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How Leftists Are Instigating Violence

The City of Houston just sent out this warning about piles of rocks and bricks for throwing during protests:

Houston Public Works (HPW) has removed several piles of bricks and rocks from several locations in Houston this afternoon.

The bricks and rocks may be intended to cause physical harm or destruction during demonstrations in the City of Houston.

Please call 311 (or the Houston Police Department non-emergency line, 713.884.3131), to report any suspicious activity or if you see someone leaving these items in the community.

HPW will dispatch a crew to immediately remove these and other items that may be used to threaten the safety and security of the citizens of Houston.

As usual, Leftist organization works because no part of the process is aware of any other; they tacitly collaborate, having the same goal. In this case, Leftist activists drive around leaving bricks, while others may prop up hammers or crowbars in critical areas.

Then all that is required is someone to “find” these items during the riot, leaving the crowd to do the harder work of burning, looting, assaulting, and vandalizing everything they can touch.

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