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No surprise that smarter kids drink more

Research has now shown a link between high childhood IQ and an adult enthusiasm for alcohol that leads in some cases to problem drinking.

Parents may be aware that the easiest children to have around the house, and those who are also the most likely to have a predictable, comfortable lifestyle when adults, are those with a slightly aboveaverage intelligence, neither too clever, nor stupid.

Most parents would be proud to be told by a teacher that their child has a higher IQ than his or her peers. It would not occur to anybody that there might be an association between that high IQ at the age of 10 and an enthusiasm for the drinking culture, leading occasionally to a problematic excessive alcohol intake.

The Times

Article: smart kids are inconvenient. Hope for semi-smart kids instead.

Reality: Civilization is declining and has been for centuries, so smarter people pickle their brains to avoid facing day-in day-out the fact that we’re heading for a long slow decline into third world irrelevance.

In addition, anecdotally speaking, smarter people experiment more with mind alteration from drugs, exercise, alcohol, sleep deprivation and so on — they live more in their minds, so altered states are more pleasing to them.

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