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Leftists Hate Nationalism Even If You Are From A Protected Group

Very few understand the nature of Leftist hatred. While they are fond of accusing others of their own dysfunction, Leftists tend to use this preemptive counter-attack to disable their opposition. They want to hide how much of their thinking is propelled by a finely-refined hatred for anything which has standards of any kind.

You may recall that Leftism starts with a core philosophy, egalitarianism, and all of its other ideas are offshoots of that. Socialism, for example, is economic equality; feminism is sexual equality. Looking past the confusing surface, what equality does is to tell the individual that they cannot have their privileges reduced for having a lower quality of actions.

In the realm of equality, the different grades — good, bad, and mediocre — are made equal with a single category added for what we might call “ultra-bad,” which is crimes against the individual like murder, rape and denying egalitarianism. The latter explains why for the Left, doing the ultra-bad is fine as long as it is done to non-Leftists.

Through its basis in individualism, the quest for equality expands to include a desire to destroy all standards, because those set hard lines for what is good, and therefore, create situations where the individual can fail. Leftists are motivated by an impulse to destroy because they hate life for allowing them to fail in the first place, but they hate standards even more.

The Leftist crusade against standards begins with religion, which must perish because it has a clear idea of what is good other than “me first” plus token acts of altruism, as the Left enjoys. It then extends to culture and customs, revealing its initial goal of removing social rank like class or caste, and finally, aims to obliterate biological inequality like family, intelligence and race.

That latter category presents problems when confronting ethnic groups who wish to avoid self-destructing because such groups without exception will exclude others from their territories, which then creates a problem for the Left because this allows for culture, and culture is a set of values and standards. If Leftists fail to live up to those, they can find themselves becoming less equal.

Normally, the Left plays ethnic groups against one another. Whoever is in power must fall, because having someone in power means that we have an example of someone who is better than the rest of us, and not a smarmy sycophant like Obama or the Clintons, or even someone who acts out what the average Leftist only daydreams, like Stalin or Mao. The Left targets whatever group is in power.

In America and Europe, this explains the Leftist fetish and fixation on destroying people of European descent. They want immigration and open borders for this reason. They praise ethnic uniformity for minority groups while demanding the majority drop any hopes of the same. Once the majority is gone, they will demand the same for smaller groups.

We can see this through the Leftist polar reversal on the question of Israel. When the Holocaust was still a recent memory, it could be used against the European majority, but now the Left has an even more marginalized group — starving African Muslims — to use against Europe. Like the Soviets before them, the Left first accepted Jews but now has turned on them.

This reveals how fundamental principles clash. For the Left, nationalism must always be bad because it affirms culture, race and tribe, and through that, creates… standards. Since those are the enemy of the Left, nationalist must die even if it occurs within a protected group:

The Alt-right are also not instigating much of the conflict marring town squares and college campuses today. No, this is most often the work of progressive activists and groups, like the Antifa movement, who engage in confrontation and seek to suppress speech. And the epidemic of campus anti-Semitism is largely attributable to liberal BDS advocates, leftist faculty stooges, and Islamists – not neo-Nazis or white supremacists, who unlike progressives don’t have a symbiotic relationship with American academia.

…The acceptability of anti-Jewish bigotry was painfully obvious when party extremists burned Israeli flags outside the 2016 Democratic National Convention without censure from party leadership, which instead attempted to draw them back into the fold.

…And despite being labelled “Jewish,” the original Anti-Fascist Committee was largely a Soviet propaganda tool. It was not really established to fight fascism or save Jews from the Holocaust; and it was disbanded (and its chairman assassinated) when its members criticized Russian anti-Semitism and sought to aid Jewish refugees after the war.

Ideology exists outside of this world; it is an abstraction, argued for without proof of a working model, based on logic contorted to deliver what humans want to hear. We might see all of Leftism as merely advertising run amok, and be correct, because its appeal is a promise that it will abolish reality with one simple choice, instead of the many gradual acts of improvement required.

Consider a beer commercial from back when those were legal. Some average dudes are goofing around on the beach and suddenly all these girls, musicians and fascinating people show up, just because those average dudes bought the right brand of beer. Fantasy meets symbolism. To actually achieve that result, those average humans would have to hit the gym, learn how to be interesting, maybe play an instrument well, or something of that nature, but through the magic transformative power of a product, they are suddenly just as important as the people who can actually do those things.

Since ideology is a symbolic magical transformation floating on the horizon, chased forever by humans because futility is easier than self-discipline, it becomes like the white whale in Moby-Dick or the one ring in Lord of the Rings, an object of obsession that humans chase to their own self-destruction.

With ideology, everything else — the world and all that is in it, including other people — becomes a means to the end of realizing that ideology, even though it can never be realized because it will become a standard and then self-destruct, which history suggests is the consistent result of Leftists gaining power.

In that light, we can see how the Left will treat Jews and Israel. While they can be used as a weapon in the jihad for True Equality In Our Time, they are favored. Once that changes, the mood shifts toward their destruction. This is how the Left treats any group in its path, and current pet minorities of the Left should know to anticipate and fear that backlash.

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