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Life would be easier this way but we choose to ignore it

Cartwright’s von Stauffenberg, you won’t perhaps be surprised to learn, is a complex, nuanced figure, loathing Hitler but absorbed in an almost mystically conceived Teutonic past that leads straight back to Junker notions of an exclusive national destiny.

The Independent

Oh, the wise witty modern. Surrounded by his wasteland of a city strewn with crime and debris, in a disposable world, he scorns those antiquated notions of “exclusive national destiny,” which means an organic society: one nation, one people, one culture, one language.

Yet every day we see how diversity means dumbing us all down into a generic culture, and how wasted our society is, and how neurotic and miserable everyone is.

Smart people would consider options, even those that had been used in the past.

Dumb people just keep congratulating themselves on how above it all they are.<

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