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Los Angeles Channels Broken Amerikan Conservatism

Los Angeles suffers a chronic and ongoing problem. The nation failed miserably and purposefully at management of a risk. That risk has become an issue, and all the negative externalities thereof have landed in the lap of Los Angeles.

The problem manifests in the Skid Row District of Los Angeles. Skid Row now lies festooned with impromptu encampments. The encampments are populated by a vast host of the homeless. Many of these people are crazy, a resounding majority get stoned. No small number embrace the healing power of “and.”

The managerial meatwads governing the city utterly fail at properly visualizing this as an issue. This issue involves this locust plague of aggressive and dangerous maladaptive humanity ruining the peaceful existence of anyone trapped by circumstance in their vicinity. This, the leaders of Los Angeles see as both a risk and an opportunity.

This is a risk, because they might get left holding the bag of flaming dog excrement that came to be as a result of most Amerikan border control policy since The Hart Cuellar Act. It is an opportunity because it creates a new problem that expanded government can solve through the dark arts of scientific management.

This just demonstrates a cycle of Leftward Progression followed by Conservative failure theater that has increasingly leveled the commonwealth of any ingenuous and decent US citizen pulled into the attendant suckage field.

  1. The Left wants open borders to be flooded by foreign immigrants.
  2. They ramrod Hart-Celler through Congress.
  3. The predictable negative externalities show up.
  4. Skid Row in Los Angeles is littered with Fentanyl, poop, and a transient population of crazies and criminals.
  5. The government then does the Conservative thing and manages the gradient of inevitable decline.

In Los Angeles, this management of the unacceptable to empower the unaccountable involves proposals for a municipal Department of Homelessness. This brainchild of Los Angeles Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez would better organize the $1.3B that Los Angeles spends on the homeless every year. It sure would suck to just waste that $1.3B when you use it to give Civil Service jobs away instead.

The Alt-Right in me still remembers the dumpster trucks with waste shovels from the movie Soylent Green. This might take a week or two, but it would save $1.2B out of the current $1.3B outlay. It would also send a rather poignant message to those who have the impression that pitching a tent in some city and using its streets as a latrine constitutes acceptable conduct.

The kinder and gentler elite that got themselves the hell away from anything that even remotely resembles Skid Row views my cost effective solution as too mean. Actually solving heartbreaking and terrible social problems often involves being too mean. There are people benefiting from this problem or it would have been snuffed like an unwanted puppy back in maybe 1975.

Conservative solutions are all about compromise. The remnants of National Review Conservatism will ally themselves with the somewhat sane California Left. They will craft a temporary solution that slows the spread of homeless encampments until the smarter set finds just the right McMansion in Tucson or Nashville.

Conservatism will have again failed to conserve anything anywhere. It will have only bought enough time to don the parachute, pull the rip-cord, and leave a vast number of working class families who deserve none of this holding Gavin Newsome’s latest take-out bag of flaming canine excrement.

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