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Leap Into Life (#12): Most Conservatives Are Leftists

People say the Right conserved nothing, forgetting how much worse things could be: over time, all human societies decay into rule-for-its-own-sake because people in groups pursue illusions. Unless you have aristocrats in there keeping the rabble at bay, they choose subsidized anarchy because that flatters their pretense of self-importance.

Like most of the best secrets this one can be kept in plain sight because almost no one has done the groundwork to understand it. Most knowledge is esoteric, meaning cumulative with each successive step revealing the otherwise inscrutable next step, in this way.

Let us try a simple formula:

  • Leftist: equality
  • Conservative: order

Conservatives love order that is larger than the individual: culture, faith, nature, family, hierarchy, ethnicity, community, and calling. They like that which is specific, organic, and bonds things together.

Leftists desire an order comprised of the individual, and to that end, the abolition of all order larger than the individual, including individual genetic traits like sex, class, ethnicity, and intelligence. They like that which is generalized so that no one feels like anything less than a god of the hivemind.

Public conservatives, however, because they must get along with the Left, have compromised on this issue and now support equality with certain impositions of religious and economic dogma. That is, they want “free markets” although we have not had those for over a century, and a “Christian” nation.

Those things do not change the basis of our political system, which remains Leftist or egalitarian, nor do they do anything but shift the burden to those who are still functional to act in the free market and adopt, at their own expense, Christian values by working around the bureaucratic standard of zero culture.

Conservatives who must get along with the Left are no longer conservatives; they are compromised. Similarly, National Socialists are in love with a system that is egalitarian, although within an ethnic group instead of between ethnic groups. Neither of these are real options to the disaster we see unfolding before us.

Naturally, this leads to a simple realization: for us to move forward, we need to stop supporting fake conservatives. Any conservative who supports equality, equity, or anything of that nature is an enemy and will do nothing but betray us while parasitically vampirizing our energy, money, and time.

Equality means taking from the good to give to the bad. Conservatives stand for the opposite principle, which is taking from the bad to give to the good. We want to adapt to our world, instead of manipulating it so that it seems to adapt to us, a process which succeeds at first then tanks like the Soviet Union.

Before one vilifies conservatives, it makes sense to realize that democracy ate up the conservative movement, and we on the Furthest Right alone are attempting to resurrect it. Unlike the humanists, we believe that genetics dominates and there are good people and bad people, and we need to promote the former in order to survive.

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