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How To Lose Out Big in A Trade

If you want to con a mark, set up the deal this way.

First, get what he really needs out on the table. You want him to forget this, so you do it first. You want to make a purely logical case here that is both accurate and boring.

Then, reveal all of the details that make it hard to do things the right way. There may be a longer wait, more complexity, or a complicated procedure. You want to make it seem like you are trying to make these seem trivial when they are not.

At this point, the mark is nervous. He wants an easy answer that does not require him to change what he is doing at all. He wants a product off the shelf or a sacrifice that he can make to Ba’al that will set everything right.

He is already forgetting why what he really needs is good, and focusing on all the disadvantages. Complexity! Delay! Complication! This is making him more desperate, although he does not quite know it yet. He is ripe for your real pitch.

Now trot out what you really want to sell him. This is always cheap junk disguised as expensive stuff. “Buy low, sell high,” remember? Ignore what he really needs and tell him that this product makes him look cool to his social group.

You are trying to do a sleight-of-hand here. On one side is what he really needs; on the other is what you really need, namely some fat profits. Play your cards right and the mark will buy what he thinks will help him socially succeed.

In Western Civilization right now, thanks to the tyranny of the prole, we see this play out a lot: symbolic issues take precedence over substantive issues every time.

Right now, the con-men of the Right are dangling a red cape in front of you. This cape is marked ABORTION and it is how the Right traditionally gives up when it is ahead so that it can “seize defeat from the jaws of victory.”

In my view, most on the Right do not intend to win. They gave up on that years ago, listening to the advice of the sages in academia and science. No, they decided: societies decay, and it is just life, so we must learn to live with it.

However, they want to make a token stab against it. Why? It makes them feel better. They have conned themselves into a pathology of wanting to be right so they can say “I told you so” when everything burns.

If you look at the successful men in your community, especially as they age, you will see this psychology on display. They realize that idiots rule us because the mob rules us, and so they have no hope.

Their only victory comes in watching everything fail and saying, “Well, I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen.” This makes them feel superior to others even if it is useless.

On the Right these days, all we have are martyrs. The Republicans want the world to just turn to Jesus but know it never will, which means that it is safe for them to say that they want this. No one is threatened by it or harmed.

The underground Right, which has a distinctively National Socialist flair, has an even worse outlook. Their Jesus is Anti-Semitism, and they believe that if the whole world suddenly starts hating Jews, all will be Utopian again.

We also have the libertarians, who while correct about economic theory, understand nothing of society. They do not realize that a fully free society would be colonized by McDonalds and Coca-Cola until the invaders came and destroyed it.

They have followed the Left into insanity. The Left wants to believe that life is bad and will remain so until we achieve Equality through Progress and end up at Utopia. The Right has followed in creating its own unrealistic Utopian visions.

Abortion provides a good way for Right-wingers to signal that they really do not want to disrupt the system; they only want to modify it, you see. You are still safe around them, they just have some weird religious beliefs.

The fact is that most people like legal abortion. When your kids are sexually active, an early pregnancy by them or their partner can radically and permanently change the trajectory of their careers. You want the choice to end that.

You may not like abortion and even think it is murder. In most cases, however, when your child gets knocked up or knocks up another child, you want to end the crisis quickly by removing the problem.

With the rise of “Plan B” and related drugs, abortion is less relevant. If your daughter comes home hungover and covered in semen, you take her to Walgreens and get a pill to take care of the issue. You’ll worry about better parenting later.

But if she does not notice until her next period goes AWOL, you want to be able to schedule an appointment so that she does not end up marrying the unsuitable boyfriend, living in poverty, and working at Walgreens forever.

In addition, we all know that most abortions go to people living in inner cities who have low IQs and eke out a subsistence existence. We would like for there to be less of such people, so legal abortion makes perfect sense.

And yet, the Right trots out its favorite trope: take the moral high ground. It’s the right thing to do! Any society that murders babies is not worth saving, and if we save it, we are evil too.

All of these are excuses. The Right is offering you that second product to con you into inaction. They want you angry on your sofa, screaming at the television, and buying lots of books, videos, and other Right-wing products.

In the same way, the underground Right wants you to keep listening to their podcasts, buying copies of The Turner Diaries, and validating them with attention while they go off to work their day job at Walgreens.

It’s a con.

Mike Pence, who sold Trump down the river, thinks he is a clever man. What were the thirty pieces of silver that he got for selling out Trump? Probably a promise from the Democrats that they would not oppose his candidacy.

He is counting on the vast number of clueless Republicans out there to vote for him because he looks like a Republican candidate, waving the flag and Bible around.

Pence will trade off every gain of the Right for the past three decades in exchange for banning abortion, and the Left will go along with it. They already have their own “Plan B”: destroy anti-abortion laws through lawfare.

That way, Pence gets his victory and can be the next Republican president after Joe Biden has performed his Obama-style surgery on America and sent it on the road to socialism via economic forces. There is no coming back from that, they say.

In time, his victory will be overturned, but then he gets a new career as a crusader against abortion for the next big “victory” in twenty years. The Democrats get another compliant Republican who will not change anything big.

They liked George W. Bush, as you may recall, despite raging at him for his war. He basically agreed with them on the future direction of America — diverse, socially liberal, with socialist entitlements, and globalism — and posed no threat.

You can focus on the real issue (saving your civilization) or make yourself feel good by supporting the symbolic issue, abortion. Groups of people like to feel good. Even better, no one has to change; we just have to vote.

The other path requires us to look at what we really need, which is to reboot our civilization. Not just our government; our civilization needs a restructure, removing all of the errors of the past centuries and starting afresh.

Conservatives by nature conserve, but they forget that this means something like forest conservation. It involves pruning. You have to take out the dead wood, cut down the parasitic vines, and keep the trees from crowding each other.

Modern conservatives of both underground and mainstream varieties interpret “conserve” to mean “change nothing,” which means that they are defending the world as it was when they were young, including all of its Leftist cruft and decay.

This means in turn that they have given up on having a functional civilization. They want the same decay, just moving more slowly. They have no interest in fixing things; they just want to look good to their peer group by fighting abortion.

If you want to know why modern conservatism seems like a con-job, it is because it is. They have swapped out symbols for the real deal. They want you to follow Jesus, patriotism, and free markets so that you ignore the real task.

The real task was presented to us in its gentlest form by the Trump candidacy and the alt-Right. Modern society is not working: people are refusing to reproduce because life is miserable, onerous, tedious, and unstable.

We have to fix that. This is job one. Abortion is the distraction offered to you by the con-men, and that means that you should both deny it, and never listen to these manipulative carnies ever again.

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