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A New Political Party

Politics depresses most of us for its lack of new ideas. You either side with the humans, or with reality, but after that your ideas get eroded by the need to appeal to special interest groups including lobbyists.

Instead of fighting it out at the surface, or trying to manipulate a system which is biased toward one side, we should look toward the core: let us get past Left and Right and argue simply for a realist party.

The realist view says that there are two groups of humans. One wants to pay attention only to results in reality, and the other is concerned about ideology, or how our actions symbolize things and appeal to public relations.

The reality party has one idea: be realist, and reject ideology entirely, including all forms of egalitarianism, religion, lobbying, and other symbolic beliefs. We oppose public relations and public image in all forms.

Our goal for society would be simple:

  • Government as a Service (GaaS). People choose to live in a certain society over others because it is more valuable, and the goal of government is to preserve this value. People pay taxes to have strong military, courts, and roads, but every other role of government is abolished.
  • Flat tax and consumption tax. The only permissible taxes would be those that take from everyone to produce benefits for everyone; entitlements or direct payments to citizens would be prohibited. We can have flat taxes to fund government, and consumption taxes to fund environmental programs that consist of buying up land and keeping it in its natural state.
  • Property rights take over. On your land, you can do what you want, and government cannot intrude with taxes or police except for during a crime in progress. This means that people and companies can own towns and run them like HOAs, for example with the goal of preserving culture and funding local infrastructure.
  • Much of government outsourced. Many functions of government today, like police, would be privatized in order to make them responsive only to protecting the needs of those who pay for them. The ghettos would have to police themselves. Everything else would be outsourced to culture, letting rituals, holidays, cuisine, social standard, hierarchy, and religious faith take the place of the Nanny State.

This government would not be explicitly anti-Leftist, but by its nature it would exclude all Leftist notions, since those are based in the symbolic ideology of equality. Similarly any religious notions which departed from known reality would be viewed as totally insane.

In this society, you would most likely have to apply to live in a local community and obey its rules. Many would do things like legalize drugs or ban anything but a single ethnic group.

By its nature, this society would supersede the Fourteenth Amendment and return us to a natural rights civilization with the understanding that symbolic quests like civil rights are incompatible with this society.

At this point, nothing can stop the collapse of democracy, so it makes sense to design transitional governments like this that by their nature would create a society that always moves slightly toward realism and away from ideology entirely.

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