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Human Centipede 2 (2011)

by ChatGPT with help from Miles Kacyznski

Like Tropic Thunder, Naked Lunch, and Serbian Movie, this film comes from the sub-sub-genre of shock parodic horror which aims to reveal the surreality of the status quo by taking it to a full extreme. You will see everyday events taken to a radical extreme.

In this film, Martin Lomax, a mentally disturbed incel becomes obsessed with the first Human Centipede movie and decides to make his own version of the linked chain of humans living off the waste and blood of each other. He lives alone with his mother, and his father is in prison because Martin informed the police that his father had repeatedly raped him when he was younger.

As a consequence, his mother blames him for the father being gone and tries to kill him at one point. The family psychotherapist, a perverted bearded person of Italian and Jewish heritage, wants to molest Martin as well.

Martin keeps a scrap book of pictures from the first movie, reading it every day obsessively between shifts at his job as a security guard in a parking garage. He obtains a warehouse by murdering its owner and sets up his laboratory there, kidnapping victims he identifies at his day job. He removes their tongues and surgically attaches their faces to the rectums of those further forward in the chain, then injects them with a liquid laxative.

At this point his sadism goes into overdrive. He rapes the human centipede at one point with barbed wire wrapped around his cock, tortures his victims, and indulges in every cruelty known to humankind, but it cannot fill the void in his soul. As the movie rushes toward a mercy killing of an ending, it becomes clear that the emptiness of society infested Martin from within and no amount of hurting others can make him feel whole again.

Some identify this movie as a satire of consumer culture, but more accurately, it symbolically depicts the nature of jobs and hierarchy in an egalitarian society. Those on top, who have clawed their way up, become obsessed with brutalizing those beneath them in order to keep them down, eventually creating a lumpenprole precariat of people like Martin who work pointless jobs selling their time by the pound.

In its ultimate irony, the movie displays how the sadism of those who want to be in power makes them dependent on those beneath them. Spiritually and metaphorically, the last person in the chain of the Human Centipede is Martin himself, feeding on the waste in the form of pain and hopelessness of others, finding himself still lost and empty despite gorging on the nutrition-depleted excretion of his species.

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