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How Obama and the Left are alienating normal people

It’s simple: a “win at all costs mentality” causes them to disbelieve in fair play and act arrogantly, deviously, and most of all, with a paranoid viciousness.

For example, on the internet, you can see punitive measures taken against anyone posting anything anti-Obama, especially if it is true.

All under the guise of “fair play.”

The problem with the left is its inherent victim mentality. They like to portray themselves as being oppressed, and everyone else as being part of this great faceless herd that votes Republican. They like to use terms like classist, racist and sexist without acknowledging that someone can be both from a protected minority AND not the person for a job.

They like to insist their opposition is brick-stupid, yet this opposition somehow oppresses them… just by being popular.

The left likes to pretend they are not the popular option, when celebrities, media figures, journalists and many people in America and Europe make them the popular option. They have the numbers.

Why do they still feel oppressed?

Because the people who make things run — not inherit the positions, not get political appointments, but normal middle-class Americans and Europeans who succeed at what they’re doing enough to have positions of power in the infrastructure — are overwhelmingly conservative. (Notice lower-case c.)

What does that mean? They are closer to being realists. They see life as a question of function, not moral obligation. So if they don’t have qualified minority candidates, they hire a white guy. If the people in the trailer park are all drunk, on drugs or stupid, they don’t cry over them.

The people who are liberal are people whose role in life does not put them into contact with reality. Actors. Singers. Columnists. Office workers. Suburban housewives. Single men over 35. They are opinion workers; they are the people who make money by pandering to what “most people” seem to want.

This is why liberalism has such a nasty streak to it, and conservatism while defensive appears to be in it for the fight more than the win: conservatives see the win as coming from people of common sense uniting to a purpose.

There’s two problems with this — one, they’re outnumbered; two, their own political parties, the Conservatives, seem to have some issues interpreting this correctly. The same underlying mental disease of liberalism can infect any party.

But as a general mission statement and an ethos, who would you rather side with: the “let’s do the practical thing even if it’s boring” people, or the “win at all costs” paranoid conspiracy types?


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