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News (October 1, 2022)


Where do we find ourselves in the timeline of the collapse of Rome 2.0? It seems that the Nordstream pipeline exploded and Putin threatened nuclear war, with most suspecting that he sabotaged the pipeline in order to crash Western economies, destabilize the countries providing weapons to Ukraine, and give himself an excuse to sell all of Russian oil and gas directly to China.

In the meantime, as predicted the Biden “presidency” has produced Carter-like results because Biden knows his audience. They want symbolic acts like forgiving student debt, catering to minorities, banning expanded drilling, and other things straight off the pages of The New York Times. These are the tokens they use to feel superior to others, and as always democracy has devolved into one group of monkeys using it to humiliate another.

People are awakening to a cultureless world where we are “atomized,” or separated into individuals with no connection to each other like culture, which requires a homogeneous society, can provide. Instead we huddle in our homes and shut out the world, then go to the internet where search engines filter out anything but people like us, pretending that screenlife is a real life and matters as much as a functional civilization.

With the rise of the new “far-Right” in Italy and Sweden, it has become common knowledge that Leftism and democracy have failed yet again. It turns out that if you adopt any equality, it quickly takes over because it is socially popular, and soon no one is paying attention to real issues. We have lots of wealth redistribution but all of our problems remain and are growing as we descend deeper into debt.

With any luck, Biden will kick off WW3 and a debt default wave in the West, at which point everyone will finally be equal(ly impoverished).

In the present time, people have lost understanding of the cause of underground metal because the people changed. These are no longer the purebloods of the past, but cultureless grey people trying to reinvent culture from a few tokens, and they have no idea of the history before the time of their births. To them, the modern world is the ultimate state and everything always was this way, which you will recognize as the same bias that the elderly have when they pretend that the world has not changed since they were fifteen as they demand to get someone on the phone from Google to explain how to print from Gmail on Android. Music now no longer has significance because we no longer have a culture, but a big bag in which we contain all cultures, so there are no values, aesthetics, understandings, tokens, or communications in common. We know what is taught in school and on television and that is about it. We have nothing else in common. People now listen to music to have something new and distracting while they do stuff on their phones, much like they consume media for its novelty and forget it fourteen days later.

To the generation that produced underground metal, you either obeyed the mandate to make everything “safe” by limiting all parts of the external world that were offensive or referenced the ambiguous, like the literal fact that we never know what happens after death, only conjecture or project faith, or you rejected safety and embraced the unknown, obscure, ambiguous, occult, and eternal. You either walked with God, consumerism, diversity, lo-fat foods, the welfare state, we are all one, etc. or you rejected it all and were thrown in with Satan and Prometheus, a wandering outcast who would probably die poor and alone after a lifetime stocking shelves at Kroger. To fall from Heaven in flames was a badge of honor rather than following symbolism, which whether religion or ideology, sought to manipulate and control the world in order to make people have pleasant internal mental states. It is the palliative care of philosophies. — SMR

We can rebuild the West at any time. End our paraphilia for equality, repatriate the Other, and start working toward creating even better versions of what we had. However, 99.999% of society are so afraid of changing their inner mental state to accept this that they will fight it to the death. This is why the “war of words” is more important than the true armchair do-nothings think.


  • Venezuela’s Welfare Has Run Out. Now They Want Ours

    The ridiculous peasant Hugo Chavez promised Venezuela’s poor that he would take vengeance on the rich—“the squalid ones”—and give their stuff to the poor. Millions of poor people responded: YESSSSS!!!

    Beginning in 1998, and five times after that, the poor came out in droves to support this clown. Fist pumping! Dancing in the streets! Red shirts as far as the eye could see!

    Twenty years of Chavez’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE!) produced this: “a country whose economy has collapsed… malnutrition and disease are soaring [and m]illions have emigrated to escape the grind of finding enough to eat, of living without reliable electricity or tap water,” as Bloomberg News put it in 2019.

    Now that their own choices have wrecked their country, they demand free admission into ours.

    This is wumping and humanity does it every time. Refuse to change your inner state, and you take your problems with you. There is a great book on this topic, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, that is as misunderstood as his other big hit, Fahrenheit 451, about what happens when people stop caring about knowledge in order to be individualistic. The poor do this every time, and they eat every society that they encounter, not because they are poor but because they are dumb; they are poor because they are dumb as well. The third world has an abundance of these people and they keep those societies dysfunctional and impoverished. If you let them in here, they will do the same thing, just like moron Californians moving to Texas.

  • First openly trans Army officer and wife accused of trying to spy for Russia

    Former Army Maj. Jamie Lee Henry and her spouse, Dr. Anna Gabrielian, were named in a federal indictment unsealed Thursday in Baltimore. Maryland records identify both as physicians who work at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    According to the indictment, Dr. Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist, told an undercover FBI agent they could pass along patient records of military members based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, home of the Army’s 18th Airborne Corps and headquarters of the Army’s Special Operations Command. Delta Force, the Army’s lead anti-terrorist unit, also is based at Fort Bragg.

    These people are fake transsexuals just trying to cash in on a trend before the US government defaults and all the easy money goes away.

  • New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern condemned for comparing free speech to ‘weapons of war’ at UN

    Ardern then suggested that online speech is a weapon often used by those with evil intent.

    “The weapons may be different but the goals of those who perpetrate them is often the same. To cause chaos and reduce the ability of others to defend themselves. To disband communities. To collapse the collective strength of countries who work together,” she claimed.

    Now read about other attempts to control intent:

    Jury trials are getting underway for members of a white nationalist group accused of the misdemeanor count of conspiring to riot at an LGBTQ gathering and in downtown Coeur d’Alene in June.

    They’re calling on federal law enforcement to go after the Patriot Front for civil rights violations, and they’re urging state and local prosecutors to recognize the pattern and escalation of Patriot Front’s activities across the country.

    Nolan said among the criminal statutes that he’s seen groups suggest in relation to a possible case against Patriot Front, the most promising may be a federal a conspiracy statute for civil rights violations.

    Have a wrong opinion, and do anything that could be construed as “preparation,” including having books, weapons, symbols, or living a non-conventional lifestyle, and you could find yourself in court for wrongthink. These people — egalitarians — have done this before and they will do it again. They are the Useful Idiots for the tyranny that ends most promising societies. Humanity has to break this pattern through massive culls of Leftists.

  • US military bought mass monitoring tool that includes email and browsing data

    Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has revealed that the US Naval Investigative Service (NCIS) has a contract for “Augury” – a mass monitoring tool that reportedly covers 93% of the world’s internet traffic and provides access to petabytes of current and historical data.

    The Senator wrote that public contracting records show that NCIS has a contract for Augury and that these records show that Augury provides access to network data “from over 550 collection points worldwide.” Wyden added that these records show Augury “is updated with at least 100 billion new records each day” and “confirm that Augury provides access to email data…and data about web browser activity.”

    The internet is broadcast traffic; to get to machine Z, the packets you send pass through machines A-X. Consequently if you stick enough monitoring sites out there, you can capture almost everything but very local traffic. This is necessary for the US government to avoid constant terrorist attacks, and will be weaponized against conservatives in due course.

  • ’80 per cent of immigrants go to Montreal, don’t work, don’t speak French’: CAQ immigration minister

    “Eighty per cent of immigrants go to Montreal, don’t work, don’t speak French, and don’t adhere to the values of Quebec,” he said. “The key is regionalization and francization.”

    He has a new band-aid to try to make diversity work: spread out the immigrant mass and force them to learn French. This is just more spinning plates waiting for the end.

  • The Case for Leaving America to Escape Racism

    I know no place is perfect. But I want to live in a country where racism is not a constant threat. Which is why I have decided to eventually leave America. When or where I will go I can’t say for sure — but I am finally ready.

    For many, the death of Floyd in 2020 may have been a turning point. “In the last two years, there has been a groundswell of Black people in America who want to go to Africa,” says Greg Carr, a professor of Africana studies and former chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University. “I haven’t made the jump yet, but I’ve been thinking about it all the time. … I would prefer to experience the full range of human experiences on the continent, rather than put up with the default position in the United States, where we are ‘othered’ and excluded from the definition of humanity. It is a perpetual field of violence.”

    Celebrities have been part of this trend. In 2020, the singer and actor Ludacris announced on Instagram that he had become a citizen of Gabon, a country in central Africa. Actor Samuel L. Jackson also became a citizen of Gabon after he took a DNA test that showed he was connected to the country’s Benga tribe. “It was spiritually uplifting to connect with the tribe and to look down and see my relatives and … to be welcomed by some people that looked at me … like, ‘Come home,’ ” Jackson told “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah. In 2021, singer Stevie Wonder announced he was moving to Ghana. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he explained that his decision was prompted by the recent political climate in America: “I don’t want to see my children’s children’s children have to say, ‘Oh, please like me. Please respect me. Please know that I am important. Please value me.’ ”

    Diversity creates “racism.” Otherwise, people do not think much about foreign lands. When each race and ethnic group has its own space, the constant internal conflict and grinding culture wars of diversity come to an end.

  • Did a Famous Doctor’s COVID Shot Make His Cancer Worse?

    Having received two doses of Pfizer the prior spring, Michel quickly went to get his third. If he was about to spend months absorbing poison as he tried to beat a deadly cancer, at least he’d have the most protection possible from the pandemic.

    Within a few days, though, Michel was somehow feeling even worse. His night sweats got much more intense, and he found himself—quite out of character—taking afternoon naps. Most worryingly, his lymph nodes were even more swollen than before.

    The pictures showed a brand-new barrage of cancer lesions—so many spots that it looked like someone had set off fireworks inside Michel’s body. More than that, the lesions were now prominent on both sides of the body, with new clusters blooming in Michel’s right armpit in particular, and along the right side of his neck.

    Experimental medical treatments should only be used in situations where death is otherwise certain. In a need to engineer an election theft, the Left hyped COVID-19 into a mass panic, and consequently common sense was not followed. Now begin the decades of deaths, lawsuits, and another mass media coverup.

  • El Salvador’s president has taken over the government and installed martial law

    President Nayib Bukele has taken over all branches of government. He’s instituted martial law, meaning the government can imprison anyone for any reason. And most recently, he announced reelection plans, even though doing so is against El Salvador’s constitution.

    Everywhere the superstitious voters expect magic from government that has already spent itself into paralysis. Democracy has failed, and at the edges of the world wealth pool, people are starting to realize that unless someone has the power to do the unpopular, those societies are doomed.

  • Crime and Enforcement Activity
    in New York City

    The race/ethnicity of known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects mirrors the victim population with Black (63.9%) and Hispanic (28.5%) suspects accounting for the majority of suspects. White suspects account for (4.8%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects while there were no Asian/Pacific Islander (2.8%) Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects.

    Diversity creates a loss of culture and encourages chaotic behavior, but third world origin people are genetically wired to do what succeeds in third world societies, something that upends the order and justice we expect in a first world nation.

  • Cambridge University hosts ‘fanatical’ three-day slavery conference amid fears from academics that it will lead to attacks on the Queen’s legacy

    The event, entitled ‘envisioning reparations: historical and comparative approaches’, says it wants to examine the ‘increasingly prominent calls for slavery reparations’.

    Innovators escape precedent by analyzing more closely the categories that we accept as reality. Those are a tiny minority; the rest are enslaved to precedent because conventional wisdom is recognized by others, even if it is recent in origin, and all who join in the trend get to cash in. Consequently, academia consists of mostly “repeaters” who bleat out the most recent dominant paradigm, with only a few actual innovators who are usually hounded out early so that others can profit from their ideas.

  • Racial and gender quotas needed to fix inequities in higher ed: Georgetown study

    The proposed policies include racial and gender quotas, reparations, removing meritocratic elements from university policy and mandatory “anti-racist” training.

    The same solutions they always advocate, none of which have helped the problem, are being encouraged as a time-waster and grift enabler so that they can keep hiding the utter failure of diversity until Whites are so outnumbered that it will be forced upon them.

  • Home secretary criticises Sussex force for ‘policing pronouns’

    The force replied on Twitter: “Hi, Sussex Police do not tolerate any hateful comments towards their gender identity regardless of crimes committed. This is irrelevant to the crime that has been committed and investigated.”

    It added: “If you have gender critical views you wish to express this can be done on other platforms or your own page, not targeted at an individual.”

    Bureaucrats and other officials love rules that humiliate you. Those rules increase their power. Unless restrained by strong national culture, they tend immediate toward becoming petit tyrants who will rule every last detail of your life while ignoring real problems. Diversity destroys this national organic culture and replaces it with ideology and economics.


  • Hundreds of tech-linked job cuts jolt Bay Area, flying car firm fails

    The layoffs, affecting nearly 300 Bay Area workers, were issued by three companies directly in the tech sector or with close links to the region’s most important industry, the WARN notices filed with state labor officials showed.

    As predicted, the overhyped dot-com 3.0 economy has cratered now that people have seen that its popularity is driven by a relatively small group of non-affluent consumers.

  • Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk

    Of 11 lactating individuals enrolled, trace amounts of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were detected in 7 samples from 5 different participants at various times up to 45 hours postvaccination.

    In the mass trend psychosis of COVID-19, science was bypassed in favor of political expediency.

  • YouTube Removes Giorgia Meloni’s Viral 2019 Speech

    Google-owned YouTube removed the video of a 2019 speech from incoming Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni which had been going viral across numerous platforms. The internet giant claims the video “breached” its community guidelines, a transgession that apparently took several years and a successful election for it to notice.

    They no longer even pretend. They simply remove anything that goes against the Narrative because to succeed in Silicon Valley, you must preach the dominant paradigm of diversity in order to get hired.

  • Michigan election worker charged with tampering with voting equipment

    An election worker in a western Michigan town has been charged with two felonies after allegedly inserting a flash drive into a computer containing confidential voter registration data during an election in August, local officials said on Wednesday.

    The world may not yet believe Trump about the stolen election 2020, but they are now vigilant, and the usual tricks are going to be more difficult to execute.

  • Why groupthink might be a good thing after all

    “Groupthink” was Janis’s term for when organisations make bad decisions because members prioritise in-group harmony over common sense.

    Part of the problem is that it is essentially impossible to tell where groupthink ends and petty internal calculation begins. If, before a meeting, I agree to endorse an idea I think is bad in return for a colleague’s support for my own projects, it’s hard to tell the difference between me and someone who endorses the same scheme for the sake of a quiet life.

    My experience is that political parties, NGOs and other “mission-aligned” organisations are more prone to groupthink than other forms of business. None of these organisations face the pressure that comes with having to make money by buying and selling goods or services.

    Nonetheless, when I think about the winners and the losers of every campaign or contest I have covered, the victors have been more prone to groupthink than the defeated. Winning campaigns have a unity of purpose and a strong internal camaraderie. Those that lose are much more likely to be leaky and paralysed by disagreement.

    This explains the success of the Left: a simple idea which benefits the individual and the group by avoiding a lack of unity, spread through social pressure, eventually weaponized into intolerance. Perhaps we should look at what groupthink emulates — culture — as a viable option instead. In the meantime, it has become clear that conservatives need something like groupthink, or at least mass agreement on what is needed, than our amiable “big tent” which does not draw us together and focus us on a simple result.

  • We are on the brink of losing Indigenous languages in Australia

    Indigenous languages in Australia comprise only 2% of languages spoken in the world, but represent 9% of the world’s critically endangered languages.

    More than 250 Indigenous languages and over 750 dialects were originally spoken. However, as some experts estimate, only 40 languages are still spoken, with just 12 being learned by children.

    Diversity destroys culture.

  • More dogs in the neighborhood often means less crime

    In a study conducted in Columbus, researchers found that neighborhoods with more dogs had lower rates of homicide, robbery and, to a lesser extent, aggravated assaults compared to areas with fewer dogs, at least when residents also had high levels of trust in each other.

    The results suggest that people walking their dogs puts more “eyes on the street,” which can discourage crime, said Nicolo Pinchak, lead author of the study and a doctoral student in sociology at The Ohio State University.

    Giant newsflash: high-trust (low-diversity, per Robert Putnam) societies where people look out for each other resist crime. Culture, in other words, matters, and requires zero diversity. I remember reading in the 1980s about how unlike Murkan union workers, Japanese workers were prone to contribute outside of their strict job parameters, such as picking up a broom to clean up when needed. What was the difference? They had a culture and therefore sense of positive unity, while Murkans only had a sense of negative unity, i.e. we were not Hitler (or Stalin, if you must mention him, but the NYT still thought he was darling).

  • Is Houston too big?

    During a recent trip to the Bayou City, comedian Kevin “Kevonstage” Fredericks was so overwhelmed by the city’s size that on Monday he tweeted: “Houston is ridiculously big. Houston is an hour from Houston.”

    Earlier this month, Houston was listed as one of the worst U.S. cities to be stuck in traffic, the only city from the South to make auto insurance company HiRoad’s list.

    “Everybody is going somewhere,” Fredericks said. “None of the freeways seem to be done. There’s construction everywhere. There’s people everywhere. It’s too much.”

    Diversity creates an ever-expanding city as the higher-IQ move outward to escape the herd.

  • Record-Low 38% Extremely Proud to Be American

    The 38% of U.S. adults who say they are “extremely proud” to be American is the lowest in Gallup’s trend, which began in 2001. Still, together with the 27% who are “very proud,” 65% of U.S. adults express pride in the nation. Another 22% say they are “moderately proud,” while 9% are “only a little” and 4% “not at all” proud.

    Republicans’ pride in being American has consistently outpaced Democrats’ and independents’ since 2001 and does so today. However, Republicans’ extreme national pride (58%) is now at its lowest point in the trend. Independents’ extreme pride, at 34%, is likewise the lowest on record for the group.

    It is natural to love your country, your gods, hunting, fishing, fighting, and reproduction. Most people are alienated from this biological reality and live in a world of symbols, chrome, shrink-wrap, and disinfectants. While the people who answer surveys tend to be Left-leaning and dramatic (but I repeat myself) in this case we are seeing fear and trembling that continues to get worse year after year as the diversity increases. You cannot love someone else’s country, even if that someone else is the motley crowd of no heritage.

  • Biden Might Soon Ease Chinese Tariffs, in a Decision Fraught With Policy Tensions

    It could include a pause on tariffs on consumer goods such as clothing and school supplies, as well as launching a broad framework to allow importers to request tariff waivers.

    The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is conducting a mandatory four-year review of the Trump-era tariffs. A comment period for businesses and others who have benefited from the tariffs will close July 5, giving the administration an opportunity to calibrate its policy.

    It seems likely that the China-funded non-White Clintons engineered this farce of a presidency, so the question is why China did it, and the answer seems to be that Biden will allow them some vital moneymakers, and possibly that he will give up Taiwan without a fight after blustering Obama-style. When that is done, we will objectively and undeniably know that treason rules the White House and Civil War 2.0 is going to kick off shortly.

  • 100-year-old WWII vet breaks down, says this isn’t the ‘country we fought for’

    “We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised, not at all,” he says. “Nobody will have the fun I had. Nobody will have the opportunity I had. It’s just not the same and that’s not what our boys, that’s not what they died for.”

    Never fight for democracy. They will just ethnically replace you with scab voters and stooges.

  • Family of Emmett Till, the black teenager whose brutal murder inspired the Civil Rights movement, will never get justice

    Multiple witnesses said Till wolf-whistled at Donham inside a grocery story owned by her then-husband Roy Bryant. The boy was later dragged from his bed in the rural town of Money, Mississippi, by Bryant and his half-brother J. W. Milam.

    The son of a rapist blatantly provokes anger, then is surprised when he gets beaten to death. The Civil Rights movement is a forgery.



  • Watchdog calls out the government’s most ridiculous spending

    Andrzejewski pointed to a March report from the Government Accountability Office that tallied $281 billion in improper and mistaken payments in 2021 alone – without even attempting to count the billions wasted on fraud-ridden COVID relief programs.

    “What government program is running well?” he asked.

    While nothing here is wrong, it is designed to distract you from the three-quarters of our budget that goes to entitlements.

  • 80 years ago, lethal Nazi T4 center began euthanizing Germans with disabilities

    The plan for so-called “useless eaters” to be killed came from Nazi theories of eugenics, “racial hygiene,” and social Darwinism. By the end of the war, an estimated 230,000 people with physical or mental disabilities were murdered in “T4” and its successor program, sometimes called “wild euthanasia.”

    Inside headquarters, committees reviewed patient information cards for people suffering conditions such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, dementia, or other chronic disorders. Also examined were cards for the criminally insane and people who had been confined to an institution for more than five years.

    In the early months of “T4,” most of the victims were children. Some were handed over voluntarily by ashamed parents, such as when a new father wrote to Hitler asking for permission to kill his “deformed” infant. According to historians, that letter prompted Hitler to issue the order for “T4.”

    In February 1941, Franconia was the scene of Catholics protesting the emptying of an asylum. Even some Protestant clerics — a group usually in line with Nazi policy — expressed dismay about the slaughter of disabled Germans.

    Some things the Nazis did are hard to criticize. Euthanizing career criminals, retards, the insane, and morons is simply a good idea for any society that wants quality of life.

  • Many human genomes shaped by past events that caused sharp dips in the population

    A new analysis of more than 4,000 ancient and contemporary human genomes shows how common such “founder events” were in our history. A founder event is when a small number of ancestral individuals gives rise to a large fraction of the population, often because war, famine or disease drastically reduced the population, but also because of geographic isolation—on islands, for example—or cultural practices, as among Ashkenazi Jews or the Amish.

    This is a record of civilization crashes. When a civilization succeeds, it loses its initial aim and settles on control/unity, at which point it explodes from the bottom up in population. This causes it to become unsteady; it is not so much that the good people died out, but they are now numerically outweighed by a large enough fraction that they have no control. The idiots take over, and soon nearly everyone dies.

  • Far-right parties find favor where immigrants, citizens vie for same public housing in Europe

    While the presence of public housing did not predict changes in support for far-right parties in prior elections, in 2006, municipalities with public housing were voting for the far right at higher rates. This is especially true in areas with large immigrant populations.

    These results indicate that support for the far right sharply increased in municipalities where Austrian citizens faced the prospect of competing with immigrants for public housing. The authors find similar patterns at the neighborhood level in Vienna.

    Let us have a laugh here. This article is a possibly unintentional coverup. In reality, those who actually experience diversity tend to be in public housing with the immigrants… and having experienced it, they decide that they would rather not have more of it. Next step: repatriation.

  • Judge: Berlin will likely need to repeat its 2021 election

    Long lines formed outside many polling stations in Berlin that day as voters struggled with extra ballot papers. Some polling stations ran out of ballot papers during the day and others received ones for the wrong district, leading to a large number of invalidated ballots.

    Another issue was the election was supposed to end at 6 p.m., but voters waiting in line at that time were allowed to cast their ballots.

    It seems like elections got odd in the West after diversity took over, so now the counteraction begins. Election revocation will spread to the USA as well because no one can sanely argue that the 2020 election was procedurally above-board.

  • Paramount says it won’t censor old content to please modern audiences

    “By definition, you have some things that were made in a different time and reflect different sensibilities,” Bakish said. “I don’t believe in censoring art that was made historically, that’s probably a mistake. It’s all on-demand – you don’t have to watch anything you don’t want to.”

    Every now and then, some sanity sneaks into public.

  • How liberal policies have killed black communities: Clarence Thomas

    You don’t have the segregation, but you’ve got pathologies that we didn’t have before. You’ve got the crime we didn’t have before. You’ve got the disintegration of families that you didn’t have before, disorder you didn’t have before. And they were things that were avoidable.

    When you tear down a neighborhood in order to replace the housing, you have changed the neighborhood. That little church that used to be there that people went to on Sundays, that little community house or whatever, is suddenly gone.

    The experts don’t live in the neighborhood. They don’t know what effect it had when you tore down that little shoe store because you say it was in a substandard building. It’s the same thing. When we had school integration, the unintended consequences is the effect it had on the black teachers and also the neighborhood schools. You walked to school, your parents went to that school, and what happens when you break those bonds?

    In other words, segregation allowed Black people to have their own societies in which they helped each other. Socialist entitlements interrupted this, but so did integration. Imagine how much happier Black people would be in Africa able to control their own destiny.

  • Investigators say they STILL haven’t found a cause for the Surfside building collapse in Florida

    The next step is to begin what it calls ‘invasive testing’ of physical evidence, which involves cutting into steel and concrete samples for chemical and corrosion testing.

    Architect William Friedman designed the Surfside condominium, 13 years after his license was suspended for six months due to a collapse.

    The Miami Herald reported in September that building contractor Alfred Weisbrod lost his license amid fraud and negligence claims prior to the collapse.

    Structural engineers had issued minor warnings, but nothing of serious concern, and there were no mitigating factors like extreme weather to cause the collapse.

    Mafia concrete and steel strike again just as they did in another mystifying historical event.

  • Nigerian politician one of two people charged with conspiring to harvest the organs of a child in the UK

    The investigation was launched after detectives were alerted to potential offences under modern slavery legislation in May 2022, the force said.

    The talk of adrenochrome, pizzagate, and cannibalism may be a symbolic representation of a grim reality: people are going to be used as slaves and organ sources because we have too many people and we abolished culture in order to have mixed-economy government benefits.

  • Jacob Zuma barred South Africa spy agency from investigating Guptas, inquiry concludes

    The former president barred South Africa’s state security agency from investigating the Indian-born trio of brothers before they allegedly went on to “capture”, or systematically loot, the state under his presidency, the inquiry said on Thursday.

    Diversity means that no group belongs to the nation, so all groups feel free to raid it for wealth. Homogeneity means that it is your society and you defend it.

  • On the earliest Acheulean in Britain

    The site is demonstrated to retain deposits of Lower Palaeolithic artefacts, with 251 flakes, scrapers and cores identified to date. Infrared-radiofluorescence (IR-RF) dating of feldspar reveals 112 artefacts to have come from levels dating to at least 570 ± 36 to 513 ± 30 thousand years ago (ka) and are most plausibly assigned to an MIS 14 deposition, with artefacts produced during MIS 15 (approx. 560–620 ka).

    Half a million years ago, there were modern humans in the UK. If we adjust the date of modern humanity backward, we can see how potentially many of the “links” found in our evolutionary tree are in fact merely offshoots from the original, which has been around far longer than we think.

  • Black death: How we solved the centuries-old mystery of its origins

    Drawing on this work, it has been suggested that that the pandemic may have spread widely in the 13th century, thanks to the expansion of the emerging Mongol Empire.

    Rather, we believe that the disaster started somewhere in the wider Tian Shan area, perhaps not too far from that site. It is important to bear in mind that Y. pestis is a bacterium that lives among wild rodent populations. We often associate plague with rats. But in Tian Shan, the prevalent rodent carriers of plague are marmots. It is therefore likely that it was their colonies that were the ultimate source of the 1338–39 outbreak.

    Diversity brought you plagues in the past, too.


  • The role of endocrine-disrupting phthalates and bisphenols in cardiometabolic disease: the evidence is mounting

    There is substantive and accumulating evidence that endemic exposure to plastic-associated chemicals (PACs) contribute to the pathophysiology of metabolic conditions, like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The consequences of this endemic exposure in inducing a pro-inflammatory state in adipose tissues as a critical link between exposure and disease is reviewed.

    Another modern miracle, dead.

  • Population of England and Wales grew 6% in a decade

    When added to published census figures for Northern Ireland and official estimate of the Scottish population for 2020, the UK population now stands at 66,966,400.

    The rise is one of the biggest since the census began in 1801.

    Immigration drives rapid population increases which strain the housing supply, causing overgrowth.

  • Potential hominin affinities of Graecopithecus from the Late Miocene of Europe

    A new age model for the localities Pyrgos Vassilissis and Azmaka, as well as the investigations on the fauna of these localities [40] confirms that European hominids thrived in the early Messinian (Late Miocene, 7.25–6 Ma) and therefore existed in Europe ~ 1.5 Ma later than previously thought [39].

    Millions of years ago, hominids existed in Europe. Parallel evolution is now scientific fact and “Out of Africa” is dead in the water.

  • Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’

    The Biden voicemail followed a Times report on Dec. 12, 2018, detailing Hunter’s dealings with Ye Jianming, a “fast-rising” Chinese oil tycoon who headed CEFC China Energy Company in 2016 before being arrested two years later amid allegations of economic crimes.

    Our media is covering for corruption at the top of our political system which is accepted only because it brought Leftists back into power. At some point, these people will be caught doing the bidding of their Chinese masters, and then the cycle of treason will be complete.

  • Rich people from humble origins are less sensitive to the challenges of poverty than those born rich

    They went on to survey 1,032 relatively wealthy individuals in the U.S. (with annual incomes over $80,000 in one study and over $142,501 in another), discovering that those who became rich thought it was easier to improve one’s socioeconomic status than people who were born rich, and this, in turn, predicted reduced sympathetic attitudes toward the poor.

    Those who love money become meaner. Social mobility was a mistake.

  • Age and sex-specific risks of myocarditis and pericarditis following Covid-19 messenger RNA vaccines

    We perform matched case-control studies and find increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis during the first week following vaccination, and particularly after the second dose, with adjusted odds ratios of myocarditis of 8.1 (95% confidence interval [CI], 6.7 to 9.9) for the BNT162b2 and 30 (95% CI, 21 to 43) for the mRNA-1273 vaccine.

    Unintended consequences follow science everywhere. Our official method of rationalization, or cherry-picking, allows us to select data to argue for a thesis, instead of surveying all data to determine what that thesis should be. By using this method, scientists can “prove” just about anything, which usually turns out to follow the money.

  • The Fall of Rome: How, When, and Why Did It Happen?

    Just as the Fall of Rome was not caused by a single event, the way Rome fell was also complex. In fact, during the period of imperial decline, the empire actually expanded. That influx of conquered peoples and lands changed the structure of the Roman government.

    Diversity is suicide, but will appear to be “growth” up until the collapse manifests.

  • How a new model can spot liars and counter disinformation

    To understand these patterns, we need the mathematics of information processing. Here, the state of a person’s mind is represented by the likelihood it assigns to different alternatives—which product to buy; which school to send your child to; which candidate to vote for in an election; and so on.

    As we gather partial information, we become less uncertain—for example, by reading customer reviews we become more certain about which product to buy. This mental updating is expressed in a mathematical formula worked out by the 18th-century English scholar, Thomas Bayes. It essentially captures how a rational mind makes decisions by assessing various, uncertain alternatives.

    When combining this concept with the mathematics of information (specifically signal processing), dating back to the 1940s, it can help us understand the behavior of people, or society, guided by how information is processed over time.

    Partial truths subvert the human mind.

  • Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them

    The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals. According to European Medicines Agency recommendations, frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible.

    It turns out that everyone who denied the panic and just washed their hands turned out better than those who relied on democracy and its government-driven healthcare system.

  • Simple tests for the extent of vote fraud with absentee and provisional ballots in the 2020 US presidential election

    When I examine Georgia and Pennsylvania separately, weak evidence of vote fraud on absentee ballots is found. I then apply the same method to provisional ballots in Allegheny County, where, contrary to state law, voters were allowed to correct alleged defects in absentee ballots by submitting provisional ballots on Election Day. My analysis finds that such permission contributed to a statistically significant additional 5,320 to 7,200 votes for Biden. Finally, vote fraud can show up as artificially larger voter turnouts, higher rates of filling out absentee ballots for people who hadn’t voted, dead people voting, ineligible people voting, or payments for votes. The estimates for Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin combined indicate between 146,000 and 334,000 excess votes for Biden.

    Whether or not we all agree that the outcome was fraudulent, the fact remains that the election was marred by fraud and therefore, not trustworthy.

  • The New Malthusians

    No country in Europe had any sustained decline in fertility between 1800 and 1870 except for France, where the cultural changes initiated by the French Revolution led to lower birth rates.

    Leftism could be seen as a response to population pressures, since by transferring wealth it makes everyone equally bloated and useless.

  • “Google” programmers. How one idiot hired a couple more idiots

    I made a very simple change — now people were writing code on a computer, not on a sheet of paper. I thought, “Why do they have to sit there and scribble on paper, as if they are writing a manuscript in an ancient monastery?”

    So, I gave tasks and a computer to a candidate and left them for half an hour to an hour. When I got back, I saw a ready–made solution. And not just ready–made, but very freaking awesome — the code was beautiful and well-optimized. It blew my mind — the current generation adored technology so much that writing code was like breathing for them!

    After 3-6 months, all of them reached a plateau in productivity. Time went by, month after month, but the productivity never improved. It’s like they all could not break through the intern level. There were productivity extrema sometimes, however it was easy to explain: a large number of simple, monotonous, similar tasks.

    I no longer forced people to write code on a piece of paper — I just sat down next to them, gave a task, and the programmer tried to implement it. I had planned to carry out a series of such tests, starting from the basics, gradually raising the difficulty level. But it all ended at the basics.

    It turned out that only one out of ten programmers understood how to work with basic entities, types, and knew their properties and methods. Even worse — only 2-3 people worked tolerably well with the built-in help and context completions. The programmers simply could not find properties and methods. Not to mention using them. They couldn’t even do an elementary task.

    Only one of them dared to ask, “Can I Google it?” That’s when I — the idiot — finally got it.

    Worse, current “IT” programs teach this approach. You have people who can implement chunks of code but do not understand the basics of writing their own. Affirmative action has only made this much worse.



  • Police officers’ refusal to cooperate with Rotherham abuse probe ‘speaks volumes’

    In 2017, when Rotherham Council ordered its own independent reports into the scandal Coun Read criticised the “miserable silence” of former senior officials at the authority who had refused to participate.

    They will all tell you that this was the Ferguson Effect: police do not want to appear “racist” because there is personal risk to them and their careers, so they hide minority crime.

  • Signal value of stress behaviour

    Individuals producing more nonverbal stress behaviour were rated as more likeable by raters (perhaps presenting as more honest signallers), indicating a benefit and potential adaptive function of displaying stress.

    People who appear “accessible” or weak and confused, like characters in movies who are personal disasters, create a sense of sympathy among the audience, who then believes that because these people are struggling they are “safer” to have around than those who are not stressed, emotional, or dysfunctional. People do not trust language, but they trust visual representations of behavior, despite those also being symbols. They fear competence.

  • MS-13 gang members convicted of trafficking 13-year-old girl

    Seven members and associates of the MS-13 street gang have been convicted of sex trafficking in federal court after taking in a 13-year-old runaway and coercing her into commercial sex acts in Maryland and Virginia.

    Diversity creates constant ethnic warfare which manifests as sex crimes because this destroys the next generation. We see the same thing in Rotherham as in the USA.

  • Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors

    Repetitive measurements revealed −15.4% sperm concentration decrease on T2 (CI −25.5%–3.9%, p = 0.01) leading to total motile count 22.1% reduction (CI −35% – −6.6%, p = 0.007) compared to T0. Similarly, analysis of first semen sample only and samples’ mean per donor resulted in concentration and total motile count (TMC) reductions on T2 compared to T0 – median decline of 12 million/ml and 31.2 million motile spermatozoa, respectively (p = 0.02 and 0.002 respectively) on first sample evaluation and median decline of 9.5 × 106 and 27.3 million motile spermatozoa (p = 0.004 and 0.003, respectively) on samples’ mean examination. T3 evaluation demonstrated overall recovery without.

    When you see a pattern emerge of general health side-effects, these vaccines seem like less of a good idea. Not only that, but they savage your immune response and cancer responses as well:

    Immune cells that have taken up the vaccine nanoparticles release into circulation large numbers of exosomes containing spike protein along with critical microRNAs that induce a signaling response in recipient cells at distant sites. We also identify potential profound disturbances in regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance. These disturbances potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis. We show evidence from the VAERS database supporting our hypothesis.

    In other words, look for a long slow outbreak of cancers in response to these vaccines.

  • Rethinking the War on Poverty

    In his 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon Johnson declared “unconditional war on poverty in America.” Three years after the “war” began, the poverty rate stood at 14 percent. Since 1965, the U.S. has spent over $22 trillion fighting the war on poverty (not counting Medicare and Social Security) in the form of government programs and expanded federal power. A half-century later, according to the latest statistics from the Census Bureau, the poverty rate in the United States stands at 14.8 percent, or 46.7 million people.

    The Heritage Foundation found that, “today, government spends 16 times more, adjusting for inflation, on means-tested welfare or anti-poverty programs than it did when the war on poverty started.”

    Socialism means the workers own the means of production, which translates into receiving dividend checks, which savvy observers will note means wealth transfer from producers to consumers. Our entitlements programs are socialism and they have taken over government because once people have free stuff, they vote for more, especially after we import the third world populations that always vote for socialism as we did after the Hart-Celler Act in 1965.

  • Study explores unusual interaction between viruses, live vaccines

    Vaccines made from live viruses do a better job than other vaccines in training the immune system to recognize Marek’s disease virus, but these vaccines do not lead to eradication of the virus, Jarosinski said. This leaves room for the natural virus and the modified viral vaccines to interact in ways that may promote viral evolution or infectiousness.

    Previous studies have shown that viruses can pick up genes from the vaccines designed to fight them, allowing the viruses to evolve in ways that sometimes boost virulence. But no studies have demonstrated that viruses and vaccines actually infect the same cells in live animals, Jarosinski said.

    The more we try to solve problems, the more reality pushes back. We should use our “magic” methods carefully.

  • How your looks betray your personality

    The idea that a person’s character can be glimpsed in their face dates back to the ancient Greeks. It was most famously popularised in the late 18th century by the Swiss poet Johann Lavater, whose ideas became a talking point in intellectual circles. In Darwin’s day, they were more or less taken as given. It was only after the subject became associated with phrenology, which fell into disrepute in the late 19th century, that physiognomy was written off as pseudoscience.

    Now the field is undergoing something of a revival. Researchers around the world are re-evaluating what we see in a face, investigating whether it can give us a glimpse of someone’s personality or even help to shape their destiny. What is emerging is a “new physiognomy” which is more subtle but no less fascinating than its old incarnation.

    Within a tenth of a second of seeing an unfamiliar face we have already made a judgement about its owner’s character – caring, trustworthy, aggressive, extrovert, competent and so on (Psychological Science, vol 17, p 592). Once that snap judgement has formed, it is surprisingly hard to budge. What’s more, different people come to strikingly similar conclusions about a particular face – as shown in our own experiment (see “The New Scientist face experiment”).

    Faces reveal genetics. Genetics reveal not character so much as general tendencies. The old ways were smarter.

  • Mercury exposure disrupts the lipid metabolism of migratory birds

    Compared to controls, the researchers found mercury-exposed warblers to have significantly lower muscle aerobic and fatty acid oxidation capacity, elevated hepatic energy costs, lower fatty acid uptake capacity in the liver, and lower liver expression of PPAR-γ (a regulator of key lipogenic enzymes that birds upregulate during migration to facilitate rapid fat storage). The diminished muscle oxidative enzyme capacity of the mercury-exposed birds likely contributed to their weaker flight endurance in the prior study, while the effects on the liver have potential to inhibit stopover refueling.

    “What we have found is that lipid catabolism, synthesis, and storage pathways in birds can be disrupted by only brief and relatively low exposure to this widespread contaminant, which is likely to have significant consequences for migratory performance,” said the study’s lead author, Chad Seewagen.

    When we see an outbreak of human obesity, it makes sense to wonder if something is going wrong metabolically in our bodies, rather than just the garbage seed oil and carb foods we wolf down on our way to the next exciting diversity training. As it turns out, mercury poisoning can be a contributing factor in societies snuffing themselves:

    They show that at sites from the Classical Period for which measurements are available— Chunchumil in today’s Mexico, Marco Gonzales, Chan b’i, and Actuncan in Belize, La Corona, Tikal, Petén Itzá, Piedras Negras, and Cancuén in Guatemala, Palmarejo in Honduras, and Cerén, a Mesoamerican ‘Pompeii’, in El Salvador –mercury pollution is detectable everywhere except at Chan b’i.

    Concentrations range from 0.016 ppm at Actuncan to an extraordinary 17.16 ppm at Tikal. For comparison, the Toxic Effect Threshold (TET) for mercury in sediments is defined as 1 ppm.

    What caused this prehistoric mercury pollution? The authors highlight that sealed vessels filled with ‘elemental’ (ie, liquid) mercury have been found at several Maya sites, for example Quiriqua in Guatemala, El Paraíso in Honduras, and the former multi-ethnic megacity Teotihucan in Central Mexico. Elsewhere in the Maya region, archeologists have found objects painted with mercury-containing paints, mainly made from the mineral cinnabar.

    Over time, humanity finds miracle substances and they become popular, at which point their usage becomes normal, and only later do people think of the effects of that cause.

  • Record entanglement of quantum memories

    A team led by physicists Prof. Harald Weinfurter from LMU and Prof. Christoph Becher from Saarland University have now coupled two atomic quantum memories over a 33-kilometer-long fiber optic connection. This is the longest distance so far that anyone has ever managed entanglement via a telecom fiber. The quantum mechanical entanglement is mediated via photons emitted by the two quantum memories. A decisive step was the researchers’ shifting of the wavelength of the emitted light particles to a value that is used for conventional telecommunications. “By doing this, we were able to significantly reduce the loss of photons and create entangled quantum memories even over long distances of fiber optic cable,” says Weinfurter.

    Humans, following our own pretense as being actors of pure Will rather than calculating beings reacting to partial information, like to think that we are separate from the world, and we project that belief onto the world itself, which is more likely far more interconnected and pattern-oriented — not monocausal — than we believe.

  • Why many of America’s biggest companies still won’t reveal pay data by race

    Among the 22 companies that disclosed their pay ratios in 2022, Just Capital found high levels of pay parity, with thirteen companies reporting a 1:1 ratio — employees of color receive equal pay to that of their white colleagues.

    If past trends are any guide, high-powered Whites get paid more but your average White gets paid less because affirmative action has made finding competent minority employees a highly competitive field. If they correlate output to pay, they will find that Whites are in fact a cheaper option in most cases.

  • South Africa electricity crisis: No power for up to six hours

    A typical day of what the state-run power company Eskom euphemistically calls “Stage six load shedding” consists of waking up to no power, driving to work through congested roads because the traffic lights aren’t working, being pummelled by the din of generators at the work place, and then finding power has been cut once more when you get back home.

    Diversity means dysfunction.

  • Historical language records reveal a surge of cognitive distortions in recent decades

    Over the past two decades the textual analogs of cognitive distortions surged well above historical levels, including those of World War I and II, after declining or stabilizing for most of the 20th century. Our results point to the possibility that recent socioeconomic changes, new technology, and social media are associated with a surge of cognitive distortions.

    As culture erodes, language broadens meaning to include all the many cultures and subcultures, resulting in a decreased accuracy which rapidly coalesces to one dimensional good/bad baby talk.


  • America’s race gap between black and white homeowners

    Black Americans are almost twice as likely to be denied a mortgage than their white counterparts, figures show.

    And only 44% of black Americans own homes, compared to nearly 75% of white people.

    The last attempt to fix this went so well.

  • ‘Disturbing’: weedkiller ingredient tied to cancer found in 80% of US urine samples

    The report by a unit of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that out of 2,310 urine samples, taken from a group of Americans intended to be representative of the US population, 1,885 were laced with detectable traces of glyphosate. This is the active ingredient in herbicides sold around the world, including the widely used Roundup brand. Almost a third of the participants were children ranging from six to 18.

    Between that and the vaccine, we are probably going to have a pile of bodies out there.

  • Students from richer schools run faster

    What we found concerning was, regardless of size, there was a direct correlation between a school’s relative educational advantage and its success in running carnivals. The richer they were, the faster they ran.

    Genetically healthier people tend to be smarter and more capable across the board. The Bell Curve rules us all.

  • Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate

    COVID-19 infection rate was 49% lower for regular users (3.40%) than non-users (6.64%) (risk rate (RR): 0.51; 95% CI: 0.45-0.58; p < 0.0001), and 25% lower than irregular users (4.54%) (RR: 0.75; 95% CI: 0.66-0.85; p < 0.0001). The infection rate was 32% lower for irregular users than non-users (RR: 0.68; 95% CI: 0.64-0.73; p < 0.0001).

    The coordinated media-government-corporate blitz by Leftism Inc would be funny if it were not so painfully wrong all of the time.

  • FBI misled judge who signed warrant for Beverly Hills seizure of $86 million in cash

    They omitted from their warrant request a central part of the FBI’s plan: Permanent confiscation of everything inside every box containing at least $5,000 in cash or goods, a senior FBI agent recently testified.

    The FBI’s justification for the dragnet forfeiture was its presumption that hundreds of unknown box holders were all storing assets somehow tied to unknown crimes, court records show.

    The days of functional and incorruptible public institutions seem to exist only in Hollywood films these days.

  • New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern says “disinformation” should be controlled like “weapons of old,” guns, nukes

    “But what if that lie, told repeatedly, and across many platforms, prompts, inspires, or motivates others to take up arms. To threaten the security of others. To turn a blind eye to atrocities, or worse, to become complicit in them. What then?” she asked.

    “After all, how do you successfully end a war if people are led to believe the reason for its existence is not only legal but noble?,” she asked, referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists? How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld, when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?”

    The Left flirts with criminalizing dissent because they know that the results of none of their policies are defensible. Everything is worse under Leftism. We have not yet gotten to the levels of dysfunction of the former Soviet Union, but unless stopped the Left will push us there.

  • Study IDs what brings our senses and thoughts together

    Feedforward data is relayed by the brain’s sensory systems from the periphery (our senses) to the neocortex’s higher order areas. These high-level brain regions then send feedback information to refine and adjust sensory processing. This back-and-forth communication allows the brain to pay attention, retain short-term memories, and make decisions.

    “A simple example is when you want to cross a busy road,” said corresponding author Gyorgy Lur, Ph.D., an assistant professor of neurobiology & behavior in the School of Biological Sciences. “There are trees, people, moving vehicles, traffic signals, signs and more. Your higher-level neocortex tells your sensory system which merit attention for deciding when to go across.”

    “Scientists already knew that integrating multiple senses enhances neuronal responses,” Lur said. “If you only see something or just hear it, your reaction time is slower than when experiencing them with both senses simultaneously. We’ve identified the underlying mechanisms making this possible.”

    How the human brain is hacked: hit enough systems at the same time and people will assume that something is important, then adjust their perceptual filter so that they notice less of everything else.

  • The golden age of globalization is clearly over, says Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong

    Though countries have not fully retreated into protectionism, businesses are increasingly influenced by geopolitical tensions, Wong said during a dialogue at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore on Monday night, referring specifically to strained relations between the U.S. and China.

    “Remember the McDonald’s theory that where we have McDonald’s everywhere, there will be no war? Well, that was history and the end of history.”

    “So now a different logic is at play … the golden age of globalization that we experienced in the last 30 years since the end of the Cold War has ended clearly and we are entering a new era, a new era that will be marked by greater geopolitical contestation.”

    And with that, the great push toward globalism/diversity — the “we are all one” wishful thinking of the egalitarians — perished as it became unprofitable.

  • 2 plead guilty in scheme to sell Biden’s daughter’s diary

    Harris, a 40-year-old from Palm Beach, and Kurlander, 58, of nearby Jupiter, face the possibility of up to five years in prison. They pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen property across state lines.

    The authenticity of the diary has been confirmed, which means that it is part of our public dialogue about Joe Biden, including the famous pizzagate revelations:

    ‘I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)’

    The Bidens are typical Late Stage Democracy people. They see the world is in the hands of idiots, that the voters are self-deluding, and that default hovers in our future, so they are trying to succeed in their careers while enriching themselves along the way because this seems like the thing to do.

  • Ukraine ‘referendums’: Soldiers go door-to-door for votes in polls

    “You have to answer verbally and the soldier marks the answer on the sheet and keeps it,” one woman in Enerhodar told the BBC.

    In southern Kherson, Russian guardsmen stood with a ballot box in the middle of the city to collect people’s votes.

    The door-to-door voting is for “security”, Russian state media says.

    Sounds about as reliable as the last American presidential election.

  • Anarchy in the U.K.

    Violent crime, including murder and assault, has been steadily increasing in this area of northwest England. The year ending in March saw 28,000 violent crimes recorded in Merseyside, up from 4,500 a decade ago, according to official figures. In total, at least 14 people have been killed in the first eight months of 2022.

    Third-world levels of pointless violent crime are now common across the West. When you destroy culture, first with government benefits based on wealth transfer, and next through diversity, you end up with an alienated population that not only has no connection to each other but is so enraged that it actively enjoys victimizing others.

  • Study findings suggest association between exposure to air pollution — particularly in the first 5 years of life — and alterations in brain structure

    In addition to the association between air pollution and white matter microstructure, the study also found a link between specific exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and the volume of the putamen, a brain structure involved in motor function, learning processes and many other functions. As the putamen is a subcortical structure, it has broader and less specialised functions than cortical structures. The study found that the greater the exposure to PM2.5, especially during the first 2 years of life, the greater the volume of the putamen in preadolescence.

    “A larger putamen has been associated with certain psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders),” says Anne-Claire Binter, ISGlobal researcher and first author of the study.

    We have infernal combustion engines everywhere producing tons of this stuff. Perhaps we are in the danger zone between initial technical ability and the wisdom to use it, including ways of organizing ourselves that escape DIE (diversity, inclusion, equality).



  • Spain grants personhood status to threatened lagoon

    This will allow the rights of the lagoon located in southeastern Spain to be defended in court, as though it were a person or business.

    “The Mar Menor becomes the first European ecosystem with its own rights after the Senate approved the bill to give it a legal identity,” the president of the Senate, Ander Gil, tweeted after the vote.

    The lagoon will now be legally represented by a group of caretakers made up of local officials, scientists who work in the area and local residents.

    Can we do the same with nature generally, historical accuracy, continuity of culture, and ethnic groups? What a good idea: give these things presence in our legal system. Next step: also work them into the economy so that less destructive activities are more profitable.

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: Evolution of Race and Ethnicity Considerations for the Cardiology Workforce in the United States of America From 1969 to 2019

    In response, programs under the appellation of diversity, inclusion, and equity have recently been created to increase the number of blacks and Hispanics as medical school students, internal medicine trainees, cardiovascular disease trainees, and cardiovascular disease faculty. These new diversity programs are mandatory, created and implemented at the national level, imposed throughout all stages of academic medicine and cardiology, and intended to be permanent.

    This article provoked a furious discussion that continues to the present day. Essentially, no matter how well-intended, any program that reduces standards will harm everyone in the process, especially patients and consumers. We cannot afford affirmative action programs, neither financially nor in the damage to quality that will result.

  • UN Chief: World is ‘Paralyzed’ and Equity is Slipping Away

    His warning this year was even more alarming: “Our world is in peril — and paralyzed.” And in perhaps his most dire warning, he said, “We have a duty to act. And yet we are gridlocked in colossal global dysfunction.”

    Democracy frankly admits that it has failed as hard as Communism, National Socialism, and fascism. It cannot act; it is gridlocked by too many voices competing for power. As a result, its dream of “equity” (read: world socialism) is slipping away.

  • UC Berkeley blasted for creating ‘Jewish-free zones’ with pro-Israel speaker ban

    “[The organizations] will not invite speakers that have expressed interest and continue to hold views, host, sponsor or promote events in support of Zionism, the apartheid state of Israel and the occupation of Palestine,” states the bylaw, written by the Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine.

    But the policy — which also effectively bans the school’s Jewish dean from speaking — was promptly slammed as an anti-Semitic attack on free speech in an environment that’s supposed to welcome diverse voices.

    The world Zionist conspiracy seems to be slipping. Or maybe, as I have argued for years, what we are seeing here is the religious fervor of the egalitarians, who always want to punish more successful groups in order to subsidize less-successful ones. Palestinians, the “Mexicans of the Mideast,” have an average IQ in the low 90s and therefore are forever doomed to mow lawns and make falafel burgers for Jewish Israelis.

  • The anglo-saxon migration: New insights from genetics

    Notably the present-day English derive only 40 percent of their DNA from these historic continental ancestors, whereas 20 to 40 percent of their genetic profile likely came from France or Belgium.

    Each of these groups is a different offshoot from the original Cro-Magnid population.

  • Rite Aid bosses blame out-of-control NYC shoplifting for $5M revenue hit

    The company said a $5 million year-over-year increase in “shrink” – a term in the retail industry meaning losses related to theft, fraud or administrative errors – had cut into its profits.

    The consumer miracle is ending, thanks to diversity. As crime rises, the plentiful products to which we are accustomed will be harder to get. Look for more stores to go toward a Costco-style membership model.

  • The Falling Black Incarceration Rate

    State prisons have never been packed full of drug offenders—as of 2000, less than 30 percent of imprisoned blacks and 20 percent of imprisoned whites were there for drugs—but the shifting pattern is most dramatic in that category. The per capita disparity fell from 15-to-one to less than four-to-one, as the black imprisonment rate for drugs fell by more than two-thirds.

    As cops shy away from arresting minorities for anything but the most egregious crimes, the statistics and optics start looking more equitable. The Left will declare victory and then move on to other careers, and in ten years we will have a massive crime wave as all of these people get back on the streets and start killing.

  • Putin accuses ‘Anglo-Saxons’ of blowing up pipeline

    Vladimir Putin has accused the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ powers of organising blasts that resulted in multiple gas leaks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

    Ancient ethnic hatreds surface like the methane pouring out of these pipes. This will crash European economies and allow Putin to sell directly to China instead.

  • Russia Announces Annexation of Four Regions of Ukraine

    Annexing Russian-controlled Luhansk and areas of Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia is a pivotal part of the Russian leader’s war goals. It effectively provides Moscow a land bridge to Crimea, the peninsula that Russia annexed in 2014, which is home to its Black Sea fleet.

    Imperial ambitions die hard, but Mr Putin has widened the war, since now Ukraine will be attacking what Russia considers Russian territory, which justifies full mobilization in the Russian mind.

  • Britain’s love of tradition comes at a price

    Think of all the constraints on growth in the UK. The connecting theme is traditionalism. One is the planning regime(opens a new window), which stops the expansion of productive cities and money-spinning research laboratories. It does so on the touching premise that England’s countryside is uniformly beautiful.

    In order to have constant growth, you must consume everything and replace it with more generic corporate slash public restroom ersatz substitutes.

  • Student Debt Is Not the Problem. The Higher Education Cartel Is.

    The last person to look at this seriously was William Bennett, back when he was Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of Education. A study he commissioned found that tuition rates rose each year by about as much as Congress boosted federal educational assistance to college students.

    Everywhere government goes, it imposes a higher tax burden in order to give out free stuff, raising prices twice when costs are passed on to the consumer and the subsidy becomes the new zero.

  • Multi-pronged Approach Needed to Adapt to Urban Overheating

    Urban growth means the addition of more buildings and pavement as well as an increase in “waste heat emissions” from vehicles and buildings, leading to what’s known as “urban heat islands” in which temperatures within a city are higher than in areas outside.

    Keep in mind that at least 55% of humanity lives in cities:

    Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Projections show that urbanization, the gradual shift in residence of the human population from rural to urban areas, combined with the overall growth of the world’s population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban areas by 2050, with close to 90% of this increase taking place in Asia and Africa, according to a new United Nations data set launched today.

    The 2018 Revision of World Urbanization Prospects produced by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) notes that future increases in the size of the world’s urban population are expected to be highly concentrated in just a few countries. Together, India, China and Nigeria will account for 35% of the projected growth of the world’s urban population between 2018 and 2050. By 2050, it is projected that India will have added 416 million urban dwellers, China 255 million and Nigeria 189 million.

    The urban population of the world has grown rapidly from 751 million in 1950 to 4.2 billion in 2018. Asia, despite its relatively lower level of urbanization, is home to 54% of the world’s urban population, followed by Europe and Africa with 13% each.

    Today, the most urbanized regions include Northern America (with 82% of its population living in urban areas in 2018), Latin America and the Caribbean (81%), Europe (74%) and Oceania (68%). The level of urbanization in Asia is now approximating 50%. In contrast, Africa remains mostly rural, with 43% of its population living in urban areas.

    The more we urbanize, the more we create concrete reflectors that warm the surrounding areas and displace jet streams, causing weather changes in even distant areas. Because we are doing this across the globe, we are seeing those symptoms worldwide, which causes opportunistic idiots to label it “climate change” in the hopes of avoiding changes to the rate of urbanization.


  • 33 senators call for Hunter Biden special counsel, cite DOJ ‘politicization’

    In the Monday letter, the 33 Republicans cited the “politicization” of the Justice Department, a lack of public trust in the authorities, and recent whistleblower allegations of a coverup within the FBI of evidence and testimony damaging to the first son.

    As people have noted for some time, Clintons control the DOJ:

    “They control, incredibly, the Department of Justice. And they even secretly meet with the attorney general of the United States in the back of her airplane while on the runway,” Trump, the Republican nominee for president, said of the Clintons during a fiery speech in West Palm Beach, Fla.

    “They met for 39 minutes, most likely it was to discuss her reappointment in a Clinton administration as the attorney general, just prior to making a decision over whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton,” Trump said. “That’s what happened, that’s called real life, and that’s pretty sad.”

    Bill Clinton’s meeting with Lynch on an Arizona runway — which Hillary Clinton’s campaign described as a chance encounter between friends — sparked a political firestorm.

    Who watches the watchers? When the watchers work for one party, everyone who does not want to go to jail starts working for that party too. This is why 97% of them are Democrats:

    “Employees of the Department of Justice, which investigated Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of State, gave Clinton 97 percent of their donations. Trump received $8,756 from DOJ employees compared with $286,797 for Clinton,” Jonathan Swan of the Hill wrote.

    The Department of Justice—led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch—has come under fire, as has the FBI, in recent months as questions have arisen over whether the criminal investigation into Clinton’s illicit home brew email server was conducted properly. After Lynch’s secret meeting on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport with Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, and now the revelations that the FBI reportedly considered a “quid pro quo” with the Clintons over the emails, the decision not to indict Hillary Clinton for her reckless conduct has outraged the public.

    After the “long march through the institutions,” Leftists gained the power to exclude most conservatives from the administrative state, and the more they did this, the less conservatives applied to work there. Now most of the government is an entrenched bureaucracy that supports the Left for the same reasons the unions do: more money, even if it crashes the economy and victimizes everyone else.

  • VP Harris slammed for saying Hurricane Ian aid will be ‘based on equity’

    Vice President Harris came in for a torrent of criticism after telling an audience that “communities of color” would be first in line for relief in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

    “We have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity,” she said during a discussion with Priyanka Chopra at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum on Friday.

    More wealth transfer. If you have any money, you are on your own, and your taxes will get redistributed to those who are minorities regardless of their wealth level. This is how diversity operates.

  • Americans are suffering from ‘recession fatigue,’ report finds

    “Recession depression, recession fatigue — whatever you want to call it, the hits to Americans’ financial security keep on coming, first with the devastating coronavirus pandemic, followed by 40-year-high inflation and now the growing risk of another downturn,” said analyst Sarah Foster.

    “Sustaining motivation for two-plus years to prepare for tough economic times can no doubt feel exhausting,” she said.

    “People have spent 2½ years managing a global pandemic, uncertain financial futures, political turmoil and growing inflation,” he said. “At some point, people will run out of will to keep making good choices for their futures.”

    Ideological government — rule by symbols that the majority find to be pleasant because they rationalize our decline as progress — always ends this way. It spends money on the optics and ignores the blatant reality. In the same way, the second Clinton term led to unbudging economic malaise, as did the early FDR terms and the Carter years. Funnily enough, the French Revolution achieved this same result, and an intense form of it snuffed the Soviet Union. Equality is death.

  • Girls team barred from locker room after objecting to changing in front of transgender teammate

    Members of a Vermont high school girls volleyball team have been barred from using their locker room allegedly because they objected to having to change in front of a transgender teammate.

    According to WCAX-3, Randolph High School volleyball team member Blake Allen said the controversy started after the trans teammate “made an inappropriate comment” to the girls when they were getting changed.

    Legal protection for transsexuals means the end of female-only spaces. This is the One World Government attempting to remove sex like it destroyed race, culture, faith, and ethnicity so it can standardize people and turn them into assembly-line like warm bodies for its various administrative-managerial plans. “Scientific government” turns out to be the arrogant horror that 1920s writers predicted it would be.

  • Greenwich Village block held hostage by lunchtime rowdies

    A band of foul-mouthed, toy gun-waving, pot-puffing high school hooligans are keeping residents of West 13th off 6th Avenue hostage in their own tony homes, terrified denizens told The Post.

    Schwartzman, a retired lawyer, has called 911 and the 6th Precinct, to no avail. She said local cops have notified Harvest Collegiate High School officials of the on-going problem — but claimed the principal has yet to take action. The school did not return messages.

    Major crimes in the 6th Precinct are up 72% this year, NYPD stats show. Felony assaults climbed 7% (142 from 133) and robberies 47% (186 from 127), while petty larcenies rose 60% (1,467 from 917). Grand larcenies have soared 91% (976 from 510) and burglary has skyrocketed 96% (325 from 166), the NYPD stats through Sept. 25 show.

    When in the name of equality we make certain groups untouchable, bad behavior results, and now the other diversity is questioning the idea of diversity itself.

  • Denmark’s Prince Nikolai ‘shocked, confused’ to be stripped of royal title by Queen Margrethe

    Prince Nikolai of Denmark is “shocked” over his grandmother Queen Margrethe II’s decision to strip four of her grandkids of their royal titles.

    Nikolai, along with his brothers Felix, 20, Henrik, 13, and younger sister Athena, 10 will be referred to as either “His Excellency Count of Monpezat” or “Her Excellency Countess of Monpezat” starting on January 1, 2023.

    The aristocracies have woken up to the failure of diversity more than the commoners. Following the decisions by the Windsors to exclude Prince Harry and his mixed-race wife Meghan Markle, the Danes are squeezing out the children of Alexandra Christina Manley:

    British, Chinese, Czech, Austrian

    One cannot be a royal without coming from the royal bloodline that is a founding part of the nation, and the aristocracies want their future lines to represent those ethnic interests, not cosmopolitan diffusion into the nothingness of grey race people.

  • Putin delivers ‘Satanist’ rant as he illegally seizes four regions in Ukraine

    ‘Do we really want to see perversions that lead to degradation and extinction imposed on children in our schools from the earliest years, for it to be drilled into them that there are supposedly some genders besides women and men and offered the chance to undergo sex change operations?’ he asked. ‘This is a complete denial of humanity, the overthrow of faith and traditional values,’ he added. ‘Indeed, the suppression of freedom itself has taken on the features of a religion: outright Satanism.’

    The Right got played in the 1980s by the bogeyman of Satanism. They will get played again because Putin simply wants a land bridge to Crimea and does not care at all about these issues. If you find yourself becoming a Useful Idiot, stop and think… it is likely in Late Stage Democracy that all participants are incompetent, selfish, and insane. In the meantime, nationalism says that Ukraine has a right to exist.

  • How the UK’s monarchy keeps the country from coming apart at the seams

    The queen reliably stood out for her measured and balanced approach at home, which stands in stark contrast to the absence of reliable political leadership in the UK; the country has witnessed the feeble cabinets of four prime ministers in the past decade alone.

    Those 10 years were marked by social division and discord under each one of those leaders — from the Scottish independence referendum to the Brexit question to the COVID-19 response, there appears to be no sense of social consensus or cohesion in Britain anymore.

    However, the queen remained a rare constant though it all, serving as the glue that holds the UK together.

    Aristocrats are the only leaders “from the people and for the people” that exist. Democracies create careerists who exploit the native population.

  • The thermodynamics of life taking shape

    The guiding principle is the famous second law of thermodynamics, which requires that entropy—generally understood to mean disorder—can only increase. However, an increase in order may be possible, such as a bacterium absorbing nutrients to enable it to divide into two bacteria, but at the cost of increased entropy somewhere else.

    The main insight was to represent the thermodynamic relationships as hypersurfaces in a multidimensional space. Then, the researchers could study what happens as various operations are performed, in this case, using the Legendre transformation. This transformation describes how a surface to be mapped into a different geometric object with a significant thermodynamic meaning.

    Being able to calculate the rate of entropy production can be vital for evaluating biophysical systems. This research can help put the study of the thermodynamics of living systems on a more solid theoretical footing, which may improve our understanding of biological reproduction.

    Life counteracts entropy with adaptation. In that way, it reduces randomness and repetition simultaneously, staying in the sweet spot or middle path between those extremes. The non-linearity of this pattern suggests something similar for existence itself.

  • UN sees life expectancy, education and income fall

    Over the past two years, nine out of 10 countries have slid backwards on the UN’s Human Development Index.

    Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and the impact of climate change are blamed for putting global development in reverse.

    Like all partial truths, democracy runs through an arc: when it is new, it succeeds for the same reason hybrid vigor does, namely by supressing all previous cruft, a form of entropy. Cruft means decisions made for the instant that no longer apply or have become inaccurate but remain in operation. At some point, recent history itself dooms us: by following precedent and convention, we uphold lots of laws, rules, and practices that are no longer effective. However, the new system eventually introduces the same cruft and the resulting parasitism of lots of people being hired to administer the cruft despite its negative effect, and so the arc starts to bend toward collapse. Systems that resist cruft by insisting on historical continuity to distant origins and far-off futures fare better. In other news, we see why the frenzy about “climate change” has reached peak: it is the new scapegoat for the failures of democracy, allowing the urban haute bourgeoisie who have most of the money to keep rationalizing our failure as success.

  • Link found between parenthood and social conservatism

    Beliefs that define membership in these groups tend to include things like a pro-life stance on abortion, support of the death penalty as a reasonable punishment for some crimes and opposition to gay marriage, premarital sex and immigration.

    The researchers found what they describe as an association between having children and an increase in social conservatism. They also found that the more children people had, the more conservative they became, and that those involved in childcare also became more conservative. The researchers note that they did not find any association between having children and economic conservatism, and in fact, many parents tended to see government spending as less of an issue.

    When you think about your children growing up in the world being created, you start caring about social issues. The voters still do not understand that government spending means an increase in those social programs because they are now subsidized, and would prefer high spending to isolate those problems in ghettos and community centers, far away from middle class housing.

  • Social mobility across generations may be substantially overstated

    The finding extends to other dimensions of children lives. The study shows that a wide range of child outcomes such as grade-point average, educational attainment, crime and teen-pregnancy are more closely related to parents’ resources than previously thought.

    Smarter people tend to be wealthier. They also tend to make smarter decisions, be less promiscuous, and avoid crime. As usual, our science works backward: assuming equality, it finds a dependent factor and assumes it to be the causal factor, when in fact genetics is the causal factor as Darwin, Galton, Shockley, Grant, Stoddard, and Watson have reminded us and been demonized for “noticing” this.



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