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  • Pope Francis advocates for organization of workers’ unions

    Religion as we think of it in a modern sense may be a mistake, since it encourages people to act in order to send signals of acceptance so that they seem holy. Catholicism has gone full Communist, with Pope Francise supporting the unions who have brought about Leftist revolts for a thousand years or more.

  • DOJ: 2 states’ transgender restrictions unconstitutional

    “The DOJ said the laws in both states violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.” Some find it tedious how often this site repeals the message that we must repeal the Fourteenth Amendment, but it provides that “equal protection of the laws” clause that abolishes standards and forces you to bake that transcake.

  • Utah student with Down syndrome left out, school criticized

    Nobody wants to think about retarded people, because those who are genetically damaged to the point that they have massively reduced cognitive ability are sad. This is why past societies euthanized tards and encouraged healthy breading. We are always fighting mutation load.

  • Biden signs bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday

    Around here, we celebrate Juneteenth. Slavery was a dumb idea, since chattel slavery has too few checks and balances, and it took Africans from their homeland to create diversity here. We should be glad it is gone and look forward to the repatriation-with-reparations of all non-WASPs from America and Europe.

  • US couple who pointed guns at BLM protesters plead guilty

    These two pleaded out and walked with little more than the loss of their guns, but in reality, we need some legal defense for people who stand off the rioting mobs, or no one will be safe. How exactly is society harmed when Roof Koreans (or analogues) light up the rioters? It is natural selection at work!

  • White Americans more likely to support war with China

    Whites paid attention when the Mongols invaded Europe and the Chinese fought us in proxy wars in Korea and Vietnam. We realize that at some point, we are going to have to terminate the unstable and destructive Communist regime in China, and possibly fight off another race war by the descendants of Mongols.

  • Ethiopian leadership vowed to ‘wipe out’ Tigrayans

    Diversity works nowhere. Minority groups threaten majority culture, so the majority exterminates them. If they did not, the minority culture would take over theirs. In life, all interactions involve conquering or being conquered, and when two or more groups coexist, this conquest becomes covert and later detonates.

  • The discovery of Spain’s hidden bathhouse

    Most people have no idea that Muslim invaders occupied parts of Spain for centuries, or that this left indelible genetic marks on the population which continue to this day.

  • Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists

    Maybe these scientists will eventually see that this was the point all along: to terrify, subjugate, and make pliable the population so that it could be forced into dependence on government and its industrialist sponsors, simply so that the latter could achieve a permanent monopoly through having political as well as economic power.

  • Biden dumping illegal migrants around the nation without notice

    Forcing diversity on people places them into a subject mindset. They are forced to accept diversity as normal, and therefore, rationalize it as good, which makes them tend to support diversity and stand aside as minority voting patterns shift their areas to the Left.

  • Number of displaced persons at record high

    This happens when we reach the end of an empire. If we look closely, that empire appears to be democracy, which has now ruled for nearly three centuries and converted every nice place into a dystopia ruled by cunning idiot grifters, while turning the third world into an open pit mine and garbage dump.

  • TikTok owner ByteDance sees its earnings double in 2020

    Without the great fake pandemic to keep everyone at home, the new internet industry of social media might have collapsed earlier. Instead, people had twelve hours a day or more to scroll through the gibberish and attention whoring.



  • Obamacare survives after Supreme Court rejects latest Republican challenge

    Once envisioned as a way to veto unconstitutional legislation, the Supreme Court now like the other courts acts as a lawmaker, selectively approving parts of laws in order to change them to fit its political vision. The two conservatives on the court find themselves increasingly alone as the others follow the Leftist agenda.

  • Washington Post Reporter Concerned About ‘Racist Legacy’ Of Birds

    Leftists love their blank checks. Climate change provided one, then civil rights. This means that anything that they want to take over for the Left must be found to be “racist,” hence the current attack on bird watching, which apparently appeals to too many White people to be fully “diverse.”

  • Travelers care deeply about sustainability – until it inconveniences them

    Costs will double if you want to do things the environmentally-sensitive way. Of course, we could always repatriate immigrants, end immigration, and stop all welfare programs, at which point world populations would shrink to appropriate sizes and the environment would be protected as excess humanity recedes.

  • Once the future, US now captive to its past

    Diversity killed another promising society. Wracked with race war and guilt, with the usual gang of neurotics and grifters adopting civil rights as a means to seize power, the Republic spins downward in a death spiral, unable to reject the idea (equality) that condemns it to decay.

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon quits after he’s targeted by cancel campaign

    Even donating to Republicans now makes you a terror to the entertainment crowd, who want everyone to validate their lifestyle of being neurotic people living in sheds and working do-nothing jobs. Never resign; make them force you out instead so that later you can sue them.

  • Cori Bush uses Juneteenth to push reparations

    Reparations-with-repatriation for all non-WASPs would cure America of its fatal diversity infection. It turns out that like its parent, egalitarianism, diversity means dedication to the pity pets who are weaker, erasing the majority for the sin of being stronger. Juneteenth is our post-White replacement for July Fourth.

  • America Should Become a Nation of Renters

    The long arm of Plyler v. Doe reaches out to smash our future. The costs of educating illegals drove up property taxes, creating a “second mortgage” on most homes, meaning that very few can afford them any longer. That appeals to the big corporations, which would rather you rent so that they can cancel you at will.

  • Feds Investigating Chinese Spies’ Return to US Ahead of COVID Travel Ban

    Up to half of the Chinese students and H-1B workers here actually report back to the Chinese government. As soon as restrictions lifted, they came back to replicate Soviet successes in stealing our industrial secrets, since Communist societies are incapable of inventing such things on their own.

  • Some Texans shocked to find their smart thermostats were raised remotely

    Centralized control means that someone distant makes choices based on what is best for keeping control of the bureaucracy, mainly by avoiding the worst option through choosing a consistently mediocre one. Somehow this shocks some Texans who never read fine print when they sign up for smart meters.

  • Jobless claims show surprise increase to highest level in a month

    Leftists believe economies can be regulated directly by changing the ease of access to loans, but this focuses on the past and not the future by forgetting about the need for production. That is hampered by Leftist redistribution programs, which raise costs at every level of the economy and freeze it as a result.

  • Vancouver School Board cuts honours programs

    Equality always means “take from the strong to give to the weak,” and while the Left says that otherwise the converse would be true, in reality the strong need nothing from the weak. Honors programs must go, like anything else which shows that some are born more talented than others.

  • Morrisons is bringing back glass milk bottles to remove 40,000 plastic containers a year

    Forget the gibberish about CO2 emissions; this program means less landfill and plastic pollution. Let us hope for more manufacturers to follow suit, although our real environmental solution involves ending diversity, immigration, entitlements, and foreign aid since these swell populations with thoughtless people.





  • Uefa warns teams could be fined if they move drinks at news conferences

    One football player moved a couple of soft drinks out of view at a press conference and it wiped out $4bn in stock value. This tells us that these drinks exist solely on the strength of advertising, and are not actually needed, which is fortunate given how bad they are for human health.

  • Officers resign from Portland, Oregon, protest response unit

    When you indict police officers for regular crimes after mistakes made in the course of carrying out their duties, this places them into a position where they are constantly in dangerous situations but cannot respond. The good ones leave, and the ideological cadre and corrupt ones come in. They simply snuff witnesses.

  • Excess nitrogen puts butterflies at risk

    One by one, the pillars of the modern miracle fall as they are revealed to be suicidal for humanity and our ecosystem. Without nitrogenous fertilizers, modern methods of farming fall apart, and we have to go back to fertilizing soil with compost, meaning lower yields and a smaller population.

  • Texas joins list of states dropping permit rules for guns

    In the 1840s, populism emerged with the American Nativist movement which challenged a government that favored industrialists over organic culture. The same is true now, and a growing movement of the states has begun to challenge federal authority, laying the groundwork for regime change.

  • China population: infertility rate rising faster than expected

    Modern society kills fertility and creates massive bursts of deleterious mutations. China, having most recently adopted many modern lifestyles, provides a Petri dish for seeing how these things shake out.

  • Germany disbands Stasi records agency but saves files

    Since Communism came back in a postmodern form so quickly, it seems completely unnecessary to keep tabs on the old version. Our new Stasi will be thoroughly privatized and feature a positive credit system where only those who enthusiastically endorse diversity will be promoted, hired, or able to have homes.

  • Public concern on human health impact of plastic pollution

    It turns out that people fear particulate plastic pollution, almost as if they have expected this to be an issue for a long time. As the data finally comes out, after years of our science establishment and media sleeping through it, our political systems struggle to adapt to this new reality of less disposable stuff.

  • Editors of Hong Kong newspaper arrested under security law

    Under Leftist rule, our future will resemble a hybrid between Hong Kong and South Africa. Anyone who fails to speak out in favor of Leftism will get deplatformed and have their lives demolished, while all wealth will be transferred to the new third world voting majority.

  • Number of EU citizens seeking work in UK falls 36% since Brexit

    Brexit pulled the UK away from an EU that increasingly threatened to absorb it, and now this drop in immigrant labor means that the UK will have to hire its own, which will require getting them off the dole and into some kind of effective action.

  • Biden Admin Lifts Iran Sanctions Without Consulting Congress

    Trump reversed a steady swing toward Chinese-designed Leftism that was initiated under Bill Clinton, who was funded by China. Biden wants to reverse it all and restore the order of a steady path toward decay, since that way he gets his cut off the top.

  • COVID-19 was spreading in the US by December 2019

    Everyone of my acquaintance on the coasts and in travel hub cities got a weird flu at the end of 2019 but shrugged it off after a few days. Then the Left realized that it could seize control by driving the population into a panic, and suddenly the inflated death figures and scare stories appeared.

  • Developing countries pay steep economic and health costs because of high car air pollution

    Particulate pollution produces deleterious health outcomes across the board, and does so in first world nations too. We blamed smoking for the problems of industry, and industrialists hid this with a complicit science and media establishment.



  • ‘There is no happiness in life, only a mirage of it on the horizon’

    Seeing an opportunity to drop some reality bombs while Biden keeps promoting a symbolic ideology of reality denial, Vlad the Impaler points out that happiness is an illusion. When people have purpose and meaning, they are content, but seeking happiness is like chasing unicorns.

  • Half the trees in two new English woodlands planted by jays

    Ecosystems maintain themselves if we allow them to do so, but this requires leaving more land available for nature than so far humanity has wanted to allow. This may change when we realize that instead of environmental activism, we just need more of our environment around us.

  • Multi-state shooting spree was racially motived, suspect was targeting White men

    The more racial appeasement we offer, the more we inflame underlying racial resentments created by diversity. At this point, it has become obvious to the world that diversity killed America; we have open racial violence even in the “nice” places.

  • Twitter loses legal shield in India for 3rd-party content

    India goes ahead and restores the Prodigy rule, namely that companies which do not censor get common carrier protection, but those that censor content are assumed to approve of the rest. This is a sensible rule that would prevent the abuses of big American social media.

  • The Australian Club votes to remain open to only men

    Sensing a market about to emerge, some companies choose to avoid the “woke” (neo-Communism via civil rights) trend and stick to their guns, not that such things can be done in the USA thanks to the Fourteenth Amendment. In reality, who is actually harmed by a males-only or Whites-only club? Make your own.

  • AP says it will no longer name suspects in minor crimes

    They need a way to get the ethnic names out of the news, much like they are not reporting the physical description of suspects, in order to avoid being accused of “racism.” More horrible fruit of the 1960s manifests itself in a perpetual civil rights struggle designed to convey us to Communism.

  • Myanmar: Who are the ethnic armies training protesters?

    Yet another nation state discovers that tribal loyalty takes precedence over everything else, even when the tribes are genetically very similar. People need identities. Culture provides that identity, but culture only makes sense when paired to an ethnic group, which is why civil rights is used to erase genetics.

  • Schools with Native American mascots would lose funding under budget bill

    Leftists have a simple rule: show your obedience, or be considered an enemy. Therefore every part of our society must demonstrate its obedience to the dogma of equality as expressed through civil rights, or risk being seen as a target.

  • Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family

    The Stasi and KGB did the same thing. If you wanted a promotion, you turned someone in, and by doing so, showed the system that you were a good obedient tool who could be used for the goals of the system. Humans cannot resist the siren call of Leftism because it promises to make them socially important; they will obey.

  • Malicious content exploits pathways between platforms to thrive online

    An online ecosystem for post-moderate Right-wing content has emerged, with users carrying information from the freer places to the more mainstream places, as we try to evade an almost total ban on anything realistic. After those COVID-19 “conspiracy theories” got proven correct, no one trusts the big sites anymore.

  • Biden administration expands eligibility for program to bring Central American minors to US

    Leftists look backward instead of forward. They look to what is already here, determine to seize that, and find a clever way of working the system to do it. They consider this “intelligent.” Biden wants more minority voters because minorities always vote against the majority, therefore elect Leftists.

  • Israeli nationalists march through Jerusalem’s Old City

    Worldwide independent movements for Nationalism arose in response to the failure of democracy, equality, and internationalism (immigration/diversity). We have learned that the bigger the group, the broader the compromise, and so the less realistic any decision can be, because leaders focus on the group not the goal.



  • Oxfam training guide blames ‘privileged white women’ over root causes of sexual violence

    In an egalitarian society, one must always scapegoat the strong for the problems of the weak; to do otherwise reverse egalitarianism by pointing out that inequality exists for a reason. Consequently, blaming White people becomes the default even if it will lead to genocide by mob rule.

  • Judge dismisses lawsuit from Houston hospital employees over vaccine

    Their moron lawyer got clever and wrote a bunch of Holocaust comparisons in the suit, which meant that judges had to kill it. Had judges approved it, they would have immediately been accused of allowing trivialization of the Holocaust, and this offends the Evangelicals more than Jews even.

  • Do African Lives Matter?

    A volcano nearly leveled the Congo, but no one seemed to care. African lives matter as a proxy for White civil war, in which the industrialist-bureaucrats attempt to eradicate organic culture so that they can rule and plunder what is left of Western Civilization after its disastrous experiment in democracy.

  • Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

    No one credible has ever believed that this virus broke out anywhere but Wuhan. The real questions involve how Democrats and Communist China conspired to use that event to throw the world into panic so that they could steal an American election before Trump shut them and their Republican allies down.

  • Boris Johnson urges G7 leaders to build a ‘more gender neutral, more feminine’ world in woke plea

    In democracy, “leadership” consists of saying the things that seem to be trending among the herd, since this guarantees votes and therefore, power. No one believes in what they are doing, which they see as advertising to the voters, who are retarded morons that believe any snake oil salesman illusion that justifies their greed.

  • The rush to ‘go electric’ comes with a hidden cost: destructive lithium mining

    As usual for democracy, “out of sight, out of mind” rules. People in the West want to appear to be compassionate and deep, so they demand electric vehicles, even if the energy generation and battery systems require environmental destruction. All of that happens far away from the cities, so no one cares about it.

  • Wall Street’s $3 Billion Political Investment is a Bargain

    Democracy contains many backdoors and Achilles Heels, but one that endures is the ability for those with money to buy votes. Wall Street saw that if left unchecked, Trump would build a production-oriented economy, at which point Wall Street, China, and the New World Order would be left in the cold, so they donated widely.

  • Liberal Charity Says White Women Who Report Rapes by Black Men Are Supporting “White Supremacy”

    Liberalism started with guillotines and secret executions. It is a hate movement based on having power over those granted power by nature, and it is inherently anti-nature and opposed to competence, goodness, sanity, health, wisdom, and intelligence. It seeks to eliminate the strong so the weak can feel power.

  • Terrorism charges laid in London Muslim family killing

    All those Bush-era rules against “terrorism” came in handy for the Xenophile Occupation Government (XOG). It can now use the black letter definition of terrorism to mean any crime that threatens it, and by doing so, abuse the laws just as “hate crime” laws have made arresting people for speech a legal act.

  • Obesity and The Pandemic: New Insights

    During the Obama years, the value of American currency fell 40%, which made citizens more dependent on government and keeping a good reputation score by avoiding badthink. This made the bureaucrat-industrialists more powerful, but forced food makers to cut every corner, resulting in obese, unwell people.

  • China’s reliance on Australian iron ore is a ‘strategic weakness’ for Xi Jinping

    History repeats itself. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor after America cut off iron ore and oil exports to the small nation; China, despite being larger, lacks raw materials, and it will be forced into a war posture by the withdrawal of those it has provoked.

  • New research finds 1M deaths in 2017 attributable to fossil fuel combustion

    In addition to obesity from our bad food, boredom and stress from pointless jobs, toxicity from plastic pollution, and terror from the constant diversity violence and democracy instability, we also face the pollution from our source of independence, the internal combustion engine. Modernity is failing.


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