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  • Freshwater fish in ‘catastrophic’ decline

    Freshwater fish populations have fallen by three-quarters in the last half century because of “pollution, unsustainable fishing, and the damming and draining of rivers and wetlands.” As our population grows, we take over too much land, and nature has no place to replenish itself. Life on Earth is good with less than a billion humans; with eight, soon to be twelve and then twenty, we are headed for ecocide and (then, later) self-extinction.

  • Chinese hackers tried to exploit Americans by copying NSA-linked tools

    It seems that the US still leads the world in hacking. This means that Russia did not hack SolarWinds; the NSA, working hand-in-glove with the digital-industrial complex, did. That means that our coup worked from the inside without having to even hack the voting machines directly.

  • Unions fear government wants museums to ‘airbrush’ UK history

    No conservative can support unions. Like Communism and other egalitarian systems, they operate by rewarding the bad as well as the good, so that no one need adapt and can remain instead in individualistic delirium. These are echo chambers for delusion that are inevitably linked to organized crime, Communists, and Democrats.

  • Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana

    Based talented musician recognizes that globalism is over and the only place that his family will be healthy and happy is among people like them on a genetic level. More are recognizing this daily, and fleeing the culture-eroding forces of globalism, consumerism, and civil rights.

  • Is the Biden Administration Stumbling Into War?

    Weak power creates the conditions for war through ambiguity and refusal to engage; strong power demonstrates itself less, but engineers a world with fewer tendencies toward warfare. Wishy-washy foreign policy from Biden will encourage crazed weaker nations to set up a future slate of wars.

  • Far-right incidents surge in German military

    The more the Left gains total control, the more people are running in the opposite direction, especially those in positions where they have to care about things like their own civilizations. Expect anyone competent to be far-Right (or even ultra-Right) in the near future.

  • U.S. Supreme Court formally pulls the plug on election-related cases

    Trump got in there and revealed things. He revealed the Left as unhinged and concerned only with shallow image and emotion. He revealed how deep the Swamp penetrated American government, and how there are no solutions except to replace everything and start over. And he revealed that “Libertarian” judges are just more Leftists.

  • Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to stop using tribe’s name on car after 45 years of use

    He has a great idea: Western Civilization needs Western names for things. Any car, state, town, road, city, neighborhood, or region which currently carries an Indian name should have it replaced with a German, English, Scots, Dutch, or Scandinavian name. That way, we will make it clear that we are culturally separate.

  • Kids expelled from Catholic school over mom selling adult photos

    How dare anyone have standards! Like The Enlightenment,™ modernity consists of the natural and social order being replaced with individualism through the relaxation of standards. That means anarchic dystopia with the ethics of convenience one expects from shopkeepers and peasants.

  • Depart of Energy Order #202-21-1

    This has been over-reported in the conservative media. ERCOT appealed for the ability to generate more energy during the time that the governor declared as an emergency, and this was approved. The crisis came from the failure of a nuclear plant, numerous natural gas plants, and almost all of the wind power available.

  • White supremacy a ‘transnational threat’, U.N. chief warns

    We should be uniting against China, which has stated that it wants to dominate the world with its hybrid Communist-Consumerist system and totalitarian rule, but instead, the globalists want to wage war against White people who refuse to be destroyed with diversity voting, genetics, and constant dystopic conflict.

  • Central Park ice rinks to stay open for remainder of season following dispute with Trump Organization

    The Left wants to use the engineered Reichstag Fire of January 6th as their new magical excuse to destroy all things Trump and conservative. Remember how petty they are when it comes time to disenfranchise, convict, jail, and exile them.

  • Last statue of dictator Franco removed in ‘historic day’ for Spain

    You remove history when you are afraid that people will realize that they have an option. Worldwide, Leftists are trying to erase the Right-wing, Western Civilization, tradition, and multiple religions. This tells us that they know they are in trouble; they have been in power for decades and all of their programs have failed.

  • Biden’s order could let China control US electric grid

    China sticks backdoors in its hardware to spy on us or act against us. Joe Biden, who like Bill Clinton received funding from China, wants to make sure that China can install their machines to keep up his end of the deal that delivered him the 2020 election.

  • The worldwide web as we know it may be ending

    The internet serves as a metaphor for diversity and truth: there is no one standard for every group, and the more we try to include the different groups, the more we fragment the narrative and end up with lots of “no fly” areas to talk about.

  • Security officials testify Capitol rioters ‘came prepared for war’

    “Oh, isn’t it terrible?” Jennifer said to Susan. “Those Trump Capitol rioters came with weapons!” In reality, they brought nightsticks, coordinated through social media, and had radios, like people at every other protest, including the BLM/Antifa riots that tore up ‘murka this last summer, and Trump did not send them.

  • Johnson & Johnson vaccine deemed safe and effective in documents released by FDA

    Some people, whose careers depend on appeasing other people, and in turn in the sources of funding they all receive, decided that government, media, and industry were right and the vaccine is safe. Who knows? No one can, with the system we have.

  • LGBT Identification Rises to 5.6% in Latest U.S. Estimate

    Almost sixteen percent of Generation Z identify themselves as LGBT. This just shows us how much influence that movies, news, and peer pressure have on people. It was trendy in the 1990s to be gay, too, until reality kicked in and people got embarrassed.

  • Hate crimes up 97% overall in Vancouver last year, anti-Asian hate crimes up 717%

    The more diversity you get, the more that people resist diversity and the diversity fights among itself. Each group is fighting for supremacy over all others, just as they do in international politics, except now they are fighting to define the standards and goal of the multicultural society. This ends badly.

  • US and allies to build ‘China-free’ tech supply chain

    No matter how much Manchurian Candidate Joe Biden and friends try to suppress it, Trump let the cat out of the bag. It is now clear that China wants to deplatform us, so the West is withdrawing to let China collapse of its own inertia. Even better, we can reverse all the Leftist policies that China bribed into existence.

  • In Canadian first, Quebec whitewater river declared legal ‘person’ with its own rights

    In my view, the only way to protect intangibles like nature, culture, heritage/race/ethnicity, and values is to give them legal rights. If traditional marriage had rights, “gay marriage” would never have occurred; when rivers have rights, pollution becomes an assault or at least lawsuit-worthy.

  • Elizabeth Holmes denies destroying evidence in Theranos case

    She learned from Hillary and Bill Clinton. If you systematically destroy evidence, obfuscate facts, work through backchannels, and destroy old equipment, it becomes very hard to successfully prosecute you. Everyone knows that you are guilty, but you can let your pet media snowjob the snowflakes and get away with it.

  • Former Bay Area gang member arrested after threatening to kill Asians online

    Diversity means that ethnic groups fight for territory as well as social standards. As the formerly ghetto parts of the Bay Area gentrify, Blacks are being driven out by Asians, leading to the current cold race war where Blacks victimize Asians out of racial resentment. The only solution is to avoid diversity.

  • Population crisis in South Korea as young couples choose not to have babies

    When you burden the productive with high taxes to fund the unproductive, and make them jump through thirty years of education to prove their worth, people defer or reject reproduction. This means that your society dies from its highest-IQ people at the top slowly, and you are then dumb enough to think immigration will help.

  • SPLC: At least 160 Confederate symbols taken down in 2020

    As we have seen, these people have an agenda in support of a justification, so at first they remove symbols related to “hate” but will later expand it to anything White. They want to replace you. Democrats want to replace you. Diversity will then fail as it always does, leaving behind a ruined dystopia filled with idiots.

  • Tech firms say there’s little doubt Russia behind major hack

    No one got caught. No traces have been found. Our best “evidence” consists of the fact that these hackers used some tools Russians have used. And yet, the last Russian hack consisted of email phishing; this is far more advanced. Most likely, our own intelligence agencies did this to take over government.

  • China orders bloggers to have state-approved credentials before they are allowed to publish content

    This seems no different than the push here in the USA to remove “disinformation” and “fake news” that goes against the Leftist narrative. Do tigers change their stripes when you move them from Russia to China to the USA? No, and neither do Leftists: they want to censor anything but Leftism so they can control us.

  • Amnesty strips Alexei Navalny of ‘prisoner of conscience’ status

    Only Leftist dissidents are protected. Apparently Navalny compared immigrants to cockroaches long ago, so he must be deplatformed, and pro-diversity Putin can do whatever he wants with Navalny, at least according to Western liberals.

  • Berlin’s revolutionary rent cap — success or flop?

    Rent control shows a typical Leftist approach: instead of finding the cause, regulate the effect. It leads to fewer properties coming into the market and more being sold as upscale housing, which drives renters out of the city slowly and discourages landlords from updating the remaining housing, creating urban decay.

  • ‘A lifetime sentence’: children of the gulag fight to return from exile

    People observe reality, learn, and then over the generations, forget. History cycles because people struggle with the same problems and make the same decisions over time. We are still flirting with equality, including “economic equality” a.k.a. socialism which when enforced is Communism. Why?

  • Already hit hard by pandemic, Black and Hispanic communities suffer

    Everyone suffered under the storm. The poor, who tend to be minorities, live in worse housing and so they suffered more. We should ask ourselves whether the solution is to bring in more people who are going to be poor. Plenty of poor Whites suffered and made it through with gumption and improvisation.

  • Illinois lawmakers want to ban ‘Grand Theft Auto’ amid spike in carjackings

    When your own decisions turn out badly, you look for scapegoats, like the poor blaming the rich, the Nazis blaming the Jews, or the minorities blaming Whites. Illinois suffers from diversity voters brought in to keep the political machines in power, and soft-on-crime policies that encourage lawbreaking.

  • Boeing 777: Dozens grounded after Denver engine failure

    Boeing got hit by the unions, so they did what every company does, which is to import H-1Bs and outsource labor overseas. It turns out that the diversity planes are not doing so well. At some point, we will have to face the fact that our diversity and immigration problem was caused by our unions.

  • People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks, research suggests

    People who are less interested in memorizing details and more interested in the bottom line tend to have little patience with tests involving memorizing shapes. Such people are more effective in decision-making, while the shape-memorizers make better underlings. Not surprisingly, the thinkers like hard answers.

  • London is named top city in the world to invest in

    Remember all those apocalyptic scenarios that Leftists spouted about the dangers of Brexit? It turns out that cutting bureaucracy by decentralizing has benefits. A thousand firms are opening up offices in London, bringing back money from Brussels to stay in the UK. Imagine the benefits of severing ties to diversity, unions, and globalism/China.

  • Merrick Garland: Repealing Gun Maker Lawsuit Protections Doesn’t Raise 2A Issue

    As you have read here before, the Leftist strategy on the Second Amendment is to sue all of the gun and ammo makers into bankruptcy. That way, you will have the right to bare arms, but nowhere to buy them.

  • Colombia’s treatment of Venezuelan refugees is a global model

    Globalists want open borders worldwide so that they can exploit cheaper labor and create the voting patterns they see in South America, where people demand free stuff from government and therefore keep those governments in power for perpetuity. Business benefits from a population too numb and dumb to intervene.

  • U.S. military grapples with a rising epidemic of sexual assault in its ranks

    Fort Bliss charged Private 1st Class Christian Alvarado with raping Asia Graham in December 2019 and, five months later, raping another woman, and, three months after that, sexually assaulting a third woman. Per Army regulations, he’s still on base, on active duty, and free.

    Conservatives said that women and diversity in the military was a bad idea. Many pregnancies, rapes, and failures later, this has become glaringly evidence, but people will.not.see because this goes against the narrative of equality that we adopted with civil rights via the Fourteenth Amendment in 1870.

  • Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger slams the site’s left wing ‘woke’ bias and claims its days of ‘neutrality are long gone’

    Sad, lonely, and lost people congregate on the internet for the same reason that they watched daytime television in the 1980s, namely that they have no direction and therefore, lots of time. These took over social media, including group blog Wikipedia, and used it to justify their wishful thinking for “equality” to solve their problem of being irrelevant losers. Now they censor any other viewpoint, since those would demonstrate how sad, lost, and neurotic Leftists really are.


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