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Becoming South Africa

As Amerika looks more like Rainbow Nation, it predictably becomes more like Rainbow Nation. Conditions in Amerika therefore mimic conditions in South Africa. We have some serious catching up to do if we ever want to reach the heights of South Africa, but we are trying.

In recent years, we have done all that we could to catch up in murders. In Amerika, we do this via the engineering efficiency of the mass shooting event. Here is how we’ve diversified in remarkable fashion since 2014.

Given a rough linear functon of Mass Shootings (Year) = 52*Year – 104,727 gives you over 1,000 mass shootings by 2030 and over 2,000 mass shootings by 2050.

Let us take a close look at how happy people are in 2021. We are on a path to roughly 687 Mass Shootings. Here is how this looks by month from January through (mostly complete) November.

Let X = month of year numbered 1-12, and we can derive an expected 40 mass shootings for Christmas using the following phasing function: y = -1.3333x^2 + 18.6x + 8.5515. Get that coffee heated up at The Riot Ribs stand, and we can do better by New Year’s Day 2022!

Yet this equilibrium would not remain tenable. The current situation will not remain. Historians studying South Africa would agree. They argue that South Africa has to fix this problem or collapse into ruin.

Logic and reason both enveigh forcably athwart the Cuckservative hobbyhorse of American Exceptionalism. Instead, America’s future follows a simple set of Consequentialist syllogisms.

1) Play smart games, win smart prizes.

2) Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

As Amerika becomes both more diverse and more radical in tandem with South Africa, it plays games of similar intellectual rigor. We therefore increasingly win similar sets of prizes.* We need to do different. We need to do better. We really do not want to win the same ultimate stupid prize that South Africa seems about to take home. You no longer get the particiapation trophies when your nation is too violent to remain in existence.

* – And no I don’t imply the USA Eagles are getting as good at rugby as The Springboks.

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