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  • Erdogan calls ‘relocation’ of Armenians in 1915 as ‘most reasonable action’ by Turkey

    If you want genocide, adopt diversity. If you find yourself in a diverse state, end the diversity by peacefully relocating people before the tit-for-tat warfare and tensions escalate to the point of open killing fields. If you want to avoid being as dumb as Turkey and the Nazis, do this in advance, do it openly and proudly, and avoid harming those under your care, even if they do not belong among you and you think you hate them. What you really hate is diversity and, under that, the knowledge that your own desire for “freedom” brought about pluralism which in turn created the infection of diversity.

  • Third of councils failing to build enough homes for local people

    Why does the UK need so much housing? Oh, right, diversity. They will sacrifice their countryside, first for the people fleeing diversity, and then for the many more to come. Soon there will be another third-world nation, the UK, which once ruled the waves, although people will laugh at that notion and eventually edit it out of history for being preposterous.

  • Millennials are less healthy and more depressed than Gen X, report finds

    No one will mention this in public, but the most likely reason for millennial health decline is race, social class, and ethnic mixing. The latter especially will affect many; Irish and Italians are subtly different, and when you mix them, you roll the dice and often get clashing traits. Third world and mixed populations tend to have shorter lifespans for a reason.

  • Outpouring of support for jogger’s killer: ‘Justice for Chanel!’

    Mr McCall alleged Lewis had been “lynched” in a sentence imposed by a “racist” judge.

    Minorities know that if you get that word in there, you usually get what you want. We have DNA evidence and a confession. However, if you are a minority, you do not trust white cops, and white people are finding the same in minority-majority areas. Diversity fails, but separation works. Segregation is a different story since it means having multiple ethnic groups in the same area. Each ethnic group having its own space, like the continents that they came from, works.

  • 1 million species face extinction thanks to human activity, U.N. report says

    The environmentalists are mostly hysterical, but this does not mean that they are wrong. Earth has finite space, and humans occupy or interrupt more of it than ever before. This means that natural species lack the space to hunt, roam, breed, and enjoy life, and they are dying out just like American teenagers in school shootings.

  • Scandinavian hikers murder trial begins in Morocco

    The clash of civilizations is real, and only the West has failed to acknowledge this. In the meantime, we will lose more people who, steeped in Leftist propaganda, continue to treat the world as an extension of our backyard. What we have is unique because we suppressed many typical human urges and built a civilization based on social order, where everywhere else is individualistic and, to rein in the chaos, depends on totalitarian theocracies and autocratic warlords. We can do better, but not by emulating them, or allowing them to come here.

  • Ontario cancels program that aimed to plant 50 million trees

    The headlines sound terrible. Why would anyone do this?

    The majority of the funding went to Forests Ontario’s planting partners, such as conservation groups, stewardship groups and First Nations, who worked with landowners to get trees planted, Keen said.

    This was another “watermelon” — green on the outside, Red on the inside — program that essentially distributed money to Leftist groups. Maybe if we could find some environmentalists who were not Leftists, we could get something done, but that will not happen because they zealously drive out anyone who does not toe the Party line.

  • Complex intersections of race and class: Among social liberals, learning about White privilege reduces sympathy, increases blame, and decreases external attributions for White people struggling with poverty.

    White privilege lessons are sometimes used to increase awareness of racism. However, little research has investigated the consequences of these lessons. Across 2 studies (N = 1,189), we hypothesized that White privilege lessons may both highlight structural privilege based on race, and simultaneously decrease sympathy for other challenges some White people endure (e.g., poverty)—especially among social liberals who may be particularly receptive to structural explanations of inequality. Indeed, both studies revealed that while social liberals were overall more sympathetic to poor people than social conservatives, reading about White privilege decreased their sympathy for a poor White (vs. Black) person. Moreover, these shifts in sympathy were associated with greater punishment/blame and fewer external attributions for a poor White person’s plight.

    Lots of academic gobbledygook stated above. Let’s put this through Google Translate and restate it in English. White privilege lessons don’t prevent anyone from hating Knee-Grows. It just pisses people off at poor honkies. This is similar to what happened when Chancellor Hitler blamed (((The Banksters))) for everything wrong in working-class Germany during the Weimar Republic. There was no uptick in donations to The United Bratwurst College Fund. There was, instead, Krystallnacht.

    White privilege classes don’t spark empathy. They are not intended to enhance cooperation in empathy. They are designed to divide, inflame, enrage and cause violence. They succeed on almost a daily basis.

  • Journalism Institute Poynter Tries to ‘Blacklist’ 29 Conservative Outlets as ‘UnNews’

    Poynter, which has started the International Fact-Checking Network, shared the new report and dataset called “UnNews,” declaring at least 29 right-leaning news outlets and organizations to be “unreliable news websites.” Report author and SPLC producer Barrett Golding combined five major lists of websites marked “unreliable.” That result, which consisted of 515 names, included many prominent conservative sites — Breitbart,, Daily Signal, Daily Wire, Drudge Report, Free Beacon, Judicial Watch, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, LifeZette, LiveAction News, the Media Research Center, PJ Media, Project Veritas, Red State, The Blaze, Twitchy, and the Washington Examiner.

    Ask anyone at Free Bacon, Pink State, The Blaze, PJ Media et al.. what they think of Amerika.Org and they will tell you it is ¡ALT-RIGHT! We peddle crimethink here because we call the $PLC the $PLC. Now these ignoramuses are bleating because some fancy-sounding Institute of Higher Journalism or somesuch tried to use a fancy and quasi-respectable imprematour to launder a slander piece from the $PLC. It was a slander piece to get all of these sorry Cuck websites deplatformed from “reputable” dialogue amongst “responsible” journalists like Brian Ross and Rachael Maddow.

    Should I feel outraged? Certainly. Just as soon as John Derbyshire and Mark Stein are regularly publish again at NRO.Com.

  • Alabama lawmaker responds to Donald Trump Jr.’s reaction to abortion comments

    Alabama State Senator John Rogers is living proof that we live in an Antipathocracy. If a Kakistocracy is a government of the ugly, then an Antipathocracy is a government of those who have no concern whatsoever for your continued well-being. The Babylon Bee predictably went for the comedy gag when he told us the following.

    “You kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later,” he had said, sparking outrage among those with consciences. However, in the midst of the outrage, the nation took solace in the fact that at least liberals are being honest now.

    And Funnyman Rogers gets even better. Anyone who disagrees? Abort those fothermuckers too. They’re just waterheads. Pop ’em and mop ’em. Save the taxpayers incarceration and treatment dollars. Is this man crazy? Is he outside the mainstream? I don’t think he’s all that far away from John McCain or Harry Reid. Barack Obama, Ralph Northam, Olympia Snowe, any average suburban soccer mom who’s adorable daughter just got knocked up by a football jock named Jamarquavius.

    In a Representative Democracy, the job of a legislator is to accurately defend and represent the point of view of the constituents who elected him into office. Unlike the Babylon Bee, I don’t laugh at poor State Senator Rogers when he tells the world exactly what the electorate who sent him into office feels about the children it currently gives birth to. Instead I cry the beloved country. This is what Democracy does for your value as a human being. You just are no longer worth it anymore to the people who will have to change your diapers. That will be true when you’re 68 years old as well.

  • Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny

    All of us who admit to it are humble sinners who fall short of the glory of God. Donald J. Trump is not humble. When he falls short of the glory of God, he goes full-metal combover.

    Opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized by the U.S. and 50 other nations as president, has failed to persuade the army to abandon Maduro. Yet he can still muster larger crowds in the streets of Caracas to demand the ouster of Maduro than Maduro can call out to stand by his regime. Tuesday and Wednesday, Guaido announced that the regime’s final hour was at hand. But by midweek, the army’s leaders, including the minister of defense, still stood with Maduro. Guaido’s opportunity seems to have passed by, at least for the moment. Maduro remains in power, though his generals, weighing the odds, have apparently been negotiating in secret with Guaido. The Trump administration has backed Guaido, only to see him fail twice now at taking power.

    The ultimate goal should be to demonstrate the ignorance of Leftism even to the blindly ignorant. The best way to do this is to leave Maduro in charge. Let Venezuela be The Living Museum of Leftist Stupidity. Let it be the Sucking Chest Wound of The Western Hemisphere. The Venezuelan People voted for this. Even before their elections were all fixed. Show ’em what they win, Dom Pardo. Let the people eat the Golden Corral Buffet of International Socialism. After they fish it out the dumpster fire with a pointy stick.

  • US Unemployment Rate Falls to 3.6% – a 50 Year Low! 263,000 New Jobs In April – Trump Economy Is ON FIRE!

    See what happens when you get rid of ObamaCare. That and much of our so-called environmental policy. He will have to think up a new schtick if he wins reelection, but a four year term of Obama was precisely the cough medicine our previously-wheezing job market needed.

  • Senator Hirono Owes William Barr an Apology

    Cucks are terminally stupid. Senator Hirono will not apologize. You do that to others who merit respect as adults and human beings. Instead, she’d tell you men to shut up and do what you’re told. This is the Gynocratic branch of the Antipathocracy. Just show this to women all over America who still remain heterosexual and ask them if this how they would like to see their sons or husbands treated during their professional careers. The response to that messaging would lead Senator Schumer to invite Senator Hirono into his office, close the door, and then tape a lacrosse ball into her foul and vituperative mouth so that it remains shut.

  • Open Air Absurdistan

    If the theoretical end point of liberal democracy is a world without boundaries, physical or cultural, then it is a world without morality. After all, morality is a world of fences and gates that control human behavior within the closed social system. In order for there to be a moral order, there must be order and that must include boundaries. Once the boundaries lose their purpose, the fences and gates are simply gravestones in a cemetery of a long forgotten people. No one cares if the kids knock over the grave stones.

    Amazing how a world of no limits becomes an afterlife of Gilgamesh. Lost in the perpetual fog .DNE. free. People make a mess out free everything. The Tragedy of The Commons extends far beyond the realms of just economics and conservation. You wind up living like this.

  • Gillibrand’s First Major 2020 Proposal: Give Voters $600 Worth of ‘Democracy Dollars’

    Gellobrand has now copied Andrew Yang. It’s just as lame, transparent, and vapid coming from her.

    Every U.S. citizen over 18-years-old may choose to request ‘Democracy Dollars’ from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for a given federal election cycle. For each federal race, the recipient will receive $200-worth of ‘Democracy Dollars’ – equally divided between the primary ($100) and general election ($100) – to spend in $10 increments on eligible candidates of their choosing,” the plan states.

    So every literate leader of a PAC simply formulates how to have each and every member request their GelloBribe Dollars and give them exactly where the PAC tells them to. See how clean that makes Democracy?

  • Reversing the Baby Bust

    Today’s American families face three intersecting challenges. The first is exorbitant child-rearing costs, especially amid middle-class wage stagnation. The second is a child poverty rate, which, while down in recent years, remains well above the OECD norm. The third is the cratering fertility rate. None of these problems is prior to the other; rather, they interact to produce an America that is increasingly hostile to children.

    Interesting is a curious choice of euphemisms here. And then there is the fourth problem – our educational system. Amerika is increasingly no country for young men. It will eventually cease to be a country if this continues. Given that all of these problems are the direct result of choices made by purportedly sober and rational adults, this implies a self-chosen glidepath to societal death. Actually reversing this requires a changed set of cultural desires. The political means are all downstream of that intrinsic will. If nobody can decide or explain what in the heck an Amerikan really is, then nobody will see too much reason to make any more of them. State Senator Rogers wasn’t really kidding.

  • HILLARY 2020? Bill says ‘no permanent defeats in politics’, pols often ‘refight battles with oldest demons’

    The turgid, black and chilling waters of the deep gradually stirred. At first, a bubble arose, soon to be followed by some others. A mottled, old, and hoary tentacle began to gradually uncoil. And then others. An emaciated, yet huge frame stirred the mud in the frigid deep. Perhaps two or three strange creatures of the deep and watery everdark took to instinctive flight.

    Then, the scales over a pale and limpid eyelid moved. A fiery orb was revealed that led to an ancient and scheming mind. A mind that contained a veritable grimoire of unmatched hatred for all that lived amongst its iniquitous lore. And with an inexorable, silent, watery groan it arose. The mud and filthy detritus of the bottom eddied in the stirred and spiraling waters. And it swam to the Left. And #FemaleCaligula had thus awoken from its watery grave…. To be continued.

    The Clinton campaigning follows months of speculation that Hillary Clinton may mount a third campaign for president, a dream those close to her have worked to keep alive. In March, Clinton told MSNBC she didn’t plan on joining the race, but the next day “someone close with Clinton” told The New York Times she hadn’t decided to “close the door” just yet.

  • When Obama’s ego blew out of his ears

    That’s all very entertaining, but Nicholas Stix has the real low-down on just how Obama took the news down in his bunker. And yes, this is what #FemaleCaligula deserves for even considering another run for the presidency.

  • U.S. Steel Tariffs Helping to Clean Up the Environment in Pennsylvania

    The investment is set to help significantly reduce emissions by building a new sustainable facility at the Edgar Thomson plant — the first in the U.S. Similarly, the steelmaker will build a new cogeneration facility at its Clairton Plant that will include “state-of-the-art emissions control systems” in order to convert a portion of its coke oven gas into electricity to power its Mon Valley Works operation. U.S. Steel executives said in a statement that the investment will result in a 60 percent emission reduction of Particulate Matter, a 50 percent drop in sulfur dioxide, and an 80 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide. The sustainable approach by U.S. Steel was spurred by Trump’s 25 percent tariff on foreign steel imports, where particularly cheap Chinese steel was dumped into the U.S. economy and devastated U.S. steelmakers and American steelworkers.

    The 25% tariff that President Trump has put on foreign steel exports to the US had prompted action from US Steel Inc. They are giving back to the community in which they live by modernizing their operations in order to fight ecocide. Nobody with a functional brain wants to see the current ecocide befouling Amerika continue. We love the wilderness that still remains in our great land. That even includes those of us who make a living operating a Bessemer Furnace. U. S. Steel is doing what all of us of good conscience and of a properly reverent mind would also do in a heartbeat. Donald J. Trump just gave them the chance. #MAGA

  • O’Rourke holds double-digit lead on Trump in head-to-head matchup: CNN poll

    Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) leads President Trump by 10 points in a hypothetical general election matchup, according to a new CNN–SSRS poll.

    The survey released Thursday shows O’Rourke with support from 52 percent of registered voters, compared with Trump’s 42 percent. Two percent of voters said they wouldn’t support either candidate, and 4 percent said they had no opinion.

    If we can’t have #FemaleCaligula, we can always vote Elagabalus instead! He’ll ride up to inaugural podium on a skateboard! All Young Robert Francis needed to make it in life was a good nom du porno.

  • Barr Launches Wide-Ranging Probe Into 2016 FBI Spying

    Brave man. I’m no actuary, but I wouldn’t recommend writing a term life policy on him. Expect the walkback on this to soon commence. The reaction on Capitol Hill suggests that he has poked a sore spot or two by even suggesting this. There will be nothing short of open warfare against this man if anything that he alleges is close to accurate. The Steele Dossier may well be The Clinton Emails of the 2020 Campaign.

  • Game of Thrones Keeps Killing Off Entire Immigrant Populations, And It’s a Problem

    Where once it seemed like Game of Thrones had something to say about the topic of immigration and the introduction of new populations to the staid old continent of Westeros, I’m no longer sure it’s interested in such heady ideas anymore. It continues to burn up entire ethnicities like kindling in the fire of expensive battle scenes, revealing that it only introduced them in the first place to populate its numerous bloodbaths. Entire peoples with proud, interesting histories have been given the send off of a random red shirt cadet in Star Trek.

    There are a couple levels to debunk this on. From a purely technical standpoint, these guys are being used as plot enhancers. If you want an amazing battle scene, you need to strew it with a vast gallimaufry of hacked-up bodies. The entire Sword and Sorcery genre is nothing if not massively overdone. Dothraki, horsemen from the temperate steppes, are not going to experience many combat multipliers in a night battle across a frozen taiga. From a standpoint of military strategy and tactics, they probably had it coming to them. The Light Brigade may have been less adroitly deployed into combat. And then there’s the blatant problem of putting anyone else on The Iron Throne if Daernys The Social Justice Queen also has a horde of Mongols to go with Beuhamat and Tiamat. There just isn’t much suspense left in GOT if Daernys is overpowered by the top of the 3rd inning.

    Then we address the true angst of our author. We can’t just genocide immigrants. They have to get food stamps from Jon Snow instead. We lose diversity when the Dothraki get turned into corpsicles by hordlings of The Night King. Game of Thrones can’t just be a transparent, hollow, Hollywood schlock-fest that randomly overplays its drama hand in order to ham-fistedly make an unworkable plot reach a rubbery, unsatisfactory climax. Art, as Vladimir Lenin told us, is a weapon. The message has to match the narrative. Otherwise, it just isn’t good.

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