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  • New Jersey school district removes names of all holidays from school calendar

    Welcome to the natural conclusion of diversity: any holiday from any group will offend some other group, so we must remove all the holidays, throw down all the statues, and have nothing for our “culture” but money and equality. Diversity abolishes culture.

  • Virginia Tech linebacker beat Tinder date to death after discovering he was a man

    What do you do when the diversity does not go along with your lilly white neurotic Leftist vision of equality Utopia? We will see, but my guess is that this one will disappear from mention in the media and a quick plea bargain deal will be made, unlike what happened to Derek Chauvin and Kyle Rittenhouse.

  • Hungary LGBT: Content aimed at children to be banned

    Countries outside of Western Europe and the United States benefit from being able to see the horrors going on here without being locked in the tunnel vision upon which we have embarked in order to prove that equality is succeeding. Consequently, they are avoiding the pity party and focusing on function instead.

  • Ohio Seeks To Declare Google a Public Utility

    Big Tech realizes that it cannot make money; its advertising is worthless. It also faces lots of laws from lots of places. If it becomes a utility, it has guaranteed customers and legal protection from the endless child pornography and other insanity that people post to it. It’s the next step after monopoly.

  • Over half of online recruitment in active sex trafficking cases last year occurred on Facebook

    Good news! We have connected all of humanity in cyberspace. Bad news: they are doing the same things that they do in real life, except now it is even easier for them to get away with it. Reminds me of The Martian Chronicles, where the problems of Earth magically appeared among the colonists on Mars.

  • Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas will build a border wall, but doesn’t yet give details on cost or location

    The real border wall that we need is hard punishment for anyone who hires illegals, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and an end to the “freebies” like education, affirmative action, EMTALA, welfare, HUD, and school lunches. Do that and it will be easier for these people to stay in Mexico.

  • Linux Foundation readies Global COVID Certificate Network

    I called it years ago with Crowdism: people in groups, whether organized by government or not, converge on the same illusions in order to maintain social unity. This foundation decided it wanted to invent COVID passports so non-vaccinated can be fired.

  • Animator slammed for alleged donations to Trump’s campaign

    Leftism relies on the conjecture that it produces benefits, but this fails if someone points out another way of achieving those benefits without Leftism. For this reason, it is messianic, evangelical, and aggressively attempts to subvert and destroy any alternatives, especially realism.

  • Ex-Mossad chief warns Iran, defends Netanyahu

    Iran wants nuclear weapons and has delivery systems that it can use to launch them at Israel. Conservatives want to avoid this outcome, but Leftists seem to think it would be a good thing despite the near certainty of a catastrophic war.

  • Consumer prices jump 5% in May, fastest pace since the summer of 2008

    Every time we elect a Leftist, we go back to the moribund years of the late Great Depression, second Clinton term, Carter era, post-LBJ slump, and second Obama term. Leftist economics raise the cost of everything to take the bakshish for government to redistribute, killing economic flexibility and raising costs.

  • Most Swedes would not object to military action to combat gang violence

    1930s vibes spread like a pandemic across Europe as yet again diversity and instability threaten these societies. As happens with human groups, opposition starts small and then accelerates rapidly in a militant form. Democracy will end in spectacular violence.

  • Trump DOJ seized House Democrats’ data from Apple

    As is typical for Leftists, the swarming crowd around the Trump White House began a series of destructive leaks. Unfortunately for Barr and Trump, these were conducted in person and so phone records did not reveal what was hoped. Professional criminals hide everything by default, like the Clintons did.



  • Boston School Committee members resign over West Roxbury texts

    Latinos employed by the state talk openly about how much they hate White people. Funny how no minority group votes for anything that benefits the majority party, as if diversity is a competition not a collaboration. Competition makes you hate the other group and do your best to conquer them, no matter how bad the results.

  • Ashli Babbitt: Family of woman shot in US Capitol riot demands police files

    It turns out that Leftists do poorly against coordinated legal campaigns since after a few rounds it becomes clear which institutions are biased. This in turn causes the situation that produced the case in question to become evident, at which point the conspirators lose legitimacy.

  • Victoria cancels Canada Day broadcast as First Nations mourn residential school deaths

    Foreign populations do poorly in a strong national population, so our “wise” leaders have decided to simply erase the national population so that everyone can go along. In reality, this will simply replicate the societies from which this foreign population came, Mongolia just 23,000 years ago.

  • Poll: White supremacy has support, sympathy in Oregon

    Almost forty percent agreed that America must preserve its “white European heritage,” and eleven percent support White Nationalism. It seems that the summer of mostly peaceful protests awakened many to the diversity game, which is that the majority becomes the target for all of the assembled Other.

  • US lawmakers introduce bills targeting Big Tech

    Slowly American lawmakers target the monopoly power of Big Tech, which will serve to make these companies less powerful except where it most counts: their ability to censor information and shape narratives.

  • Europe is now a corporate also-ran. Can it recover its footing?

    After WW2, Europe bet big on socialism. That failed, and by the late 1970s it was rolled back as the US undertook a similar experiment which also failed. Now socialism-subsidized-by-diversity, based on the US 1965 Hart-Celler experiment, has also failed, and Europe has fallen behind (more) free market economies.

  • Officials Remove Tile Viewed as Offensive From Museum-Sponsored Mural

    We may have reached peak pretense when a Punisher logo on a pro-police mural strikes people as too pro-police. In reality, the liberalization continues: the assorted mob of lost people, including minorities and soyboys, want to remove any of the Order that remains so the Ego can rampage unchecked.

  • On Having Whiteness

    Psychologists/psychiatrists have had a century or more to improve the mental health of the West, but instead, more problems than ever greet us. They want to create more neurotic people, which is why this lunatic scribed up a paranoid diatribe about how White culture makes other people feel bad by having standards.

  • Kim Jong Un: K-pop is a ‘vicious cancer’ that merits work camp, execution

    Not to agree with North Korea, but this music is terrible and combines all of the decadent and simplistic genres of the West into one stickily saccharine commercial product. Filter out the people who like moron music, and the remainder will be more thoughtful as they bury the remains.

  • Observational Study on 255 Mechanically Ventilated Covid Patients at the Beginning of the USA Pandemic

    Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin improves survival by one hundred percent for patients on ventilators suffering from COVID-19. It turns out that once again, Trump was right and the people who endlessly censored this information were wrong. Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?

  • Woman files lawsuit hoping for policy change surrounding PIT maneuvers

    When you make it clear that police will be sacrificed any time there is a Black person involved in an arrest that goes bad, the people with options flee the police force, leaving only the power-hungry.

  • Ocean microplastics: First global view shows seasonal changes and sources

    Eight million tons of plastic trash enters the oceans each year. Humanity has to come to a point of focus on this one and ask if we can ever even like ourselves if this is what we do.



  • WH budget office approves Biden’s plan to retract insulin, epipen discounts

    Obamacare was a gift to the hybrid insurance-healthcare industry, and now Biden seeks to remove every positive change made by Trump so that this industry can reap more government cash from reimbursements for treatments to Obamacare patients. He will then point to the high costs in order to justify fully socialized medicine.

  • Houston Methodist Hospital Suspends Workers Over Vaccine Compliance

    Decades will span the time required to sort out the COVID-19 legal mess. Hospitals firing workers for not taking the dodgy vaccine will find themselves in hot water as the increasing problems of this vaccine, with simultaneous falling COVID-19 activity — both real and the majority, which is fake — prove these nurses right.

  • CDC plans “emergency meeting” on rare heart inflammation following COVID-19 vaccines

    Spend a few decades on this human Earth with your eyes open and you will come to distrust panics and trends. COVID-19, as both an overhyped pandemic and a political ploy, qualifies as both. Expect many such revelations as the rushed vaccine, ill-advised lockdowns, and social fallout reveal themselves.

  • Ilhan Omar: US congresswoman defends ‘offensive’ Israel remark

    Who cares if she hates Israel? Her constituency clearly does. Diversity means that we bring in all of these foreign groups, many of whom hate each other, and try to make them play according to our standard. This shows how relativism is not relativity at all, but a clever way to impose ideology that has failed.

  • Allies Believe U.S. ‘No Longer a Good Model of Democracy,’ Poll Shows

    Stolen elections have a high cost. The European method simply arrests change even more radically than the American model, resulting in constant ineptitude and paralysis. Democracy has reached its high-water mark and endpoint.

  • Fentanyl seizures skyrocket along U.S.-Mexico border

    If you have a border with the third world, best you build a wall, lest you become third world as all of them and their problems come running to the place where things work better. Emigration is the easy answer and it brings the worst people into your neighborhoods.

  • Birmingham NHS worker stole dead patient’s bank card to buy snacks

    To them, you are the foreigner, even in — especially in — your own land. They see you as an impediment, a difficulty to work around, and something to remove like a weed or vermin. They must do this because otherwise they, the actually foreign, continue to be a subject population.

  • Takeaway food and drink litter dominates ocean plastic

    Careless humanity, pursuing popularity, ignored the crisis building as we generated a disposable culture. Now we have poisoned everything with our waste and have to ask whether we have the will to actually end this crisis, or will in typical democracy fashion punt on the big issues and dive into the trivial ones.

  • Woman wins tribunal appeal over transgender tweets

    In the vast egalitarian mania to include transgenders, a number of people had their lives destroyed for asserting that biological sex is the only actual indicator of gender. Now slowly our societies begin to realize that this minority viewpoint, too, requires defending; pluralism means that we will never all get along.

  • Alleged Christian terrorist who mowed down Muslim family ‘was laughing’ as he got out of blood covered truck

    People see no hope in our society, so they are willing to sacrifice themselves to life in prison or worse in order to remove some of the blight that they see. Perhaps remove democracy and its failed policy of diversity first, if you can, much like Anders Breivik began when he SAT CONG’d on Utoya Island.

  • Why China’s youth are ‘lying flat’ in protest of their bleak economic prospects

    First world life means that you work all the time to pay taxes, spend most of your life doing meaningless and quickly forgotten stuff, labor in tedium on paperwork, and can afford nothing good because all the money goes to government and its subsidies. We must escape this death spiral or we go extinct.

  • Ousted Tennessee governor linked to 1979 closed cold case murder

    Allegedly, this man inspired the Clintons with his ideas about how to run a political machine, or permanent bureaucracy that chooses the candidates it wants and manipulates them into office using the powers of its positions and wealth. Sometimes, they even Seth Rich a witness or two.



  • Serbia volleyball player banned over racist eye gesture

    In order to shoehorn diversity into our societies, we have to remove all notice of ethnic differences and all preference for our own ethnicity. By any other token, this would be genocide, but because it supports the great egalitarian experiment, it is forgiven despite increasingly pointless results.

  • The migrants leaving for good so they can see their families

    Useful idiot NPCs always claim that with international travel, diversity is inevitable. When international travel becomes impossible, diversity reverses itself, since migrants retain connections back at home and do not want to be severed from those. Diversity is an illusion in addition to a failure.

  • Oxford lecturers boycott Oriel College over statue decision

    We must erase history for the pretense of today. Dying civilizations always do this, which is why once the dust has settled, no one has any idea who they were or why they died out.

  • How Roblox Became a Playground for Virtual Fascists

    It turns out that games which involve intense collaboration produce hierarchy and aggression, which in turn cause people to appreciate not just fascism, but more extreme varieties such as ancient Rome at its height. Democracy seduces, but it cannot keep its victims brainwashed forever.

  • Biden’s Big Economic Idea Could Make History

    The “big economic idea” follows a recent trend: hand out cash directly to people. Wait, isn’t that just Keynesianism? More hype from a coddled, spaced-out, and compliant media that will snatch up any excuse for our failing society.

  • China’s New Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law Sends A Chill Through The Business Community

    China basically told businesses that they can either work in the US or China but not both. This will further the separation, force China to produce its own self-sufficient economy, and distance the West from the third world.

  • Rapamycin changes the way our DNA is stored

    Changes to your gut biome influence your DNA. This means that if you eat garbage carb-soy food, you are reprogramming yourself into something else, and if you are surrounded by other races and their foreign biomes, you may be altered as well.

  • Federal board unanimously approves to rename 16 Texas geographic sites that included the word ‘Negro’

    The pandering continues. Politicians have no idea how alienated their constituents have become and how many of us simply want to end all diversity and entitlements so that we can have a functional, successful country again.

  • Finnish far right hopes to use local elections as national springboard

    We see this pattern everywhere: Right-wingers get control at the local level, start fixing problems, and then all of those localities conspire to get them in power at higher levels. From the primer I wrote two decades ago: “It makes the most sense for us to find candidates to take local offices and show that our ideas can succeed, gaining more trust from the general population.”

  • Florida bans teaching critical race theory in schools

    The more the Left advances the narrative that America was designed for White superiority, the more people decide that they like the White way better, even if they are not White. The racial conflict unleashed by equality will not go away however, and will intensify until diversity collapses.

  • Germany: Frankfurt police unit to be disbanded over far-right chats

    Across the West, Leftists are purging conservatives from government in order to complete the neo-Communist takeover. This however intensifies their problem by validating what conservatives have alleged is occurring, and creating a large group of people with nothing to lose by fighting back.

  • Macron slap: Hitler book and weapons found

    If someone has ten thousand books, and one is a copy of Mein Kampf, the media will cherry-pick that factoid and use it to allege that “White Supremacist terrorism” is occurring, when really this guy is a medieval scholar of no political bent who quoted a popular movie.





  • Israel’s Naftali Bennett, rise of a nationalist set to be PM

    Israel continues the march toward Nationalism as Palestinians make it clear that a diverse state will self-destruct in short order. As those styled as the primary victims of Nationalism in the last world war reject their previous fear of Nationalism, the doctrine will spread to other lands afflicted by diversity.

  • Kamala Harris tells Guatemala migrants: ‘Do not come to US’

    Another American person speaking in English to Spanish-speakers. The USA wants to tackle corruption and poverty in Guatemala to keep them from coming here, which basically means “international welfare.”

  • Deutsche Bank warns of global ‘time bomb’ coming due to rising inflation

    Democracy will go down in flames through race wars, pollution, debt, and loss of economic vitality, all because the voters wanted free stuff so they demanded entitlements and immigration to pay for it.

  • Xi Jinping clears the air on China’s peak coal-power goal

    While the West rushes into another bubble created by government subsidies for “green” energy, China recognizes the utility of coal. Put scrubbers on the stacks and you have a relatively clean source of energy.

  • Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates

    It turns out that pumping your most elite students full of the latest propaganda produces people who have no idea how the world works and no center, like that provided by culture, from which to make life decisions.

  • It’s literally raining PFAS around the Great Lakes

    Humans have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality because we approach the world from a social perspective. In our environment, however, nothing goes away until something else removes it, so all of those weird chemicals we have been using now surround us constantly, causing health and genetic crises.

  • Chipotle hikes prices to cover the cost of raising wages

    For now, this four percent increase does not mean much of a change. Expect it to grow over time, and become amplified by all other businesses doing the same thing, and suddenly those wage increases look less like increases and more like staying in the same place. Maybe the economy valued those wages correctly after all.

  • Wealthiest Americans including Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos ‘paid no income tax’

    The clueless of the Left have generated a great deal of outrage about this situation, forgetting that wealthy people receive relatively little income but have wealth, or properties and businesses that they own, from which they can derive income. The highest income brackets still pay almost all of the tax.

  • One in three Brits preferring isolation to seeing friends and family

    Interactions in person offer plenty of risk and little reward, where symbolic socializing through the internet scratches the itch without requiring people to leave their comfort zones. Your average modern person would be entirely happy living completely alone as long as they could fake interactions through the net.

  • Woman sentenced for making false 911 report that led to deadly HPD raid

    Racial violence takes on a new form as a minority woman calls minority cops to have them raid a White family, killing them in the process through typical affirmative action bungling. Do we admit that diversity has failed yet?

  • No early ‘Biden bounce’ to U.S. image in France, Germany

    Despite all of those Europeans joining the chorus of voices wailing about Donald Trump, it turns out that they do not like the other option either. Actually, they simply enjoy looking down on Americans as a distraction from how hard Europe is failing with its continued experiments in Leftism.

  • China made a ‘huge strategic blunder’ in retaliating against Europe

    China tried to bully Europe and missed out on preferred trade status for its pains. Again Trump wins because he knew how to destabilize China with a few decisive acts, sending them into a tailspin of reaction that has alienated other countries.





  • New atlas reveals climate-critical rangelands cover half the world’s land surface, supporting millions of people and critical ecosystems

    All of the ecosystems serve important roles in maintaining our global homeostasis. The more we look, the more we find interconnections between these ecosystems, meaning that we have to set aside half of all land for nature, not just half of the land that we do not want.

  • Austria’s far-right Freedom Party chooses new leader

    As Leftist winds down, more assertive Right-wing leaders are quietly taking positions where they are performing mainly managerial roles, cleaning up the mess of democracy so that they will be re-elected on the basis of practical issues like clean streets, low crime, reduced pollution, and healthier economies.

  • Lithuania Says Belarus Could Be Behind Recent Migrant Influx

    Immigration works as a weapon of war too. If you have unwanted people, whether domestic or foreign, it makes sense to ship them on to the competition in order to weaken that group. Everyone recognizes on some level that diversity is disaster.

  • Amazon-dwellers lived sustainably for 5,000 years

    When you have fewer humans, the environment suffers less because any damage is small and localized, therefore quickly repaired. The ancient Amazon-dwellers died young, lived poor, and had little impact on the world around them because of their small numbers and low technological prowess.

  • China’s Wolf Warriors Are Turning the World Against Beijing

    Individualistic cultures like Asia reward assertiveness and intimidation, since they are “face-saving” cultures based on the need for each person to justify his value, mainly because they lack inherent social hierarchy like caste. This strategy backfires in international politics. Trump won and the world now sees China as the threat it is.

  • U.S. Report Found It Plausible Covid-19 Leaked From Wuhan Lab

    In the end, it may not matter: regardless of what set of origin facts we believe, a relatively aggressive flu emerged, China signaled disaster, and the rest of the world imitated the Chinese model of masks, lockdowns, and ventilators. That worked badly but allowed the China-Democrat alliance to steal the election.

  • Anti-poverty groups criticise rich countries over G7 tax deal

    The poor resemble an infinite abyss into which you throw money. It will never be enough and they, dumb and ignorant, will not realize why you do not throw more. A better response is to lower the cost of living, and throw away the poor if they still are not making it, because then they are obviously obsolete defectives.

  • Farmers Deserve the Right to Repair Their Tractors

    We have to update our legal systems; “rights” provide a dysfunctional model, but paired duties/privileges never fails. Tractor makers have a duty to the nation to provide functional tractors at the lowest cost possible and the best quality they can. Obstructing repair for extra profit shows us the loss of culture, not sanity.

  • Twitter suspends Naomi Wolf after tweeting anti-vaccine misinformation

    It is time for democracy to answer the question: do we have freedom of conscience, association, thought, and speech, or not? If our social goal has changed from “freedom” to “equality” as the 14A specifies, then democracy has inverted itself and failed.

  • NASA chief says Russia leaving ISS could kick off a space race

    Good. Competition spurs innovation, and it is better that we develop spaceflight than produce more absurd weapons. The real race will occur between humanity and time. Do we get ourselves sane enough to invent the technologies we need to travel the stars, or do we keep bickering over “inequality” until some meteor snuffs us?

  • Germany warns: AI arms race already underway

    Militaries consume money and whoever spends the most wins. Unfortunately, the West is currently spending most of its money on entitlements, and has neglected infrastructure while borrowing from future obligations. We will have to flip that ratio in order to become competitive here.

  • Normandy commemorates D-Day with small crowds

    No one cares anymore. We see that this was another Great Patriotic War where we fought and died for democracy that, owing to its need to become ever-more equal, promptly turned around and handed our country to foreigners while destroying our culture in order to create an Equality Utopia. WW2 was a loss for the West.



  • Full human genome sequenced 20 years after the first draft

    Just like you cannot find an average human, you will not discover a universal human genome unless you concentrate on the lowest common denominator. The missing stuff will be highly useful in medicine and scientific areas, and looking into that will reveal differences in race, class, and ethnicity.

  • Indigenous women still forced, coerced into sterilization

    People find it appalling that impoverished, illiterate, and non-English-speaking people in remote areas got sterilized after their sixth child, since all six are subsidized by the State. “Equality” appeals to the individualist who fears that he will be found to be unequal, but it forces us to support the least useful people.

  • Famed Criminal Defense Attorney and Member of O.J. Simpson ‘Dream Team’ Dead at 87

    F. Lee Bailey unleashes a jeremiad against the Jewish lobby: “Some of the people who claim that most of their lives they’ve been subjected to horrible kinds of prejudice, and indeed extermination during World War II, are now behaving in exactly the same totalitarian spirit.” I never want to agree with OJ’s lawyers on anything, although I think OJ deserves a medal for eliminating race-mixers.

  • ‘White privilege’: Amazon deliver driver allegedly attacks customer

    America forced diversity on its Whites, who never wanted it, and then blamed that group for getting away from the diversity whenever they could, inflaming the diversity to attack. Now racial violence has become commonplace here, where before diversity it was relatively rare.

  • Denmark parliament approves giant artificial island off Copenhagen

    We need a private developer like Trump to make one of these in international waters, then turn it into a libertarian paradise. All business will immediately shift there, and then it can turn around and buy the USA for pennies on the dollar.

  • White Supremacy Is the Root of Violence Against Jews

    When you track effect to cause in all cases, the only root of violence against Jews is the same root of violence against all minority groups, namely resentment of diversity. End diversity — send the Palestinians back to Egypt and Jordan! — and you end the race war, cultural erasure, low social trust, and genocide.

  • McDonald’s is testing automated drive-thru ordering at 10 Chicago restaurants

    When American industry succeeded, unions came in and raised costs to an unsupportable level, at which point former American industry went overseas. This is why we have both almost nothing made in the USA and a steady flow of illegal aliens, since they do not unionize. Raise the minimum wage? You just priced yourself out of the market.

  • An ex-president is on trial, but graft still blights South Africa

    Africans need a tribal order, not a Western-style institutional one. It makes no sense to them and they cannot maintain it. In reality, South Africa needs to be a White Afrikaaner nation, since the settlers got there first and the African labor arrived later.

  • Israel-Gaza: The Democrats’ ‘tectonic’ shift on the conflict

    “As the US Congress has become an increasingly diverse body, however, that has had some serious consequences for US policy toward Israel.” Everyone has been cruising on the benevolence of the Cro-Magnons. With diversity, we get to see how other groups have far less mercy, concern, or need for fairness.

  • A Middle Class Rebellion Against Progressives Is Gaining Steam

    Not just the middle class, but four-fifths of Americans believe that political correctness and progressivism are a threat to our future. As America become more ideological, it has driven out the rest of us, who see that this ideology is the source of our decline and a coverup for how deep the rot goes.

  • Trump to GOP: Support candidates who ‘stand for our values’

    Trump won. The GOP and DNC depended on keeping some issues out of the public eye, but Trump introduced these “hidden elephants in the room” and acted aggressively on them by disrupting our conventional handling of them. Now events have been set in motion which cannot be undone.

  • UK colleges violate free speech by using software to report “micro aggressions”

    Colleges have set up anonymous lines allowing students to tattle on each other and deplatform those who have unorthodox opinions. Tell us again how we are free, and how learning involves discovering ideas. Neither is true; we are preaching the dogma that says our society is not failing, and dissenters must be eliminated.



  • Roy introduces bill blocking Chinese Communist Party members from buying US land

    As usual, democracy specializes in slamming the barn door extra hard after the horse has fled the county. Should any foreigners be able to own land, property, stock, or houses here? Most likely not, if we want to preserve our autonomy. Those who are not “us” are guests, but should not have “rights.”

  • The salvation of Africa lies in the hands of the corrupt African leaders

    African writer points out that the way out of colonialism can be achieved only by stopping corruption and developing Africa’s natural resources. Europe, on the other hand, wants to continue the dependency by selling gold reserves to subsidize Africa.

  • Namibia genocide: Mbumba says Germany’s payment is ‘not enough’

    No amount will trigger the sensation of being full. The third world exists in its impoverished state, as it did before colonialism, because it is too individualistic to organize into functional institutes. It will steal everything that it can from the clueless first world.

  • Planned Chinese university in Hungary rouses widespread protest

    When Europeans came to the New World, they were ready to kill Indians (technically: “Amerinds”). They recognized the same people who had invaded Europe centuries before, known for their cruelty and wastefulness, and when Amerinds began to behave like that, snuffed them. The Chinese fit the same model.

  • High court asked to review men-only draft registration law

    Societies that seek equality between men and women quickly create two versions of the same sex, an aggressive feminine with passive-aggressive bullying tendencies, who cannot bond because they are so individualistic they use everything else as a means to their gratification. Women in uniform accelerates this process.

  • Facebook is fueling the border crisis by failing to close down dozens of groups offering passage into the US

    In a Leftist time, encouraging illegal aliens, underage pot-smoking, blasphemy, miscegenation, transsexual story hour, homosexual daycare, and listening to rap music is not controversial. Facebook will suppress actual controversy that arises when realism in any form appears, but keep pushing the symbolic fantasy agenda.

  • Undeniable Examples Of Google’s Bias

    Google writes its rules to benefit the type of activities that its audience — diverse, young, single, entertainment-addicted, low self-confidence, highly sexualized, working do-nothing make-work jobs — finds interesting. To do that, it eliminates all disturbing mention of reality, including actual conservatism.

  • Lawmakers unveil major bipartisan antitrust reforms that could reshape Big Tech

    Silicon Valley, once haven to rebels, fell to the Venture Capitalists (VC… errr “VCs”) back in the 1990s, and since then has specialized in designing products for entertainment-fixated idiots. A cleansing high colonic of antitrust enforcement will limit its power, but we need cyberspace free speech.

  • China wants to control Indo-Pacific, Defense Secretary Austin says

    The Chinese read 6,000 years of history, but Murkans only follow the events from the 1960s onward, since our society was remade then just as it was in the 1860s. China wants to re-create the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” envisioned by the Japanese Nationalists, except in a Communist Nationalist version.

  • Right-Wing Groups Want Charlottesville Trial Moved for Fear of Attacks

    Charlottesville proved that it was run by biased and corrupt Leftists when the police steered the Alt-Right guys straight into Antifa and then arrested only Right-wingers. The trial should move on that basis alone.

  • Mozilla wants laws that curb recommendations of “conspiracy theory videos”

    While the Right keeps pushing for free speech online, the Left has intensified its pursuit of censorship based on nebulous standards which inevitably will expand to mean “anything not Leftist,” since they do every time. That is how political correctness got started and before it, Soviet censorship.

  • Putin laughs when asked by NBC reporter if he’s a ‘killer’

    What part of “ex-KGB colonel” suggests that in any way this man does not have blood on his hands? Then again, Biden also is responsible for the destruction of many lives, just like the Clintons and Obamas before him. Putin is an ideologue, like Hitler; Clinton, Obama, and Biden are sociopathic tyrants like Stalin.


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