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Misconceptions about sluts

“A lot of women may call me a slag, but I’m not. The sex is on my terms — I call the shots.”

This is from Louise, who likes to bed random strangers:

The 25-year-old bar manager is hooked on net sex and has slept with 200 online date mates.

She admits: “I can’t explain the buzz I get from meeting someone for the first time and knowing that in a couple of hours we’ll be ripping each other’s clothes off. It’s addictive.

News of the World

Louise, a slag is someone who is addicted to sex in lieu of having a plan. A slut is someone who sleeps with others easily. You’re the ultimate easy — they just have to go along with it and, thinking you’re in control, you act out your slaggishness.

Brought to you by the committee for the correct usage of insults.

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