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Revenge of the Cell Phone

The gunmen opened the doors and dumped five slumped officers’ bodies into the streets, then piled into the van to continue their siege.

What they did not know was that two officers, including constable Arun Jadhav, were in the backseat, alive.

{ snip }

At one point, a cell phone trilled from the pocket of Jadhav’s colleague. The gunman in the front seat turned around and fired.

“He didn’t even look back properly, he just fired,” Jadhav said. “I think my colleague had been still alive. He died with those bullets.”


Cell phones are like many modern pitfalls — they seem to be a good idea, until you realize that convenience for you also means convenience for others.

In this case, it literally killed a man. Next time trilling cell phones annoy you in a restaurant or movie, shoot to kill remember this.


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