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  • The US trade agency has confirmed President Donald Trump’s higher tariffs on $US300 billion worth of Chinese goods will proceed as previously announced

    Since Shakespeare and Austen, humanity has not experienced someone this wise to human nature. He teases, then backs down when the markets panic, then returns to aggressively press toward his objective now that people are exhausted from their earlier foolish panic. In the end, China will have to either force its economy into full centralized control or give in to American demands, which are designed to revitalize American manufacturing so that we are not dependent on China, globalism, or Europe. At this point, we can escape the Misery Loves Company of world Leftism which is going broke paying for entitlements and diversity because no one wants to be the first to break free from “what works well enough for now.” Ironically, the Leftists are lowercase-c “conservative” in their defense of the status quo, where Trump as an extremist moderate is demanding that we return to what has functioned well across the ages: strong culture, productivity, and conservative social values.

  • New Zealand bans tourists from swimming with bottlenose dolphins as numbers fall

    Humans treat the unknown — animals, children, minorities, geniuses — as pets, which means that we assert control over them and fit them into our agenda of universality or one-size-fits-all, ignoring their unique characteristics and distinctive needs. We are trying to stamp everything on Earth into equal boxes and force it to do what we feel is safe, which means “safe for us,” or unlikely to challenge us in such a way that we (individually) face natural selection. Our individualism hides behind its collective nature, but really, the herd is composed of individuals who simply fear competition. In the process, we destroy everything over which we have control, having opted for dominion — using it for our own ends — instead of stewardship (preserving it on the basis of its uniqueness and niche relevance in an ecosystem).

  • Even Robot Recruiters Are Biased

    Machine learning systems look at past results on a statistical basis and choose what has worked. For this reason, they discriminate against anyone who steps out of line from the successful model, whether that is Billy Bob McHayseed or Shaniqua Jefferson. Even more, they select for those who succeed in a system created by ethnic Western Europeans for ethnic Western Europeans. Cramming other groups into this model is fundamentally unjust but we are obligated to do it by our cult-like belief in equality.

  • Deaths caused by drivers running red lights at 10-year high

    People no longer believe that The System works in their own interests, so they cheat on it. Much psychology is revealed even by these simple acts.

  • The hidden links between slavery and Wall Street

    Leftists demanded that we abolish manorial feudalism, where the 90% of our people with low skills, intelligence, and moral character were essentially pensioned indentured servants. Since these people are poor at making decisions, they promptly became a horrible labor force, so people wandered out onto the open market and acquired slaves. Most of them treated their slaves well because slaves were valuable, and most of these slaves would have been killed as war captives or criminals in their homelands — these are the two reasons, traditionally, why people end up in slavery — but slavery as a whole made no sense because it was a form of diversity and therefore, unstable and prone to ethnic cruelty. Instead of learning from that, we recreated a poor imitation of manorial feudalism with the entitlements system, and it is slowly draining us and minority groups with its constant friction. End the wound, pay reparations-with-repatriation, and make diversity history.

  • Surge in young Republicans worried about the environment: survey

    People are more concerned about the environment because we are finally seeing the effects of worldwide urbanization, including pollution and “heat islands” everywhere. The media blitz also helps. Conservatives need to speak clearly about our solution, which is to end diversity, immigration, globalism, and entitlements. We need to stop subsidizing non-productive people, reduce population, cut urbanization, and stop shipping products all over the globe and flying endlessly in jet planes. If we do this, and make our manufacturing more efficient by reducing the number of non-necessary products, we can quickly come into balance with our environment. If we then reserve half of all land for use by nature alone, we will live in a healthy planetary ecosystem again.

  • ‘All bets now off’ on which ape was humanity’s ancestor

    We are constantly rewriting a human history which is based on a few data points alone. In my estimation, we will discover that parallel evolution was real — humans arose on different continents — and that modern humans have been around for a long longer than we think, with many of these ape species being hybrids or degraded forms of human. At some point, we will also find out that human-like creatures inhabit other planets, and possibly, that we have an origin in another star system and have simply been wrecking ourselves here with poor breeding. On the plus side, with sensible breeding, we can become far greater beings in a relatively short span of time.

  • Climate change: Big lifestyle changes ‘needed to cut emissions’

    For the Left, climate fixes involve one activity: taxation, taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive. In reality, if we simply abolished automobiles for most people, went back to a network of towns and villages, and restricted the consumption of our lower classes, we would rapidly hit a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Denmark: Former migration minister instructs Somali Muslims to “return home and rebuild the country from which you came”

    Speaking of sustainability, immigration is not sustainable. People cannot simply flee their countries for other areas with fewer problems because then we create nothing but areas with problems. Instead, they need to change what ails their countries — bad leadership, low genetic quality, social disorder — by taking the knowledge they can learn from the West, often simply through books. Diversity does not work.

  • Brexit escalation raises alarm for ailing European economy

    Government has become too important in our lives. For this reason, Brexit is unleashing a crisis of government: “new tariffs overnight on trade between Britain and the other 27 EU countries, border checks for people and commerce, the sudden loss of business licenses, and countless other regulatory problems.” If we got rid of entitlements, government would be smaller and work on actual problems instead of expanding its pretext for power, which consists of attempting to “help” “disadvantaged” groups whose own behavior is the source of their marginalization.

  • West Africa’s historic slave sites bear witness to brutal trade

    West Africa does not want to admit that it sold its own people on the open market, but the fact is that slavery and diversity are part of the same unworkable policy as colonialism. When each ethnic group has its own nation, each can go its own way and be the master of its own fate. This, more than any economic or political factor, determines the contentment and sense of well-being that people experience. We have reached the historical milestone of 400 years of Africans in North America, and it is time to change that through reparations-with-repatriation.

  • New judicial position concerning Syria

    Sweden sees the situation in Syria stabilizing and wants to stop admitting migrants. From the details, not the big picture, a sense of sea change is occurring. Europe has realized that diversity will not pay for the entitlements already owed to the Boomers, that diversity has wrecked Europe, and that it must end, which means that entitlements will have to be cut since the population has been shrinking because of the misery caused by diversity and entitlements.

  • Jack Ma: AI could enable a 12-hour work week

    You will never get a 12-hour work week under democracy. Any efficiencies will be absorbed via taxes, and you will work even longer hours to pay more for entitlements that you will never see. Until we fix our political system and social order, humanity will not benefit from technology; technology instead will be used to abuse the good among us in order to keep the bad from rioting, revolution, and constant criminal activity. We will at some point need to confront evil and the necessity of purging the defective from among us, even through soft methods like exile.

  • Parents Protest ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ Scheduled at Chula Vista Library

    Single and disorganized people like the Starbucks baristas and Whole Foods checkers who make up most of the SJW movement have no idea what parents know, which is that social conservatism works. You want to point your kids toward chaste heterosexuality, having a family, stable productivity, and some sense of values beyond immediate, personal, and material gratification. “Drag Queen Story Time” fits in none of these situations. Normal parents view transgenderism and homosexuality as unfortunate, sort of like autism and suicide, because they mean the end of the family line. This is why we used to have big families; you could have five children, and if one ended up a spinster or port city bear, it was not a massive loss. We are heading back toward social conservatism because liberalization of sex, marriage, and behavior has created a hollow zombie mob of people with nothing to look forward to in life.

  • ‘I wish I’d told Dad how much I hated him’ – when children ditch their parents

    Now, two generations later, we finally see the high cost of abandoning traditional marriage, chastity, and family orientation. Without these social networks to keep them focused on long-term good behavior, people become solipsistic and act for their own immediate short-term material pleasures. This means that if they have children, they treat them as pets or clients, basically small people who have to be hoodwinked, deflected, and sent off to be obedient somewhere else so that parents can enjoy the pleasures of life. These children now want their parents dead and are cutting them loose, which means that the next generation will experience fractured family as well. Leftism has been a disaster, both socially and economically, for the West.

  • Germany remembers ‘Holocaust by bullets’ in Ukraine

    The far Right will get somewhere again when it stops obsessing over Hitler, Jews, and Negroes and starts focusing on the wider problem that Leftist social order is dysfunctional. Diversity does not work, no matter who the group is; the problem is not “the Jews” but “the policy of diversity, generally.” We can appreciate that Hitler was right about Germany for (ethnic) Germans without emulating his methods or trying to obscure unpleasant historical realities. The world wars were democracy wars; the Holocaust was a diversity failure. To avoid these, we need to remove Leftism and repatriate the diversity. Jews belong in Israel, where they are safe (and currently continuing their unbroken record of pounding Arabs into the sand for waging silly anti-Jewish jihad instead of fixing up their own dysfunctional third world homelands).

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