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Do Not Traverse The Diversity Bridges

Democracy represents the worst kind of failure of human thinking: a rigid calcification, an unwillingness to consider other options and, as a result, a desire to sacrifice everything in order to uphold the sacred delusion. It is superstition and gambling wrapped into one seductive, addictive package that harvests fools.

Sadly, Western Civilization is one of those fools. We were warned 2400 years ago by Plato, and 2000 years ago by the Bible, that democracy is mob rule hellbent on revenge against scapegoats while denying the need for creative union with all that is beautiful in life.

When democracy gets power, it becomes a superstitious cult designed around preventing people from noticing that equality is a lie and because it is a lie, it is dysfunctional. Democracy becomes a cult of equality, and it will sacrifice everything in order to keep that illusion.

For that reason, democracy adopts diversity. This means bringing the random DNA of the rest of the world into your nation, abolishing your culture, setting up a permanent anti-majority lobby, and establishing constant racial and ethnic animus as the organizing principle of your civilization.

This means that like a marriage destroyed by cheating, your society no longer has a goal of health; instead, it is everyone taking whatever they can with no sense of unity or loyalty, much as things are in the third world, where people often have no interest in defending their own nation, only their own little farms or stores.

Since everybody is busy bellying up to the trough, the sense of shared mission that allows functional institutions goes away at the same time these are stocked with diversity hires chosen for loyalty instead of competence, and as a result, the social capital and knowledge of the civilization falls apart.

You might even have a boat, crewed by locals, lose power because no one can maintain it any better than the Boeing planes or US government, and crash into a bridge that was also given short shrift in the maintenance department. Then you end up with empty statements in which procedure and morality are presumed to fix diversity:

Moore added investigators do not yet know what caused the ship to lose power.

“There needs to be accountability to make sure these things do not happen again and that we have a system in place to make sure they don’t,” he said.

Moore also said he spoke to families of those presumed lost and “prayed with them, prayed for them.”

Therre “needs to be accountability” and they have “prayed for them.” If you want emptier words, they are hard to find. “Accountability” means more checklists that will be ignored just like the existing checklists were. Prayers mean that we have given up on fixing the situation and are emoting for the cameras because we care as little as the people ignoring checklists.

There is only one fix for diversity: Boats. You must put the diverse, all of them to a child, on big beautiful Boats and send them back to their ethnic continents of origin. You may give them reparations-with-remigration, and unless you are heartless you will. But the Day of the Boats must dawn.

Democracy cannot do this. To talk about serious issues in democracy is to give up your place at the trough; Political Correctness and bourgeois pretense filtered out anyone who would talk logically about diversity, socialism, and equality long ago. As a result, you have only liars, and they say whatever makes the problem go away.

In short, the proles who insisted on self-rule chose suicide, and now they will sell their souls to any liar who will promise them that somehow we can make this messy ball of socialism, diversity, bureaucracy, and equality into a functional civilization again.

You cannot. You either choose the Boats or embrace your death and hope it will be painless.

Spoiler: it will not be.

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