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  • Myanmar forces Rohingya to accept cards that preclude citizenship: group

    Politics involves sleight-of-hand. While the mark watches the right hand, the left hand switches the cards or hides the coin or whatever it must do to make “magic” work. Then the crowd oohs and aahs and applauds, since a crowd has no real agency except to react. While we are watching the right hand move around political tokens, the left hand in politics consists of recognizing the new reality that diversity is toxic. Consequently, nations are reclassifying their diversity as foreigners as a precursor to expelling them. A few court decisions in the US could invalidate birthright citizenship and result in the same, if not an outright finding that the 1790 immigration act was the last legitimate one. For example, if the immigration acts of the 1800s were influenced by corruption, or improper voting, they might be declared to never have been valid. Furthermore, the Fourteenth Amendment can either be repealed or re-interpreted as government owing its citizens a duty to never support anything equal, without affirmative powers to enforce that on others. Lest you think this is only in Myanmar, consider that the UK is quietly doing it too, since Brexit is mostly about the replacement of the British worker with Eastern European imports.

  • Swedish imam fined for calling Jews the ‘offspring of apes and pigs’

    Humanity has never been at peace and never will be, simply because conflicts arise from situations in life instead of absolute and universal categories of “good” and “evil.” One tribe needs more space; two tribes want the same fish or water supply; tribes disagree so fundamentally on gods or values that each is threatened by the thought of the other being more powerful than it in the region they share. Instead of accepting this, we demanded peace through equality, just like we try to quell social revolution through entitlements payments, and now we have brought the conflict into our countries where it only festers. Humanity really needs as many planets as it has tribes, and then in a few millennia we can see which planets are occupied by advanced civilizations and which consist of hominids bashing each other with mastodon bones.

  • Illinois college student charged with hate crime for placing noose on campus: Police

    Dying civilizations turn to symbolic acts, pretense, potlatch, and other forms of social status signaling because without unity, no one wants to sacrifice his career, so everyone says and does whatever makes the crowd shut up and go away, at which point their superiors promote them for “handling that matter rather well.” In this case, someone hung a noose in an elevator. We do not yet know why they did this, but this person has been charged with a hate crime. This shows us a nation in some kind of superstitious frenzy about avoiding the appearance of inequality, which tells us that underneath the glossy surface, diversity has failed in a very ugly way. For this to really be a hate crime, you have to show that it was done to intimidate someone and not as a general protest or unrelated symbol. In a sane world, no DA would bring these charges. In Leftist inverted world, someone will get a promotion and extra time off for being the one to sign the charge sheet. There will be no sanity, stability, health, order, or goodness until we physically remove the Leftists to Venezuela.

  • Teen went partially blind after eating only Pringles, fries, ham and sausage: case study

    We are fortunate to have such case studies just as we are debating whether or not processed food is good for us. It turns out that if you eat nothing but processed food, your body lacks certain nutrients necessary to repair itself, and you go blind. Humanity, drugged on its new power, engaged in some behaviors which have ultimately doomed it to ill-health or lack of reproductive fitness. Civilization is a trap, unless you have genius leaders in charge, but we have been kicking our feet, screaming, and running in the opposite direction for centuries in the most prolonged prole tantrum ever recorded. We must disenfranchise the proles in order to have sanity again, but at this point, most of our people including the rich ones are just lucky hard-working proles, not geniuses.

  • Asteroid danger: ‘100% chance of impact’ space expert alerts in ‘life or death’ warning

    While we keep screwing around with Leftism, the clock keeps ticking. At some point, we will hit the magic number of seconds at which point our luck runs out and a giant asteroid hits us. Do we get our act together and become a multi-planetary species, or just wait for the inevitable end? With Leftists/proles in charge, we will die striving for equality instead of live while accepting inequality.

  • Video of black teen whipped for stealing chocolate sparks outrage in Brazil

    Show the world the wrong image, and the voters panic and the System trembles. That scares the middle classes, who just want to make a bunch of money and escape the toxic cities, usually at the point where they are too old to enjoy that money and no longer remember what they wanted to do with their own time because they have been step ‘n fetchit for make-work jobs for too long. As a result, everyone wants to hide the signs of the decline and stay in warm, fuzzy, and opiate denial. In the meantime, whipping people for stealing chocolate is stupid, and the black kid actually stole the chocolate and probably belongs in jail. Diversity does not work, because the instant one group enforces on a member of another, it is seen as racial warfare, even though it is simply the first group trying to enforce its own standards. This applies to white people having laws just as it does to Black people killing those who step out of line within their own social order.

  • Cape Town rises up against rape as protesters target parliament and WEF

    It turns out that diversity makes societies with no center, so crime and corruption become the norm and once-prosperous places return to third world status. I saw a picture of an old Spanish mansion in Cuba, made of solid stone and beautiful, now roofed with corrugated tin and streaked in dirt because the new inhabitants cannot maintain it. Diversity, Leftism, and prole-rule result in degeneration of civilization, where hierarchy, nationalism, and realism advance a society to great heights. One of these days, we have to learn from history.

  • Holocaust ‘masterpiece’ causes uproar at Venice film festival

    Fictionalized Holocaust film upsets people because it gets one thing right, which is to portray ordinary people as complicit in the Holocaust. Diversity was eating their nations alive, so they struck back, but they fought the symptom and not the cause. Naturally, that backfired, as it always does. In the meantime, we have to admit that a great deal of our “free market” media consists of propaganda, and question whether we need a social hierarchy where those of intelligence have all the purchasing power so that prole-fodder like this movie never gets made.

  • Grieving dad jailed for repeatedly criticizing court system in Macomb County

    The police report filed after two-year-old Killian died shows he had a previous medical condition and investigators did not believe there was evidence Killian’s mother was responsible. His dad felt otherwise and repeatedly posted criticism of the judge and friend of the court on his Facebook Page.

    Judge Rachel Rancilio saw the posts, many of which are publicly targeted at her. She apparently felt uncomfortable and possibly threatened.

    In freedom, democracy, and liberty news, the society dedicated to freedom is now actively pursuing the suppression of speech because people feel “uncomfortable and possibly threatened.” A noose is just a noose, and criticism is just criticism, unless accompanied by a direct threat to a specific person. However, our society so lacks unity and stability that now we are trying to crack down on any dissent from the everyone-is-happy-together vision, which simply tells us that collapse is well underway in Late Stage Democracy.

  • Poll: Voters want US to confront China over trade

    China has been playing us like a fiddle. The DNC, which takes donations from China, refused to do anything about it. Voters want a level playing field so that we can compete. Once we get that, we will have to address our self-sabotage like legal protections for unions, affirmative action, the overgrown administrative state, lawsuit abuse, and other Leftist ideas that have driven away agriculture and industry and replaced them with make-work corporate jobs while illegal immigrants do all the basic unskilled labor.

  • Truck of former reservist with alleged neo-Nazi ties found near U.S.-Canada border

    Mounties swarmed Mathews’ home in Beausejour, Man., on Aug. 19 and seized a number of firearms after a Winnipeg Free Press investigation into the Base, a neo-Nazi group trying to establish itself in Manitoba. Mathews was neither arrested nor charged with any crime.

    Manhunt on for man who allegedly belongs in a dissident group but has not committed any crime. Tell us all about your “free” and “open” society. We are following the same path as the Soviets, Romans, Athenians, and French: a central government that enforces an ideology, subsidizes it by taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive, and quashes dissent because it is unstable while waging perpetual war in order to keep the population mobilized. This is an end-stage, not a state of health.

  • SF Board of Supervisors declare National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization

    More social status signaling. People want weapons in order to resist the regime, but Leftists know that the regime maintains power through their ideology, so they want to crush anyone who dares stand up for the ability to have weapons and potentially resist total ideological takeover by Leftists. These people are not well in the head, and we are going to have to remove them. I hear Venezuela is lovely this time of year.

  • New Iraqi restaurant opens with name ‘Hitler’

    Iraqi restaurant owner realizes that using non-politically-correct terms gains you instant worldwide celebrity, and now his restaurant will succeed. The reaction to mockery of our dying Leftist system has reached absurdist proportions.

  • Texas shooter evaded background check by purchasing weapon in private sale

    New Leftist dogwhistle: end private gun sales! They are going to do this by cracking down on the gun shows, which are a source of income for many gun traders.

  • Google reportedly targeted by states in coming antitrust probe

    After sleeping through two decades of dot-com abuses, American government finally awakes to the fact that it has a chance to assert its power and make some extra money. Apparently, all that is required for antitrust enforcement is the discovery that a business has a monopoly, and that it is using that monopoly to further its market position. With 92% of searches and a list of rules about how content must be formed, plus censorship, Google certainly qualifies. Our ancestors would approve of this mammoth hunt and encourage all of us to fling our spears with extra zeal. Bring down the beast!

  • Strangelove redux: US experts propose having AI control nuclear weapons

    Time to dust off those copies of Fail Safe, WarGames, and Dr. Strangelove. An AI will probably rationally conclude that we can lose the lower 90% of humanity within all groups and vastly improve the species, so it will hold us hostage with our own weapons until we submit to The Great Filter.

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