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Knowing when to fish or cut bait


After 150 years and countless billions spent, diversity has failed. It has failed blacks, whites and every other race involved. If we continue this policy, we will end up as Brazil II: a multiracial nation fractured by racial discontent where most people live in favelas and social order is barely extant.

Throughout history, the nations that have risen above the best have been unified by the triad: culture, heritage and values. These three are inseparable because they related strongly to one another. Culture is the practice of values exemplified in daily events and attitudes; values are the philosophy of a civilization. These arise from race both in the sense of unity and by matching the inherent genetic characteristics of a population. Every population adopts the values and culture it has the abilities, including raw intelligence, to undertake.

On the other hand, the path to third world living is easy. Most third world countries are mixed-race, but all have low average IQ (mid-90s or below). All are highly individualistic, with culture, heritage and values in common taking a back seat to what the individual desires in that moment. Almost all are ruled by warlords or tyrants because social disorder is so high that only an iron fist can maintain power and not be dragged down into the abyss.

Western Europeans — German, Dutch, English, Scots, French, Nordics and Finns — represent a tiny minority on this earth. We are a favored race in that our ancestors chose to escape the already-growing mass of humanity and went to a cold and forbidding place where they could isolate themselves. In this place, they evolved by selecting for those who could endure the climate and isolation by planning ahead and finding some belief outside the immediate individual and material desires.

While we tend to be as a group compassionate, and to want to help others, help is measured by results and not intentions. Our intentions with diversity are good: we want to extend our wealth and technology to everyone else. In reality, these other groups need to develop it for themselves by going through the same winnowing process we have, or they risk having access to tools they do not understand and which their social order is not stable enough to support.

Inside of the USA we have third world zones where a permanent underclass of diverse people are relegated. Right now, they live in relative comfort, thanks to a huge subsidy from the Western European middle classes. As that former majority fades, so will the excess, which will reduce these third world areas to full-on favelas much as in Brazil. We can already see this process in Detroit and, apparently, Dallas, where public services have plummeted to low levels of competence.

Our desire for diversity is an extension of our desire for equality which in practice translates to wealth transfer from the successful to the less successful. We got into this habit a thousand years ago to deal with the results of our success as a society, which led to our underclasses reproducing faster than our middle and upper classes. As a result, we created a huge sprawling base of dependents who needed jobs and food or they would riot, and simultaneously were unable to manage their own affairs and check their own population, thus always exceeded carrying capacity and created famine and unemployment wherever allowed.

As global civilization stumbles along to a collapse from multiple elements which represent the fruition of our various equality policies, we must reconsider what future we want: do we wish to descend with the rest of the world to third-world status, or rise above and be an example of what steps a civilization must take to evolve? The popular answer will always be to flatter the human individual by declaring that diversity, equality and human rights must take precedence before all else. This however is preference and not reality. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and “wishing does not make it so,” and if our well-meaning help destroys the chances of many for a good life, it is not mercy but cruelty.

We have gone far enough along this road to see what happens with these policies. Equality leads to a rabid mob out of control, drunk on the power of the vote, which spends money it does not have and destroys the value of its own currency. Diversity leads to ethnic groups in constant enmity with each sure it is being victimized any time it encounters an official of another race. Human rights lead to people behaving irrationally and passing the cost on to society at large, turning social order into a circus and leaving no standard of behavior for future generations. We are creating an apocalypse within our society with these policies.

If we care about future generations and the legacy we leave behind, it is incumbent upon us to recognize that we must know when to fish and cut bait — and that it is time to cut bait and move on from these centuries-old policies which have failed time and again. Two centuries of equality and 150 years of diversity have left us with alienated, ruined societies and internal paranoia while the criminal get rich and exploit the middle classes. And for what? We have not built Utopia. We have regressed to the conditions our ancestors struggled to escape, and in the name of good intentions, we have imposed those same conditions upon our grandchildren.

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