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  • European elections 2019: Power blocs lose grip on parliament

    People get into the system, and they start paying more attention to how to work the system than its ostensible goals. In the same way, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail; when you are a politician, everything looks like compromise and negotiation and endless meetings and paperwork. Like Theresa May, these politicians wanted careers. They did the “right thing” according to recent precedent and denied anything outside what they had been taught was correct in the eyes of contemporary (egalitarian, materialist, utilitarian, pluralist) theory. As a consequence, they were completely oblivious to anything outside of what was taught, said, and rewarded in recent precedent… they had replaced paying-attention-to-reality with paying-attention-to-the-system… they were more concerned about popularity than actuality… intentions than results… and finally, after two centuries of getting away with it, the voters stumbled to consciousness and gave them a little nip around the ankles.

    The populists — a hybrid of nationalism, libertarianism, traditionalism, and futurism — now have taken 150 out of 751 seats in the nu-SSREU parliament. The existing power blocs, which were chosen because they were “safe” from re-starting WW1 again as happened in the 1940s, got effectively deposed in favor of the rising populist parties in an election with record turnout. While the system people retain power for now, the net result of this election has been to shove a Left-leaning parliament toward the center where it can actually consider Right-wing ideas without dismissing them out of hand for not being Leftist. The markets, which are not prone to pretense like human social gatherings and political or dramatic performances, rejoiced at the increased realism coming to Europe and its chance to form an alliance with the US instead of trying to replace it as superpower, as over-educated washerwoman Angela Merkel wanted to do. You will lie to your neighbors so they think you are a good pacifist, you can lie to your girlfriend so she thinks you are safe to get naked around, and you can lie to your friends so they think you are accepting and not judgmental, but you do not lie when it comes time to invest your money. This election shows European swaying away from a consistent pursuit of diplomatic and marketable lies toward realism, and if these populists avoid the incompetence of the Austrians, they can begin the slow push to bring Western Civilization back to sanity in anticipation of its restoration.

  • Chinese Indonesians brace for worst after racist social media posts trigger deadly riots

    You can see why governments fear social media. Messages spread quickly there, and if you allow people to recognize how much diversity fails, an opposition movement will gain critical mass. Just like our NSA spying, which exists because now with diversity we have members of different groups that hate each other walking among us, social media censorship exists to keep order despite diversity failing as each group realizes that it can be either a conqueror or conquered and wages war against the others. Our leaders tell us that the problem is that people are sheep and respond to slanders and slurs, but the reality is that they are already thinking these things and simply want an excuse to act. We could stop all of this by ending diversity.

  • Centuries-Old ‘Palace of Guru Nanak’ Demolished in Pakistan, Vandals Sell Off Precious Doors, Windows

    Muslim Pakistan uses administrative incompetence as an excuse to erase Sikh history. This shows us also how modern society cannot competently care for the treasures of antiquity, including intangible ones like culture, spirit, customs, and genetic consistency (heritage).

  • Farmer and security officers arrested for murder after assaulting thieves

    Welcome to equality. Criminals have the same rights that you do. This seems sensible until you consider that by their choice to act in a criminal way, they have made themselves into a force against you, and now here is government defending their equal “rights,” in your name. As history turns, the experience of equality (and “rights”) is ending rapidly because in protecting the weak it also privileges the bad.

  • Trump and Kim Jong-un ‘agree’ Biden has a ‘low IQ’, White House says

    This president has the best sense of comedy ever. He is also downplaying the evil of North Korea to neuter them. His point is to be friendly, tell Kim he should make oceanfront condos, and remove North Korean status as a feared adversary. This makes them look more like bumbling incompetents who would be happier under a free market system, which will eventually cause them to collapse just like the Polish and Soviet Communist governments in the 1989-1991 period.

  • ‘It was like a zoo’: Climbers reveal ‘Lord of Flies’ experience of overcrowded Everest

    Take one of the greatest challenges in nature, apply modern science to it, and just about anyone can do it. This turns Mount Everest into a social and consumer venture, at which point people behave as they always do when they are the anonymous public that has paid and voted for some thing that they can enjoy at the expense of nature, others, and future civilization:

    They got into automobiles which bore them out to Long Island, and somehow they ended up at Gatsby’s door. Once there they were introduced by somebody who knew Gatsby, and after that they conducted themselves according to the rules of behavior associated with amusement parks. Sometimes they came and went without having met Gatsby at all, came for the party with a simplicity of heart that was its own ticket of admission.

    Not surprisingly, this has created an avalanche of corpses, feces, and landfill which is what democracy intends for its epitaph, apparently. We treat nature like something to consume, instead of revere, and consequently we project our needs onto it and leave behind something as disordered as our minds.

  • Jews are at risk in Germany, says Jewish council

    Leftists hijacked Judaism and convinced this high-IQ and wealthy population that the only way to prevent future Hitlers was to install diversity everywhere so that strong nationalism would not rise again. That seemed to work for some time and made a lot of people rich, but now it reveals its dual long-term effects, which are first that people have realized that diversity is their own genocide and are rebelling against it by turning to strong nationalism, and second that the various diversity groups recognize that they are either conqueror or conquered, and they are warring against each other for control of those diverse societies. Massive backfire? Indeed. We should start airlifting Jews to Israel and Palestinians to Egypt or Mexico (turnabout is fair play) in order to avoid the coming orgy of murder, pogroms, barn-burnings, and genocide. If we are intelligent, that is, but democracy never is.

  • Memorial Day: America’s strained salute to its black veterans

    If you are not essential to something, you are not going to be remembered. The African contribution to the world wars was insignificant, not by their own fault, but because of the massive commitment by white people brainwashed by diversity. Without blacks, the wars would have turned out the same way; without whites, the same cannot be said. Therefore, people forget the African veterans because historically, they are not important. Somehow this upsets some people.

  • Huawei’s Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics

    China aims to conquer. Not having their heads in the cloud bubble of consumerism, equality, pluralism, and utilitarianism, they simply do what is needed. This means that they have weaponized everything. Their industry serves government; so does culture. That is what a centralized ideological republic does. The Chinese realize that they exist in a small pocket of wealth caused by the rise of the West, after which they will fall back into third world obscurity, and they want to conquer while that bubble lasts. Until Trump, the paid-for Leftists in power refused to do anything about it, including the Clintons and Obamas who essentially handed China technology and wealth while taking donations from China on the sly.

  • In the flow of things

    The narrative of rich nations “dumping” trash on poor ones is a tempting media illusion, but we forget that in fact trash has value and objects tend to have multiple owners before reaching their ultimate destination in the landfill. In fact, it is cheaper for us to dump at home, and people in third world countries are buying up our discards for use as raw materials.

  • Hospitals could soon ban BACON and bangers as docs warn processed meat is as ‘dangerous as asbestos’

    Our time thrives on the energy boost caused by hysteria and scapegoating. In the egalitarian narrative, there must be a good guy (bringing equality) and a bad guy (restricting equality). This saves us from ever having to consider how our decisions bring about bad results as long as we can find something to blame. Therefore, if our society is choked with industrial toxins, we blame bacon or smoking; if diversity fails, we blame white nationalists; if the economy craters, we blame The Rich™ or The Jews™ instead of the moronic decisions of buyers and voters. No one is ever to blame because in a society based on equality, no one has a permanent position in the hierarchy, so we can all lose status if we are perceived to have bungled, even though the intent of equality was to eliminate this condition.

  • New Florida Law Bans Release Of Mass Shooting Recordings

    As democracy craters, we are looking for ways to control the narrative so that people do not notice that we are kissing pavement and start acting on that information. The elites want to get their first with the most and profit from the decay; the rest of us are just digging in our feet, kicking and screaming, resisting in spasms of intransigence simply because we fear change. But change is coming. Any time you have to censor your own population from noticing things, your empire is heading downward fast.

  • World’s rivers are contaminated with dangerous levels of antibiotics, study finds

    When you have eight billion humans consuming and excreting, and you do not leave wide swathes of nature entirely untouched to maintain themselves and heal our ecosystems from the human cost, then you will find that two-thirds of your waterways have antibiotics and other things excreted by humans in them. Who can find a square mile without the ubiquitous plastic bottles, condom wrappers, and spiral piles of human feces?

  • World Health Organisation recognises ‘burn-out’ as medical condition

    Workplace stress causes burnout. What causes workplace stress? Fear of not having a workplace, most likely, and all of the tiny little attendant details that come with that. We have too many people competing for the same jobs, and the result is that we have made ourselves into tools of the system. That in turn makes us unstable, which people take out on their bodies, families, mental state, and each other.

  • In vastly white Iowa, black Dems poised to play a 2020 role

    White people have a tendency to create little paradise-dystopias for themselves where everything seems normal but under the surface deep neurosis lurks. This makes them view the world as something for their own entertainment and virtue signaling, so they look to the Other — including the Magical Negro — as a solution to their boredom, stress, and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Giving society a traditional structure ends this problem, but it conflicts with the raging ego of such people who would rather believe that they might win the lottery than that they most likely will simply end up bored and purposeless.

  • Illegal dumping is the ‘new narcotics’ for organized criminals in the U.K.

    Import foreigners, and watch organized crime skyrocket. It is not their nation that they pollute, but yours. Once you are conquered, it will not their front lawn that they pollute, so they will not care about that either; this disregard for the social commons is what defines the third world.

  • These Americans fled the country to escape their giant student debt

    However, he was disappointed to find that he brought home just $1,700 a month. He had little money left over after he paid his student loan bill. He couldn’t afford an apartment in the city, where rents have been rising sharply.

    What drives up these costs and drives down salaries? The high cost of taxes, regulations, lawsuits, and diversity. If we want to live good lives, we are going to have to start rewarding only the good people and letting others fade away because we cannot save everyone; they must save themselves or face natural selection. The yellow vests are coming to understand this as well: in the name of saving everyone, government has taken from everyone good, and now it is impossible to have a normal, stable life. You have given that up for the ideological goal of equality, which as it turns out works badly in reality because people are fundamentally not equal. Your lives were stolen away, but the joke is on you, because you the voters did this. People offered you pleasant illusions, like the snake in the Garden of Eden, and you deceived yourselves into thinking that it could work. It cannot, but the vast political systems that you set up so that you do not need kings are now working to restrict you. You may have doomed yourselves. At what point do we admit that voting makes people incompetent, and replace democracy?

  • “Unplanned” Effectively Banned in Canada for “Content”

    Private industry in Canada has rejected a film about how horrible abortion is because of “content,” meaning that they are afraid that it will offend their audiences or that protests will break out. We cannot rely on private business to provide solutions since our culture has been replaced by political culture in which the egalitarian prevails over all else, and anything which suggests that the consequences of our actions are more important than our feelings of autonomy is taboo.

  • French police arrest three over Lyon bomb blast

    A police source said the three arrested were the student, who does not have a police record, a minor who studies at a high school in Lyon and is also of Algerian nationality, and a woman.

  • Pope Francis sounds racism alarm as EU nationalists win big

    The Pope dreams of power. He wants it for his church, of course, but he thinks just like the Soviets because in his view, power comes from control, and if he can get masses of people to do what he wants, he has power. A saner view of history from the Greeks — who eschewed ideology as hubris — shows us that the power that the Pope wants is weak power, and by its very nature is unstable. Sane power comes from realism and tradition; insane power comes from mass mobilization, which can turn any which way based on whims and panics, and therefore requires tyrants to manage it. This pope would like to be a tyrant, but for the “good” side, of course. The West rejected Catholicism because the popes were always competing with the kings and native culture for control, when we gained our power by being free of control and focusing on natural order instead.

  • Secret FBI recordings accuse Martin Luther King Jr of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman

    No one is particularly surprised because every hero of the Left turns out to be fake. They are human beings used as symbols, and that is their value, rather than good people; they said the correct thing by Leftist standards, and this means that we excuse their failure in reality and the horrible things that they have done. Is MLK different from Che Guevara, Vladimir Lenin, or Abraham Lincoln? No, he is the same thing: a broken human being, used for his ideological significance, with censors busily scrubbing history of his brokenness until his utility is expended. This means that the Left is abandoning the African and Jews as its sacred cows, and shifting toward newer third-world groups like Hispanics and Asians. The good news is that you can now tear down MLK statues without it being a hate crime. Just spraypaint “rapist” (instead of ethnic slurs) on the base of the ruined statue and you might even be a hero to the MeToo movement, at which point you can begin killing and raping like every other Leftist hero.

  • 600,000 Migrants Enter Britain in One Year

    The UK has 66m people, which means that almost one percent of its population was displaced in a single year. Multiply this times the past fifty years, plus breeding, and you can see why diversity is white genocide.

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