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Taboos Fall As Upper Middle Class Turns Against Diversity

Diversity was once a rarity and a way to make your local area seem exotic. The more it has been implemented, however, the more it has become visible even to the gated communities set that diversity is not working:

In the same year I decided to no longer talk to white people about race, the British social attitudes survey recorded a significant increase in the number of people who were happy to admit their own racism. The sharpest rise, according to a Guardian report, was among “white, professional men between the ages of 35 and 64, highly educated and earning a lot of money”.

This is what structural racism looks like. It is not just about personal prejudice, but the collective effects of bias. It is the kind of racism that has the power to drastically affect people’s life chances. These highly educated, high-earning white men are very likely to be in positions that influence others’ lives – teaching, prosecuting, examining college applicants and hiring staff. They are almost certainly the kind of people who set workplace cultures.

When your most competent and affluent citizens start to notice that diversity has failed (again) and no longer censor themselves in talking about it, the demise of diversity as a program is not far behind.

After having been told for the decades since 1945 that we are horrible and racist for wanting to live among people like us, the citizens of the West are no longer believing the propaganda, and they want out.

This does not mean they are racist, per se, but have more of a generalized intelligent xenophobia. They recognize that having different groups in the same nation shatters the nation, alienates everyone and leads to social collapse.

When a program like diversity fails on that scale, there is nothing left to do but openly make fun of it, since its demise is now certain.

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