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Useful UN bans criticism of any religious faith

The U.N. General Assembly Thursday approved a “Defamation of Religion” resolution, largely supported by Islamic countries, condemning critical or offensive expressions directed at any religious faith.

The resolution therefore raises the issue: Should respect for what is considered sacred by others limit freedom of expression? It is also a prime example of the way different cultures around the world interpret great principles that they theoretically agree upon in very different ways.

This gives the fierce debate over the resolution a place in the whole Clash of Civilizations narrative, to use the concept presented by Samuel P. Huntington in his book of the same name. It highlights profound differences in approaches to religious belief and religious freedom between democracies, largely built on separation of church and state, and Islamic states.


Islamic states tend to be traditionalist, or believe that they should be unified by culture, religion, values, heritage, language, customs and so on.

In the decadent and dying West, we prefer the illusion of “openness” and “debate,” even thought fewer than 1% of our population can debate.

My new religion: euthanize all people under 120 IQ points. Don’t criticize it or you’ll end up in jail.

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