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Dark Organizations Use Proxies

During the middle ages, warfare in England involved the use of contract armies. The English King would routinely invoke agreements with other parties such as the Irish in conflicts he had with those pesky Scots. This is the use of mercenaries, not a proxy conflict.

To have a proxy war, the Irish would appear to engage the Scots of their own accord, acting at the behest of England while not making that fact public. For example, during the Cuban missile crisis, it was clear to most Americans that the Cubans were puppets of the Soviet Union, and this was a Soviet-instigated conflict.

In the Israeli-Syrian conflict, America supported Israel and the Soviet Union supported Syria, but nobody talked about proxies, despite Americans obviously testing their new weapon systems to gain battle-proven knowledge. These states engaged in conflict of their own accord.

However in the current Syrian conflict — with whom exactly? — Al Qaeda style forces are used as an American proxy. This make things chaotic and turbulent whereas direct war is clear and unambiguous, a situation which can generally be solved in some way or other, where chaos cannot be solved.

Dark Organization enter into such proxy conflicts because it dovetails with their goal, which is to extend the chaos and darkness forever while getting paid to “manage” it and engage in typically moronic and futile “nation-building” exercises.

For this reason, the current NATO-Russian conflict cannot end, and it is not because the West is decadent (which is also something to consider anyway). The forces fighting this war have no interest in drawing it to a conclusion. They want a proxy war in order to keep the money flowing.

Donald Trump does not understand this; he really thinks he can change a Dark Organization like the American administrative state, but as soon as economic control is established in 2024-2028, the collective West will already be bankrupt, and they will try to hide it behind all their proxies, forever.

Russia is fighting Western Elites feigning ignorance, while Russia itself seems a proxy of the Chinese Communist Party. This tells us that we have reached the advanced stage of decay in which democracy cannot stop itself from repeating the same failing methods because like the Soviets, it is ideologically committed to them.

Countries need take this into account and file for divorce from the Leftist dark organization gripping both the West and Russia-China as soon as possible, to prevent darkness from consuming them as well. In fact, it might even help the West see their own light again, making it a win-win solution.

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