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How Did Minorities Kidnap The Majority?

When I was growing up, the black vote in America was regarded as the swing vote that determined which of the two major parties would win the election. For that reason, both Republicans and Democrats pandered to the black electorate.

To my adult mind, this ongoing event seems as if the white majority electorate is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. In this pathology, victims identify with their captors and stop trying to escape. We can see this psychology play out through the case of Jussie Smollet.

For such a condition to exist at societal level, there must be abusive kidnappers. Some of the people in that society must have the “inner sense” that motivates them to abuse hostages for money. Jussie Smollet benefited from his hoax because by abusing the white majority, he got to be awarded by the dropping of all charges and re-enlistment as Empire actor by Hollywood for his victimhood “performance.”

The following extract demonstrates the “inner sense and common humanity” qualifying him as kidnapper of a white society that presents challenges similar to those that hostages routinely would do:

Adding to the sense of horror, though, is Smollett’s status as among America’s most prominent LGBTQ entertainers, and one whose weekly presence on the airwaves makes him a special kind of star. Since “Empire’s” debut in 2015, Smollett has been bringing to life the story of Jamal Lyon, a man whose identities — as gay and as black — doubly inform who he is, a person who’s both coming to terms with himself and struggling to find a way to exist with pride and confidence in a society that often presents real challenges. “Empire,” still a ratings force, and in its earliest days a phenomenon, reaches enough people to have a genuine culture-shifting effect. Smollett, telling a story of a man who lives at an intersection of identities and embraces every part of himself, is telling a story that’s too infrequently told, on the largest scale imaginable.

Clearly not all blacks are kidnappers but because they like any other voter suffer the need for leaders to blindly follow of which about 50% of all followers suffer, they will tend to back-up the “common humanity” of a brother (not from a hostage mother). But likewise not all whites are hostages either, where the same Stockholm effect will be transmitted via leaders to followers for that “other” common humanity crying out in pain for their kidnapper.

This allows us to identify possible black kidnapper leaders as well as white hostage leaders to establish the scope of the problem. One notable black kidnapper is Karen Bass who thinks that negative reaction to successful diversity growth will wake up a “Dragon of Hate.” She promotes this point because in her view the “browning” of America provides a comfortable political aesthetic, meaning that her followers will jump on this bandwagon with consummate ease. Here is an extract:

“America is becoming more diverse and that diversity is leading to the browning of our nation,” Bass said Thursday during a speech at the swearing-in ceremony of Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members.

“Instead of a celebration, the reaction from some has essentially unleashed a dragon, a dragon that is gasping its last breath and so he is dangerous as he lashes out,” she continued. “The dragon is hate, the dragon is white supremacy and they have a leader.”

Bass warned that Americans have gone from being “embarrassed to emboldened” by white supremacy.

But the lawmaker also expressed hope, citing the CBC’s power and influence in the 116th Congress.

The CBC added nine new members following the midterm elections, bringing its total membership to 55, the largest since its formation in 1971.

“At this moment in history, we are equipped to lead like never before, we are equipped to govern, we are equipped to resist when and where it’s needed,” Bass said.

Now our question involves who amongst the white electorate leaders are “embarrassed” i.e. a hostage, or emboldened, i.e. a dragon? The embarrassed leader could be Bernie Sanders who actually changed his message to black voters in order to get their vote and something he will carefully consider for his 2020 run, meaning he is dragging all of his white voters into this hostage situation. But since some voters would actually recognize what he is doing (just like Hillary/AOC changing their accents), they will jump ship or cross the aisle. This is important because Bernie almost beat Hillary in the 2016 election run-off, meaning there are millions of people just being dragged along like abused hostages.

But there he was Monday, marching arm-in-arm through downtown Columbia with NAACP leaders on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, calling President Donald Trump “a racist” and visiting black churches and a historically black college more than a year before any votes will be cast in the primary.

An example of an “emboldened” leader could be Donald Trump (because he is literally used for dragon target practice) but an even better example is Congressman Steve King who is reported on as follows:

On Saturday, the CBC chair Karen Bass, a California Democrat, tied King’s views to those of the Republican president, who last year told a rally the congressman “may be the world’s most conservative human being”.

From above it is apparent that white Democrat leaders tend to be hostages while white conservative Republicans leaders are not (for the most part). Using the model of kidnapper-hostage politics may also help to explain politics as usual, not only in America, but also other diverse Western countries such as South Africa.

There the kidnapper’s demands are even more strenuous because he wants to tie young white people to a tree by refusing to let them emigrate. The financial demand then is to use pensions for “infrastructure” (bribes).

So what do the white Stockholm hostages do? They get all biblical about their “leader”, as if trying to rationalize their hostage status as good. Like the captives of killers, they are just trying to make it through the day, and have no hope for tomorrow.

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