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On the Right, many people have become so desperate that they will say anything to cultivate an audience. One such group suggests norming all European-descended peoples into “white” as a category in order to boost our numbers and build unity.

It seems to escape them that every cause has an effect, and the utter failure of this approach over the past seventy years reflects the fact that almost all of us marry people like us, and we do not want to be assimilated by other groups, whether other races or other ethnicities.

Our WASP ancestors did not consider Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europeans to be “white.” They saw them instead as the products of ancient race-mixing, which the scientific data supports. For example, the Irish despite living in the UK are in fact a North African group.

You can do the math this way: Eastern Europeans are mixed with Asians, Southern Europeans are mixed with North Africans and Asians, and Mediterranean Europeans are like both of those groups mixed together. the Irish, products of a North African Semitic tribe who migrated into Ireland via Spain, are Mediterranean.

Every species aims to reduce mutation load, since over time natural variation leads to the introduction of pathologies and physical defects. When these get filtered out, the group remains genetically healthy in perpetuity. The most successful groups have minimal if any mixing.

On the other hand, third world groups tend to be massively genetically diverse, showing a backflow effect: as people fled or were exiled from more organized civilizations, they retreated to the warmer third world societies for easy living, sort of like YouTubers moving to Mexico.

Consequently, to someone in a first world society, third world admixture represents a massive introduction of mutation load, and this is why societies with even small traces of third world admixture tend to behave more like third world societies.

In addition, any mixing of any kind replaces the genetic framework unique to the source populations. Single genes code for fragments of behaviors, and only when you have all of the genes that make a population different do you get all of the behaviors of that population.

This means that race-mixing and ethnic-mixing, after a brief boost from suppression of recessive expression in the first mixed generation called “hybrid vigor,” destroys whatever made each group unique and replaces it with less capable generic human beings with genetic randomness.

An Anglo who mixes with an Irish “person” therefore smashes up the Anglo genetic structure, and ends up with a less capable person, most importantly in the area of overall intellect. That makes a short-sighted, potentially violent, and fatalistic person.

Our ancestors knew this and spoke of it openly, but these days it is considered blasphemy to note genetic differences between races and ethnicities mainly because that also opens the door to noticing genetic differences between social classes, which in the years after the French Revolution is taboo.

When you see WASPs mixing with Southern, Irish, Eastern, or Mediterranean Europeans, you are seeing a loss of the original abilities and consequently, a more aggressive and thoughtless strain which can only produce a third world population, as we see in the hopeless incompetence of Joe Biden:

“I’ve been to Ireland many times, but not to actually look up, to find my actual family members. And there are so many — and they actually weren’t in jail,” Biden said to scattered laughs as he recalled a six-day visit in which he met his relatives.

“There’s still a place called Finnegan’s pub … that’s related to my family,” the president went on.

“I’m the only Irishman you ever met, though, that’s never had a drink, so I’m OK. I’m really not Irish.”

He even makes fun of the event which shifted America to the Left, namely the introduction of political machines on the back of the Irish vote:

At one point in his remarks Friday, Biden recounted meeting a corrupt Scranton political leader named “Paddy” as a child — noting humorously that the crooked pol always did what he said he would do.

Paddy was like “a late [Chicago] Mayor [Richard] Daley, you know, brother-in-law-on-the-payroll kind of thing,” Biden recalled — just a day after House Republicans released bank record information on Biden family income from China to Hunter and James Biden, presidential daughter-in-law Hallie Biden and also an unnamed Biden.

When political machines in Chicago like the organization that Daley inherited or Tammany Hall in New York took over, they pushed hard to the Left because this is the third world system that people from trace admixture nations adore.

Even more, the Irish have entrenched themselves in our political system and now openly talk about their loyalty to their Irish origins in the guise of doing what is best for the nation, as speaker Kevin McCarthy notes:

McCarthy told Taoiseach Leo Varadkar: ‘That a clash is brewing, people say, between the president and I of what should we do, What would be the ramifications for the entire nation the coming months, that I think you might be able to settle— which one of us is more Irish.’

Dual loyalties apply to people from more than one foreign origin. As it turns out, a real threat has been lurking among us for centuries, pretending to be White and all the while, subverting what is left of the American civilization.

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