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Outliers (#58)

  • From ‘Team building away-days’ to Demonic rule of the world

    There was also a great increase in the general ideological monitoring of employees – a reintroduction and inversion of the pre-modern era when all people in all groups were expected to support the state religion, attend compulsory church services, adhere to mainstream religious morality in their private lives – and where all social institutions would aim to enforce this.

    Crowdism in action. The goal is never the stated goal, but the maintenance of control in the Burroughs definition, which is inherent to anyone gaining power who does not have a higher goal than staying in power:

    Consider a control situation: ten people in a lifeboat. Two armed self-appointed leaders force the other eight to do the rowing while they dispose of the food and water, keeping most of it for themselves an doling out only enough to keep the other eight rowing. The two leaders now need to exercise control to maintain an advantageous position which they could not hold without it. Here the method of control is force — the possession of guns. Decontrol would be accomplished by overpowering the leaders and taking their guns. This effected, it would be advantageous to kill them at once. So once embarked on a policy of control, the leaders must continue the policy as a matter of self-preservation. Who, then, needs to control others but those who protect by such control a position of relative advantage? Why do they need to exercise control? Because they would soon lose this position and advantage and in many cases their lives as well, if they relinquished control.

    Then there is the Stevens formulation, which is that to avoid control you need to put your best people in power, which requires “good to the good, and bad to the bad.” This avoids a lifeboat situation in the Pentti Linkola definition:

    What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and only one lifeboat? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship’s axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides of the boat.

    Instead of waiting for a crisis, we purge the defectives in advance and keep the good, just as natural selection and morality encourage. This gradually makes people more good across the board. This is how our ancestors made Western Civilization great in the first place. Morality and eugenics are one and the same.

  • Worst generation of whites ever – since prehistory!

    This Memorial Day, remember the men who died to end Communism and Leftism. Forget those who fought for Leftism; they were dupes (this really includes all sides of the WW1/2 conflict). As this author notes, the two world wars were extensions of the same thing, but he should go further and tie together the French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, and European civil wars that followed. Only fifty years later the first world war kicked off. They are a continuum of Leftism invading the West, one that started before the Magna Carta and peasant revolts but only picked up momentum after The Enlightenment.™

  • Even More Winning

    A bit too much infighting, but this essay makes a good point:

    Johnson is correct that Derbyshire is an “IQ supremacist and cognitive elitist” – and further, that cognitive elitism is extremely dangerous in that high-IQ immigrants are more of a danger for displacing natives and for miscegenation (the HBD plan).

    I must differ with Derbyshire, who I admire greatly, on this question. Diverse societies do not thrive; societies with only one ethnic group, do. After that is achieved, I become Derbyshire, in that if you want that society to be great, you starve the idiots, criminals, insane, neurotics, perverts, sociopaths, and yes-men while feeding the geniuses, warriors, creators, sane, healthy, strong, and honorable.

  • The Perennial Rohr

    The Perennial Tradition points to recurring themes and truths within all of the world’s religions. At their most mature level, religions cultivate in their followers a deeper union with God, with each other, and with reality—or what is. The work of religion is to re-ligio—re-ligament or reunite what our egos and survival instincts have put asunder, namely a fundamental wholeness at the heart of everything.

    Traditionalism is basically the same idea; Huxley just wrote about Perennialism first (1932).

  • Reclaiming the Future

    Leftism consists of attention-seeking behavior by those who cannot succeed without attention. This manifests in a demand for equality, or equal sharing of power, wealth, and social status. What this really means is “share it with me” but the individualist fears the group so he uses pacifism to get them on his side: share it with me, and I will share it with you, and we can form a cult, gang, clique, or mafia that then forces everyone to share with us. Now we can take over society as a dark organization through this pathology/psychology known as Crowdism.

    This creates a social virus that spreads wherever people want to be liked by others, and for this reason, it arises solely within established civilizations. Its economic arm, socialism, demands that every citizen be a shareholder in the wealth of the country, and advances itself through “light” forms of socialism like welfare, retirement insurance, socialized medicine, public education, and protection for unions. Once it has done that, costs rise because of these massive transfers of wealth out of the economy and into government, at which point everyone is impoverished and they demand more socialism because otherwise, they would have to admit that they cause their own misery.

  • This is a Culture Built by Morons for Morons

    In America, we go to make-work jobs where meetings and gibberish qualify as meaningful to both middle and upper management. These idiots cannot grasp the concept of ‘buyer’s remorse.’ Forget the fact that most everything that we are told is useful is anything but, forget that our make-work culture costs so much money to prop up, and that most of the time our days amount to nothing more than punching clocks and pretending that we did something, when in reality the only thing we did was provide fodder for the mental masturbation of this pointless make-work culture. The useful idiots care not. Their only desire is to go home each day convinced that the nine o’clock meeting that went nowhere at all was a force for good.

  • The Income Tax is Destroying the World Economy

    If you want your economy to thrive, reinvest in that which produces more wealth; if you want to kill it, centralize it and take money out of it to reinvest in something which produces fake wealth, namely government which both employs lots of useless people and distributes money to useless people. That means that useless people rule your consumer economy, so your products become mediocre, and you increase the number of useless people because being useless is now a good career. Income tax takes from the useful and gives to the useless, and your economy “grows” but loses quality, which means that you are headed for a big crash.

  • Trump has made America less racist

    In my view, Trump made us realize that our problem was not other races, but the Leftist program of diversity. We now recognize that they come here to conquer, whoever they are. The problem is not that they are criminals, hand-clasping merchants, or lazy, but that they are Not Us. The fact of them being different is the root of the problem; society functions when it has one group — a mosaic of: religion, ethnicity, culture, and race — but fails when it has more than one group. The internal conflict caused by multiple groups leads to genocide, either of the minority (the Holocaust) or the majority (White Genocide). People are walking away from racism and anti-Semitism and heading straight toward anti-diversity.

  • New Thought’s Darth Vader Move

    Trump visualized himself as president and lived from that reality as Neville Goddard famously advised.

    “We willed Donald Trump into office, we made this dream our reality!” Spencer told the crowd in words that resonate with O’Meara and other Alt-Right metaphysicians.

    In New Thought we are trained to focus on the positive. But as Metcalfe told me “there is something very, very dark swimming in the zeitgeist.” Whether or not Trump or Bannon are personally prejudiced, they have intentionally or unintentionally catalyzed and legitimized it.

    Later he adds

    The Alt-Right appropriated New Thought positive thinking practices, but not New Thought’s core ethic of seeing everyone without exception as a unique expression of the Divine.

    He misses the obvious, which is that in nature light and dark create a balance which produces the ultimate good of reality. Dark is simply emptiness and the destruction it evokes; when something is empty inside but still exists, nature tears it down. The Alt-Right shows a will toward destroying the emptiness that is modern society, and we see everyone as a unique expression of the divine, but an unequal one. It is not rejecting their divinity to send them back to their own nations, group others in social castes, and point out that some have more of the gods in them than others. That is just realist common sense and tradition.

  • The Heat Death of the Human Race

    Without a hierarchy, everything becomes the same and distinctions are lost. Age old distinctions between men and women, humans and animals, saints and sinners are forgotten. That is the social equivalent of the physical principle that “entropy is increasing”. At the end, there is only undifferentiated heat.

    We have written on this metaphor (which comes to us from Burroughs: “thermodynamics wins at a crawl”) here, here, here, here, and here.

  • Birds of a feather: Why are so many Democrats so reprehensible in exactly the same way?

    Two reasons come to mind. First, they follow the same ideology; second, they have the same personality defects that cause them to require it.

    There is another quote of Prager’s that is appropriate here: “If we continue to teach about tolerance and intolerance instead of good and evil, we will end up with tolerance of evil.” For the past fifty years, the imposition of multiculturalism and all that it has entailed, two generations have been taught that tolerance of all things must supersede all other values. Ergo, we’ve arrived at a place in which the bulk of one of our two political parties has, if inadvertently, embraced evil in the name of tolerance — radical Islam, all variations of sexual orientation including pedophilia, the absolutist notion that all minorities are victims, all women are victims. We must now accept the trope that all white men are bad, a blight on civilized society.

    Hitler’s point about the Big Lie is well-taken, especially by those who dislike Hitler. If you get people to accept one big illusion, they will make everything else into variants of that illusion. In our time, the Big Lie is equality, and it takes many forms: feminism (sexual equality), socialism (economic equality), diversity (racial/ethnic equality), democracy (social class equality).

  • We Don’t Have a Problem with White Supremacy. We Have a Problem with Leftist Supremacy

    The nation that banned nobility of birth, and which fought a war to free slaves would never codify a regime where your genetics at birth determines what kind of happiness you can even think of pursuing.

    It is not about happiness; it is about (1) the fact that single-ethnic societies thrive and everyone else does not, and (2) traits are heritable and therefore, those who come from good leaders will most likely be good leaders. Any opposition to these facts is just Leftist programming in your brain.

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