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Iowa proves that democrats do not believe in democracy


Do you know who totally avoids suffering from the fallacy of Democracy Fetishism? The people who do political fixing in democracy’s vile viscera. We saw how little the actual democrat worker-bees belief in the system that pays their bills in Iowa. We saw how perverse incentives are leading them to do things that frustrate the philosophical intent of the very system they claim to believe in and represent. When demotism replaces democracy, democracy became nothing more than a machine to produce power, the demotist scumbags then cheat to make “democracy” say what they want it to. To paraphrase Good, Old Iosif (Joseph) Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili; democracy empowers whoever is counting the votes.

The best analogy describing how democracy got practiced in Monday’s Iowa Caucuses comes from abroad. Turkish Demotic Thug, Pratip Erdogan tells us the following: “Democracy is like a street car; you ride it as far as you need, and then you get off”. When the votes started getting counted in Iowa, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz decided that it was time to get off. Of the three, Rubio was clearly the smartest, but all three still benefited from practices that call the quality and genuineness of the democracy practiced in Iowa into serious question.

Pace the Stalin quote mentioned in the first paragraph, the people counting the votes in Iowa for both parties used an app designed by Microsoft. Microsoft strongly agrees with both Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio on issues involving immigration reform. So strongly did the Microsoft Corporation want to see looser immigration standards in America that they funded 42 out of the 457 organized lobbying attempts on behalf of these issues cataloged by Open They are more open borders than even Walt Disney. The most open borders company in Amerika counted the votes. The most open borders Democrat won the caucus. The most open borders Republican to be seriously competitive significantly over-performed his polling average heading into the event. Will of the people my arse!

Then there was the amazing “luck” enjoyed by the Clinton Campaign during the process of awarding caucus points that lead to nominating delegates. Six of the caucus meetings on the Democratic side ended up in a deadlock. The Iowa Democratic Party breaks unresolved ties using a coin flip. Can you guess who just happened to win all six of them? Why it was Hillary Rodham Clinton, that same amazing lady who just happened to make $2million in the cattle futures market the first time she ever tried. If you don’t believe in serendipity, that sort of thing occurs with an unbiased likelihood of (1/2^6). That would be almost, but not quite a 2% – if you are The Foolish Bayesian and base your assumption on the presence of a fair coin. Again, will of the people my arse!

Finally, we get to the reprehensible Mr. Cruz. What he did wasn’t illegal. Front-running certain trades on Wall Street via superior information technology isn’t illegal either. Senator Cruz started a rumor that a competitor of his, Dr. Ben Carson, was dropping out of the race. He so endeavored based on data mining that told him that he was the 2nd choice of a lot of people intending to vote Ben Carson. This perhaps switched a nice, useful pile of votes over to him at the last minute. He went on to defeat Donald Trump by a nice, small margin. Being the slick attorney in tousled loafers, he apologized to Dr. Carson for the “misunderstanding.” Will of the people? You guessed it….my arse!

It was interesting to hear multi-billionaire political neophyte Donald Trump talk about buying a farm in Iowa sometime in the future. If he doesn’t get over any illusions he has about democracy having any inherent morality, he’ll definitely buy the farm. He’ll buy it right after Rubio, Cruz and the GOP-e gang of midgets get done giving him the ever-loving business. The Iowa Caucasus were a cesspool of vile corruption. That’s the rot you smell when a when-designed Democratic-Republic has undergone entropic decomposition into a demotic tyranny.

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