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  • Here are the reasons for Trump’s economic war with China

    In short, China has been sabotaging our economy in order to ensure that we decrease our manufacturing strength, leaving them with an exclusive role upon which we are dependent as a means of limiting American resolve to ever challenge them. Obviously, we cannot claim to be an autonomous and independent country if our economy entirely depends on China, so Trump is changing this situation with an escalating trade war that China will likely lose because of the high amount of US currency it owns, its own unstable economy, and falling demand from Europe in response to falling Chinese demand for BMWs. If Trump fully wins this trade war, the Leftists in Europe and China will have to face the fact that they cannot afford their socialist-style entitlements states, which will achieve his ultimate goal which seems likely to be to reduce the three-quarters of the American budget spent on entitlements. Without those, we can be solvent again, and all of the subsidized Leftist voters will have to find another nation to parasitize.

  • RBG scare: David Axelrod warns Supreme Court vacancy fight could ‘tear this country apart’

    It would only because the Left would no longer have the lockstep control that it has over the court for years. We have grown up with Reagan-era judges like Scalia and Thomas attempting to stem the steady flow toward a socialist hugbox that the court has created, mandating for example that schools be much more expensive since they must handle illegal aliens, kids with disabilities, and students who cannot do the work that a 1950s high school required. When this Leftist court goes, things like affirmative action, entitlements, the administrative state, and Title IX are going to be on the chopping block.

  • Work on more border wall starts in Arizona, New Mexico

    Work crews in Arizona and New Mexico forged ahead Friday with construction of taller border fencing funded through a national emergency declaration by President Donald Trump.

    Interesting that people were very focused on the president potentially buying Greenland, and missed out on what is happening behind the scenes.

  • Iowa college announces ‘decision to remove’ Antifa prof amid backlash

    The Left holds most of the power in academia, government, culture, and business, but people still want to stay away from the violent and pointless antics of Antifa.

  • ‘I can get away with anything because I’m black’

    Crazy guy beats up two female cops.

    ‘I will get away with anything because I’m black. I will play the race card,’ he told police.

    This is the world we have created in our pursuit of symbolic equality.

  • French mayors ban glyphosate weedkiller, defying government

    The theme for the twentieth century was trying to avoid crazy dictators. For the twenty-first century, the theme seems to be the effort to find sane places to live without pollution, noise, violence, diversity, blight, and corporate jobs that our socialist-consumerist governments love but that ruin the lives of normal, productive people, who seem to be the last resource of real value in the dying West.

  • Brazilian Farmers Believe They Have the Right to Burn the Amazon

    We are told that these fires are a racist attack on the indigenous of the jungle, but it is the descendants of those same groups who are practicing our old friend slash ‘n burn agriculture. Any diversity present obliterates culture and turns people into individualists who act for their own wealth without regard to the health of the environment or nation, since they are not attached to either one by culture. If you want to know why modern people are such selfish destructive zombies, the answer lies in the lack of culture brought on by diversity.

  • Former Houston police officer charged with murder over raid

    Apparently a diversity hire officer became well-known for corrupt practices, and finally broke into a home where there were no sizeable amounts of drugs and shot two people who had no idea what was going on. The “muh Constitution” conservatives need to wake up: you can write all the laws you want, but other groups interpret them differently. That might work for them but not for us. Diversity cannot work.

  • ‘This Is It. I’m Going To Die’: India’s Minorities Are Targeted In Lynchings

    This week, the Left tries to drum up outrage over anti-diversity activities in India. It turns out that having Hindus and Muslims in the same society causes constant problems, including outrageous terrorist attacks. Since any state that officially relocates a population will be seen as the new Hitler and bombed by the US and EU, India relies on public shaming and violence to drive the Muslims out of its lands. Those Muslims, accustomed to the well-meaning but stupidly oblivious white people showing up any time there is “discrimination” or “inequality,” are courting the conflict in the hope that they can draw the world into a war. India will most likely play it smart, bust a few of the rioters, and let the practice continue until more if not all of its Muslims slip over the border into Pakistan.

  • Thousands protest in Germany against racism, discrimination

    Democracy produces useful idiots because the egalitarian philosophy allows unexceptional people to appear “brave” and “interesting” for doing the repetitive obvious. They do not believe in life, so they rely on breaking boundaries and defying power as means of finding significance in their lives, forgetting that this is mere symbolism and unrelated to any positive outcomes. Humans are not equal and diversity does not work.

  • Indian Cities Are Becoming Urban Heat Islands

    An urban heat island is an area that is substantially warmer than its suburban and rural surroundings. This warming effect depends on various factors—a city’s weather conditions, its geophysical characteristics, and the heat from its buildings, vehicles, and inhabitants.

    Everywhere humans go, we create urban areas which are naturally heat islands because they concentrate both sources of heat and solar reflectors, which beam heat energy into the layer of smog which tends to blanket them. Because humans are doing this worldwide, it appears to be a worldwide phenomenon, which has caused the useful idiots to fixate on “climate change.” In reality, it is a consequence of smog, concrete, and population density, and the solution is to stop reverse urbanization. That will be opposed however because most people worldwide seem to want to live in the type of social setting they see on television shows like Friends.

  • Wary of China, Pentagon to Launch ‘Trusted Capital Marketplace’ This Fall

    When China steals all your industrial secrets and makes products with either shoddy security or backdoors — absent a statement of intent, the two look roughly the same — you tend to want to get away from their companies.

  • Latest wave of repression in Cuba targets journalists, artists and video gamers

    Look at the type of exciting society that you can have under third world style Asiatic socialism. Asia developed this system centuries ago in order to maintain control, since when citizens depend on government for their pay, they tend to become docile. That allows more powerful leaders, which gave the Asian states their initial advantage in time of war. Unfortunately, these states also tend to collapse, leaving behind impoverished subsistence-level living by those who no longer have a clue what a thriving, healthy, sane, and stable civilization would look like.

  • British Airways strike causes five days of flight cancellations

    You cannot have a stable society with unions shutting down key resources all the time. They will be defended by the Left, which essentially seeks to rationalize decline and to pay off all parties involved so that we can keep appreciating this dying society.

  • US new home sales slid 12.8% in July

    This sounds terrible if you make your money by constructing new homes, but for the rest of us, it means that affordable housing is closer within reach. Sometimes, some industries need to get beat up in order for consumers to benefit.

  • Mind Your Manners, Says Edith Wharton

    People are rude because they no longer believe that they have much in common with your average person. As a result, to them, other people are simply impediments, and they are enraged at the presence of too many people thwarting them in their own pursuits. Consequently, we have become a society which shouts at each other as a precursor to shooting each other.

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