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How To Fix The USA

None of us choose our era. We are born into it, must survive it, and usually hope to pass on something better because there is no perfection in Earth or Heaven. We also realize that we, too, will not come up with a perfect solution, only try to get things moving in the right direction.

The West has been in “sink or swim” mode for a long time but, owing to what our ancestors invented in technology and social order, we have been able to stay afloat, aided by high-IQ populations with genetically-hardwired good habits like chastity, realism, alertness, and minimalism.

All societies die the same way: they succeed, causing them to lose momentum, at which point they bloat because they substitute quantity for quality, then they try to maintain control via administration, which sets off a precedent cascade whereby they cannot alter course from initial wrong assumptions.

We who want to survive our era and leave something better behind find ourselves seeking to find out where we made a wrong turn so we can reverse course and start again with what works. This is the crucial issue: pulling our civilization, humanity, and ourselves out of this slump.

Those things may not seem linked, but Western Civilization is the brightest star of humanity and must succeed if humanity is to avoid the pull of self-destruction. Nature wants to turn us all into hominids again, so whatever seems easy and natural to us is probably a path to doom.

Thanks to the innovations of Western Civilization — most of which were developed under the aristocracy — humanity has progressed farther than ever before. If Western Civilization fails, the third world mentality and condition takes over this species and dooms us all.

Even more importantly, humanity does not feel good about itself at this time. We see a species out of control, drugged on technology and wealth, committing The Ecocide through overpopulation while the number of exceptional humans diminishes. Fixing our civilization gets us out of this death spiral.

If Western Civilization comes back, humanity has a market leader again who will be doing honestly better than everyone else, and this will spur competition for better civilizations. Everyone wins in this situation since the competence and quality of human societies increases and therefore, unchecked quantity decreases.

When groups run into a problem producing quality people, whether microbes or men, they respond by producing lots of individuals in the hope that some will have random mutations which favor survival. In our case, we are selecting against genius and competence, therefore dooming ourselves.

We can break free from our illness if we identify it, orient ourselves toward something better, and remove the legal and political methods that are enforcing the illness upon us.

This might happen first in the USA since although more conservative than Europe politically, it is less conservative in considering new methods. It has less history to uphold, for sure, and is less locked into infighting than the squabbling European nations (sorry guys).

To save the USA, we will need to apply our three methods of breaking free:

  1. Identify it. No one agrees on what the problem is. A few will point to egalitarianism, but almost none to the individualism behind it. People instead want to blame technology, atheism, materialism, wealth, Jews, “racism,” “inequality,” and other scapegoats. Our problem is lack of social order; this came about because we removed reality and replaced it with social pressures as a result of rising individualism, enshrined as our highest good during The Enlightenment.™ Societies head down this path when, thanks to diversity and class warfare, they no longer have much in common, conditions that arise when a society succeeds, loses its goal, and starts imitating itself instead of keeping the link between why it does things and the effects they produce in reality. We began dying because we lost a sense of purpose, and since that time have been coercing and bribing people to maintain a false spirit of unity, something we now enforce through Control or limiting methods in order to limit thought.
  2. Re-orient. When you make an error, you cannot orient yourself toward not-error but instead must find another goal which does not include the error. For example, if your society committed suicide by focusing on equality as a goal, any substitute goal which is not egalitarian will do; for example, we could point ourselves toward curatorship of nature, culture, and genetics since all three are heavily threatened, and have a renewed sense of purpose. Most likely, we need something that exists in parallel between the human heart and civilization, such as a desire for qualitative excellence and a realistic naturalism that accepts nature instead of trying to dominate, subjugate, and remake her.
  3. Remove our chains. We are held back by things that sound good to us as individuals but, by limiting the influence of culture and through it perception of reality, doom us to incompetence and therefore, to a cycle of shuttling between authoritarianism and permissiveness: civil rights, free stuff from government, personal gods, self-expression, and competition for social influence and the right to wield peer pressure as a weapon like a gang, clique, cult, mafia, or union would do. The USA has millions of lines of laws, almost all of which need to be abolished, and has built up a political system based on redistributing wealth, which makes people unrealistic as they clamor for “their” share. In addition, the assumption of the permanence of diversity and class warfare makes us give up hope for any change.

In these pages, you have probably seen solutions mentioned in the past, like reparations-with-repatriation, repealing the 14A, ending democracy, adopting ethno-nationalism, and limiting our use of land to half of what exists, thus stopping our overpopulation spiral.

Before any of that however, it makes sense to stop the bleeding by cutting entitlements. All programs that offer free stuff to citizens, because we do not have a flat tax that all pay, are wealth transfer programs; eliminate these, and you stop the subsidy for crazy activists as well as the chaotic attractor that brings in immigration.

Entitlements are payments by government directly to citizens. This includes in-kind gifts like public schooling and free health care, even if paid by others under government mandate like EMTALA and affirmative action. None of these do anything but make us weaker and swell the bloat.

Although these are of a government origin, they displace commerce because people no longer independently purchase these services. They are also collective reward schemes in that they create huge bureaucracies that are unaccountable and hire lots of people who basically cannot be fired.

In addition, they displace people from work, since they can live on the dole or subsidize a lesser income with it, and attract immigrants here because they get free stuff that allows them to save money and send it back to the third world where it is worth many times what it can purchase here.

Like democracy itself, these systems are subsidies for people without purpose. They are protected from the consequences of their actions and others are forced to tolerate them, so they have no incentive to behave well. Entitlements and diversity work destruction just like full-blown socialism does.

Systems that take over from nature like democracy tend to drive people insane because they separate cause from effect. Instead of having to figure out how things work, and why to do them a certain way, we just follow the herd while avoiding “offensive” methods and ideas.

Over time this creates a population that cannot reverse course because its thinking has become calcified. For us to save the USA, the West, and through them, humanity and nature, our course must begin with escaping this encrusted thinking and looking instead toward what is real, beautiful, excellent, and inspiring.

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