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Kathy Griffin Gives The Left A Hard Choice

At least Kathy Griffin is honest. In so doing, she just put the challenge to most Amerikan Leftists. Do they lie and act shocked and horrified by the clip below?

Or do they do what Senator Franken just did and ride or die with who they truly are as dispicable, depraved excuses for humanity.

Whether you believe Ms. Griffin is an artist is an aesthetic debate. It takes place along the lines of whether the “Piss Christ” has artistic merit or whether the parody ad in Hustler Magazine about Jerry Falwell was truly “coarse but acceptable parody.” Kathy Griffin is not chess player. I can tell, because she forgot the first rule.

So now the lefties who all laughed their asses off when she was waving around the Trump Head now have two choices. It seems Baron Trump, the President’s son, is an impressionable youngster who initially thought his his father’s decapitation wasn’t a skit. They can Rosie O’Donnell the situation and criticize Baron by calling him stupid.

Or, they can CNN the situation and cauterize the walking wound that is Kathy Griffin.

CNN’s decision comes one day after photos were released of Griffin that showed the comedian holding up a bloody head resembling that of President Donald Trump. “CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the network said in a statement.

And what of the rest of Leftist-Caping Media? What of MSCCCP? They’ll cover this the way they cover that that whacky new Venezuelan Diet.

Indeed, out of the 50,000 total evening news stories on the three networks, just 25 covered Venezuela, and only seven mentioned “socialism.” In addition, NBC Nightly News only broadcast 13 stories spanning 16 minutes and 54 seconds, ABC’s World News only covered 8 minutes and 34 seconds over seven stories, and CBS Evening News only offered 3 minutes and 11 seconds over five stories.

You see, to the Left, the news is The Narrative. The Narrative is designed to advance the interests of the Cathedral. Beheading Donald Trump as a “just kidding” sort of a thing is a great way to subliminally push assassination as more acceptable. Having a traumatized 11-Year Old freak out and having to explain how hilariously funny the whole thing was to the young man’s mom brings it home on a gut level. Then it doesn’t help The Narrative so much so we can’t have that get any coverage.

This is why the Left excoriates its own for honestly expressing what they sincerely believe would be acceptable and good. What the Left believes to be acceptable and good is sick, immoral and genuinely despicable. It has no place in any civilized society. But then again, no decently civilized society would tolerate what the Left wants to be common accepted practice. The Left just doesn’t want you to figure that out until it’s too late.

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