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Outliers (#67)

  • The Statue of Liberty poem means the exact opposite of what immigrant welfare advocates think

    In 1885, two years after the poem was published, Congress passed the Contract Labor Law of 1885, which forbade advertising or transporting immigrants to come here for cheap labor. Section 5 of that act explicitly exempted higher-skilled professionals from this law.

    As such, the poem was a taunt to Europe’s lack of enlightened freedom and entrepreneurism, as Glenn Beck was suggesting. As if to say “give us even your tired and poor, and they will prosper here,” because that is precisely what the true freedom of a constitutional republic means.

    This is why, according to historian Barry Moreno, as quoted in the New York Times, the Statue of Liberty itself “was never built for immigrants.”

    The poem was about selectivity and applied to European immigrants who wanted to come here and prosper under a saner government than what Leftism had become in Europe. Today Leftists want to use it to destroy what is left of America.

  • #UniteTheClans Dammit

    The conclusion is that we should instead go on pissing on each other—in public loudly and endlessly—over petty disagreements, hurtful slights, minor interpretation and worship differences, and even salaries.

    We sound like a busload of premenstrual high school cheerleaders who had their cell phone privileges revoked.

    Individualism on the Left means preaching equality and then stealing behind the scenes; individualism on the Right means endless armchair philosophizing about the “one right way” that everyone must follow. Armchair activists of this nature seek to make themselves seem important on a personal level, not achieve anything. This kind of LARPing applies to all dimensions of the Right: nationalism, atheists, agnostics, Christians, traditionalists, paleoconservatives, and even mainstream normie conservatives who have awoken to The Great Replacement, the socialist death spiral of the entitlements state, and the need to escape direct democracy and demagoguery.

  • Democrats rooting for recession

    But now we see Democratic leaders and the “unbiased” media openly rooting for a recession. The drumbeat for an economic contraction has been nonstop for the last two weeks. Maryland Rep. John Delaney, a Democratic presidential candidate, recently chastised his own party for cheerleading for a financial collapse.

    Ideology consists of an apocalyptic morality and scapegoat mentality which is more important than everything else. That is, everything else serves as a means to the end of promoting the ideology. The Left would gladly burn America to the ground if they thought they could get world egalitarianism (socialism and civil/human rights agendas) out of it.

  • Alligator Wrangling

    This is just basic professionalism: a few skilled men keeping order towards a goal amongst a roomful of chaotic fools with no idea what to do when something hearkens, nor how to anticipate pivotal situations and realign them towards a desirable outcome. They are spectator droids under no pressure or instinct to think about the moment, but if uncomfortably required to consider their actions for a second would renounce them as obviously erroneous.

    Out of all of humanity, a few are competent in any area. Disregard the opinions of others because you know they consist of posturing and signaling of independence from reality. This is useless for achieving good results, but very effect at creating bad ones! Crowds = suicide.

  • Finally, a President Stands Up to China!

    Starting with George H.W. Bush, who began his rise to the presidency by acting as Ford’s liaison to China, politicians in both political parties embraced a phony “free trade” with China. Millions of American manufacturing jobs were lost, and China used its growing trade surplus to build a massive arsenal against which we must defend.

    We are funding those who wish to enslave and destroy us. The Mongol invasions were not a rarity; rather, the East waging war against the West is the norm. We have to cut free, prosper on our own, and let Asia inherit the consequences of its poor decisions, at which point — and only at that point — it can begin to change.

  • There is nothing wrong with being an ego! (From William Arkle)

    There is something wrong with being egotistic in a narrow sense of egotism, in which everything is built up around the importance of its own self centre. But as this egotism grows, as it should do in a healthy being, it naturally grows into its bigger self, and the bigger self naturally grows into the little self, and the two integrate.

    In a balanced person, individualism self-reduces. That is, the individualist seeks himself, then finds what he was looking for, and then discovers that the self is not that interesting. We must plumb the depths of the inner self to know the world, but at that point, the journey upward out of the cave darkness begins.

  • Is Chappelle’s Netflix Rant the Woke Tipping Point?

    The comic’s direct attack on PC attitudes comes at a curious time. Even some liberals are growing weary of Cancel Culture, even if they’re scared to say so out loud. That extends to the comedy community.

    Leftism will possess you entirely if you let it in. It is a messianic Utopian apocalyptic ideology that replaces all other “good” with its own definition of good, turning you into a zombie for perpetuating it. Most people who are liberal or other varieties of Leftist see only the surface, where they think they are helping others. Over time, some realize that nothing they are doing is helping, but everything is pointing us toward a total state and all-encompassing ideology. Nothing good comes of that degree of conformity.

  • Southern History Series: Review: The New South: 1945-1980

    The Second Reconstruction was a social revolution that was imposed on the South by Washington against the will of our people and in the teeth of massive resistance. It began with Smith vs. Allwright which was the landmark Supreme Court decision that struck down the white primary. From Smith vs. Allwright in 1944 to Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenberg in 1971, liberalism and social engineering from the top down was in the saddle: integration of public schools, forced busing, affirmative action, miscegenation, abortion, feminism, gay liberation, the borders thrown open to the Third World immigration. The South opposed every bit of it and lost due to the commanding majorities this program enjoyed in the North and West.

    Once you let the Left write forced equality into law — the Fourteenth Amendment and Civil Rights Acts of 1866, 1957, and 1964 did this in stages — nothing will remain safe from the growing herd and its demands. They want equality, and they will destroy everything to get it. In this way, civil rights and diversity became the hill upon which America chose to die.

  • The New York Times’ Wrongheaded Anti-Racism Agenda

    These disparities are persisting in urban centers that have been managed by liberal mayors and senior administrators for decades. Federal and state governments have poured billions into initiatives that have sought to ameliorate these conditions. Thus, efforts to look to historical wrongs have proven to be wrongheaded, not providing effective guidance.

    As usual with Leftists, an appeal toward a sensible general goal — remove unnecessary suffering — becomes an all-consuming pursuit of power, following the Jacobin/Soviet model. This article cannot say it, but the solution to racial inequality is to separate the races. No group will care for another group as well as it cares for its own, and this leads to injustice, conflict, and social collapse no matter which group is in power. Diversity does not work.

  • 8th Circuit Does What SCOTUS Should Have

    In short, can a/the state pass a law that abridges the 1st Amendment rights of citizens? The short answer is (and should have been) no. Except in very extreme circumstances the state has no such power.

    If we read American law for consistency, we would see that the Constitution abhors the idea of forced equality. It supports the exact opposite, which is keeping government out of “social engineering” and the ideological mandate that allows it to expand unchecked into big government. Even more, common sense tells us that when you give government an impossible mission like “make people equal” it will simply expand in size and power until it crowds out everything else.

  • The Tea Party Is Alive and Well

    Instead, it’s obvious that the tea party’s deficit obsession was a façade. Behind it lurked a specific racial politics that informed its commitment to small government.

    The Tea Party provided Trump with a template: they wanted a more libertarian society in the sense of no big government and no ideological agenda, but recognized that civil rights had taken over any other ideals that America once possessed. In other words, the ethnic Western European majority had to get back in power and end the Hart-Celler scam once and for all.

  • Puritans Network website

    Their Blueprint Towards an Anglo-American Nation has a good many points with which I can agree; they would probably be accepted by many on the right. However I get the impression they are very much against many of the things I would wish for. They explicitly condemn Kinism, which has been branded with the ‘r-word’, so is anathema to many mainstream Christians.

    However the Bible says that God sets the bounds of nations, meaning he creates a separation among the different and distinct nations. The mention of ‘nations’ is frequent enough that it can’t be missed. How these Bible ‘experts’ or Christian ‘leaders’ denouncing ‘ethnonationalism’ managed to be unaware of the words of Jesus, I don’t know. But they are, by condemning nationalism and ethnopatriotism, in effect, damning generations of our ancestors to hell, if it is a grave “sin” to be an ethnonationalist or patriot.

    Quality religious writing does not deviate from realism, only places it in a bigger metaphorical framework. America did well as an Anglo-American (ethnic Western European) nation, and has not done so well since, especially after we overthrow it successively in the 1860s, 1930s, and 1960s. Diversity is our choice of pill to end it all, but there is no point doing that when our best days (can be) ahead.

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