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Liberalism is the culprit in global warming


What’s the problem that causes global warming?

Answer: too many people and not enough untouched land, sea and air for nature to regenerate.

Liberal politicians, themselves members of elites who live in $2m houses and fly private planes, will tell you that you need to change light bulbs, turn off appliances and eat your lawn clippings.

On the other hand, conservation conservatives — that’s lower-case “c” conservative — will tell you the honest truth: there are too many people, and most of them are in the third world, which has even more devastating environmental consequences than the first world.

Smart young liberal hipster will say: “Oh that’s just great. Blame the brown people for what you’ve done. That’s what conservatives always do, make a mess and blame others, preferrably those without money.”

This deflection might confuse you for a minute. First of all, he’s stopped talking about the problem, and started talking about whether he likes it or not; “should be” replaces “is.” Second, he’s forgetting that although we all like to help underdogs, we should consider whether those underdogs are (a) innocent and not just lost and (b) whether helping them will fix the problem.

He’s also playing into a hatred for people with money, which seems to me to be “sour grapes.” If money isn’t important to you, why do you care if others have it?

Liberal policies have allowed humanity to expand recklessly and, by their very nature of never telling anyone who can play the part of a victim “NO,” will continue this process.

Industry just follows along, providing products to the newly empowered masses.

We’d be better off, environmentally speaking, with conservationists in charge, who would simply deny humanity — starting by cutting off the welfare state, immigration, and other underdog-pitying policies that increase our population of non-contributing dependents.

If they’re brown (Middle East, Africa, Mexico), white (Eastern Europe, Southern Europe) or Asian (Vietnam, Thailand, Amerindian), we shouldn’t blink and reconsider — we should look at what reality has shown us to be true and act accordingly.

And we should never listen to what hipsters — people who work in un-influential capacities, have few responsibilities and demonstrate few competences — care about anything.

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