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Mental Retardation


The West is suffering a Muslim invasion. In the debate, people try and uncover the barbaric nature of Islam, and to convince other westerners of it. Oftentimes it is brought to our attention that Muslims still live in medieval times with laws and culture that are incompatible with those of the West.

Rather than refute that, I would like to bring up something else. Namely the prevailing mental retardation with people swallowing past ideas and becoming followers; and take the opportunity to point out that it would seem a little silly to make comparisons between the retarded as if one retard is more intelligent than the other.

Although we may borrow from the minds of dead people it is no good to leave them to do the thinking on the behalf of the living. It would serve human beings better to verify the truth on their own.

Doing so is a slow process towards maturation. Most people bypass this process, to become a follower because that has it’s advantages. They may become Christians over a cup of tea, but in this they have become insubstantial believers because they don’t know the things that Jesus spoke of. They repeat what the priests say, but do the priests really know anything?

The leftists live in the age of The Enlightenment,™ and Christians live with age-old concepts, and so it is with everyone else. Is it really that much better to be a mindless drone that serve Jesus, than say Mohammed or Marx? It probably isn’t, to the individual, although the culture would be radically different between them.

The intelligent population seek the truth for themselves because they know that that is what matters and what will yield the best results. If faced with politics or religion, it seek to verify or dismiss these things on its own, it does not concern itself with the opinion of people but rather seek to know the truth. That sort of person is very hesitant to become a follower of politics or religion.

If we can put the truth first, then we can learn what Muslims have or do not have to offer us. And we can speak honestly and say that we do not want their culture not because it is bad, but because we have our own, and any other culture will be alien to us and destroy what we have.

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