to be part-Indian and part-Arab, present a problem by creating the usual infighting over diversity and who shares power. Luckily, India appears to be throwing aside the pretense of the West and actively working against diversity by importing its ethnic Indians back from nearby countries.

  • 2 St. Louis police officers fired over social media posts, lawyer says

    The lawyers are trying to fight this one on that basis that private Facebook posts do not represent the department, and therefore, the department should have no jurisdiction over them. This makes sense if you want a society where people can have opinions without fear. However, the state will fight it tooth and nail because it introduces non-conformity, and centralized weak power requires conformity in order to keep the herd together and focused on the Narrative. Any defectors will cause others in turn to defect, so it must be nipped in the bud with guillotines, gulags, or highly public firings and condemnation as evil “racists.”

  • Hundreds Sleeping Outside In Frigid Times Square To Fight Homelessness

    Civilizations die by losing sight of reality and focusing instead on their own internal drama. In such societies, people boost their careers and gain social interaction points by affirming the Narrative, which requires seeing everyone as equal and therefore, the differences in their circumstances as arbitrary. To an egalitarian, it is a roll of the dice that one man ends up in a mansion and another homeless in Times Square. In reality, a long line of decisions led to those outcomes, and we discourage people from striving by denying that some decisions have better results than others.

  • A New York high school has canceled its ‘Tarzan’ musical production after racism complaints

    Parents worried that students of color would play ape characters. Yet again we see that under diversity, one cannot escape catering to each group, since even being race-blind results in outcomes which offend those groups. We cannot get anywhere this way; we will have to end diversity to have non-tedious daily lives, much less to survive as a civilization.

  • Missouri teacher asks students to ‘set your price’ for slaves in ‘culturally insensitive’ assignment

    Sometimes we see failed Narrative affirmation. In attempting to hammer out the message, some teachers and others reveal their ineptitude, and instead create horrors of awkward propaganda. It boggles the mind that these plans ever make it to fruition, since stepping back for a moment would make just about anyone realize that this was a horrible idea. However, dogma has a way of blinding the mind to anything but the message, because if the Narrative stays intact, none of us have to change, including those existentially terrifying experiences like self-actualization and finding purpose.

  • Houston police chief rips ‘smug’ Cruz and McConnell, who ‘don’t want to piss off the NRA’

    Hispanic police chief spergs about Republicans stalling a badly-written act about domestic violence, which in reality should be none of society’s concern. People need to fix their own domestic crises, and sending in the cops and writing more laws just guarantees problem. Why is Art Acevedo so adamant about this? Ah: the guy who killed a police officer responding to a domestic dispute has the Hispanic name “Arturo Solis.” In diversity, each group works only for itself, against the former founding majority and all other groups. This tears society apart through a death of a thousand cuts.

  • A 5,000-Year-Old Plan to Erase Debts Is Now a Hot Topic in America

    Democrats warm up to their new idea, namely forgiving debts through a jubilee. This serves as just another way to subsidize bad behavior at the expense of good. We should ask instead why education, healthcare, and daily life are so expensive; we will find that the costs have been raised by the act of government, and that through the methods government uses to save us from inequality, we simply become more unequal and more destitute. Apparently, humanity did not learn from the Soviet or Jacobin experiences.

  • All the lonely people: Why more of us will feel disconnected than ever before

    Meaning requires a subject and an object. If you want meaning, you can only have it through struggle to set an object to right, even if that is something simple like organizing the guest room closet. Individualism, which is an “ism” and implies “this idea above all else” on that basis, throws out the object. There can be no orders larger than the individual — transcendental, cultural, moral, existential, metaphysical, genetic, hierarchical — and therefore the individual lives to work, pay taxes, and “express oneself,” which rapidly devolves into libertinism and slobby sofa sloth with the infinite entertainment of the prole kingdom. This leads to miserable and isolated people who become neurotic because they have careers, but no real path in life.

  • Augsburg landlord fined for only renting to Germans

    Landlord wants to rent only to other Germans. On fire with righteous anger, the court declares this a human rights violation. What about the rights of German to be German? That requires ethnic Germans, and soft preferences for those like what this landlord is doing constitute the least destructive option. When the round-headed middle class bourgeois blockheads of the courts get done with this, they will have forced the population to radicalize by cutting off those moderate methods. Next stop, genocide. When you beat a man down by limiting all of his options, he will take it until suddenly he cares more about not taking it anymore than anything else, and he comes back at you with the fury of ten thousand men. German people campaigned for centuries to remove Gypsies, Jews, and other foreigners, but the church and government opposed that. When they finally overcame those forces, people were ready for atrocities to signal just how frustrated they were with the process. We can steer that off at the pass by gently driving away the foreigners, starting with abolishing human rights, affirmative action, and the entitlements that draw them to our societies.

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