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Metaphor for Intelligence

The greatest taboo of our time is structure. People do not want to pay attention to genetics, purpose, or understanding of reality. They want a surface-level lowest common denominator where they can continue their personal drama and give only token effort to having a functional civilization.

To pay attention to structure is to look at how nature operates, not treat it as a static thing. It is to recognize that there are efficiencies behind nature which reflect a finely-tuned mathematics, not an arbitrary mess of green stuff.

It also requires that we pay attention to our own genetics, which vary most at the individual but also have massive variation at the level of class, race, and ethnicity. Women are biologically different from men. Higher IQ people earn more money. Poor people are low-IQ and commit most crimes.

That we cannot even talk about these things in public tells us how bad things became in the West after the world wars. Intellectually, we are slaves to an illusion. That is, we cannot deviate from the accepted orthodoxy, which is based in denial of structure, especially genetics.

Any society which cannot openly discuss the differences between people is by implication terrified of a lack of uniformity, which tells you its method of control: it enforces the same motivations on all people, and hopes to rule them as a herd.

These societies deny the obvious in painful ways. They will talk about the standard distribution, invasive species, mutation load, and selective breeding for all species but our own. They will insist on the fiction of equality even as it gives rise to the largest wage gap in history.

Most of them believe that all humans are genetically alike and it is mere accident that some are born Black, some White, some kings, and some peasants. They like to believe that some people just “worked harder” and therefore “deserve” what they have.

They reject the idea of intelligence entirely. If you get through education and get a good job, which is what every middle class family wants for its kids, you “worked hard” or “got lucky.” We cannot mention the difference in intelligence between a genius and a retard because that offends equality.

Leftists have trained themselves and their children to object to the idea of IQ itself. If they cannot smear it as being bigoted, they claim it does not exist, or that the tests do not reflect intelligence at all and instead are merely there to preserve some kind of wealth patriarchy.

Eighty years of moronic propaganda of this nature has essentially confused how people think about intelligence, so let us try this metaphor for how intelligence works, using a race car in one of those big ol NASCAR races that people enjoy.

  • The drivetrain of the car provides raw power, or the ability to have speed. This is what IQ measures in that it is not speed in itself, but what is required for there to be speed. If you put too small of an engine in the car, no matter what else you do, it will not go fast.
  • The body of the car determines how well the power of the drivetrain translates into speed. Like the drivetrain, this is a matter of necessary but not sufficient conditions: a quality car body with too small of an engine will not go fast, just like a good engine in a bad body will be slow.
  • The driver determines how the car is kept on the road and moving in the direction it needs to in order to achieve a solid speed. Without the character and wisdom of the driver, the car may end up in a ditch despite having a good body and drivetrain.

People are not equal. They have different character and intelligence, and many have specialized abilities like perfect pitch, artistic eye, mechanical insight, or athletic talent that make them rise above others in the areas that require those.

Almost no one wants to admit this because if we admit that intelligence is useful and that some have more than others, then it makes sense to have those in power instead of whoever panders most to the crowd. However, as our competence crisis blooms, this will likely become more important.

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