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Obama election causes surge in white nationalism

At least four books and dictionaries have defined Stormfront as the Internet’s first “hate” site dating back to 1995. Stormfront’s site link on a Google search comes with this description: “Racialist discussion board for pro-White activists and anyone else interested in White survival.”

Barack Obama’s election has helped drive up Stormfront traffic to record levels, Don Black said.

Duke said the historic election has helped galvanize support for the causes he believes in: “Obama enables people to see more clearly. It makes it clear we’re losing control of our country.”

But Don Black said press reports of threats against Obama on the Stormfront forums have been exaggerated. He said he suspects one contributor, who hadn’t posted in six years, was deliberately trying to stir up trouble for the site recently. He said he does not condone violence and wants a “peaceful revolution” that ends racial preferences for minorities and promotes the civil liberties of whites.

Palm Beach Post

Ugh. As detailed elsewhere, white nationalism promotes a kind of us-versus-the-Other that denies the basic problem, which is that pluralism doesn’t work, and replaces it with a jihad against other participants in multiculturalism — instead of stating the simple and obvious, which is that multiculturalism is a form of pluralism, which doesn’t work, and is a historical sign of a civilization declining according to Plato’s life cycle of civilizations.

It’s not rocket science. The problem is African-Americans, Jews, Whites, or American Indians. It’s the idea that radically different needs can coexist under one institutional law.

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