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Happy Juneteenth

Some might think it antithetical to celebrate Juneteenth on this site. After all, the Confederates were right about diversity and States Rights, as the 14A and its rotten neo-Communist fruit shows us. But slavery was a complex issue, and it is good it ended.

Should any human be enslaved? Arguably, most should, but that requires a cultural system that tempers that slavery to the point where it does not harm the good among them. Feudalism, for example, provided benefits and guarantees that kept the lower-IQ safe but limited the harms they inevitably attempt.

Slavery has always been motivated by a desire to limit the conflict between haves and have-nots. In every society, the have-nots have lower IQ and mental health, therefore are unpredictable and destructive. Their power must therefore be limited.

If left unchecked, they repeat the same old pattern of civilization cannibalism. Thanks to the DKE, they cannot recognize the competence of the haves, so overthrow them and replace them with incompetents.

This starts a progress of furiously making rules and reward systems in order to manipulate the incompetent into doing what to an aristocrat would come naturally, and the incompetents do it badly, so infighting consumes the society, leaving a third world style ruin.

Chattel slavery however relied on an informal sense of fair play and by making the humans in question economically valuable, ensured that they would not simply be cast aside if criminal or insane, causing a situation where the master must whip the slave, which changes the master.

This was not good for White people.

Although wars were fought to end slavery, it was already on its way out because technology was replacing it and slave labor was of low quality. When there is nothing to strive for, the already mentally disorganized and unmotivated are even less compelled to do good.

Even more, slavery like colonialism is a form of diversity, and that alone makes it toxic. Import foreign DNA and you commit suicide, period. People fall in love or lust, and most cannot tell the difference, with those near them. This results in genetic degradation accelerating.

Worse still, by being forced to manage these people, the masters become hopeless. They are forced every day to deal with the ugliness of owning other people and the nastiness of having to manage them when these people try to thwart them whenever possible.

Slavery was not all bad in the end calculus. It raised the IQ of the slaves by up to ten points in many cases, gave them safer homes in the first world, and prevented them from being executed in their homelands, which is what happens to the war captives and criminals who get enslaved, generally.

But looking at the biggest picture, there was no way that it could be a good thing. It led to genetic decline. It divided civilization against itself. Worst of all, it forced us to become caretakers and disciplinarians for the unruly captives and war criminals used in slavery.

No, I am glad that it is gone. Maybe in the future we will be enlightened and have a feudal system again, acknowledging that IQ determines most of character and that lower-IQ people need to be oppressed since otherwise they will oppress the best with civilization suicide.

In the long-term calculus, however, abolition failed massively. African-Americans have the same general complaints today that they did under slavery, almost all of which are a consequence of the internalized clash of civilizations brought on by diversity.

We have added other groups to the mix which has merely decreased opportunity for African-Americans while using affirmative action to slide those other groups into position of power over them. To the judgment of history, nothing has changed on the injustice scale.

The only justice can be found by realizing that mono-ethnic societies are the only functional ones, and so reparations-with-repatriation is necessary for all non-WASP groups. Boats to the rescue!

Leftists will be chagrined to realize that chattel slavery only came about because Leftists abolished feudalism as a means of overthrowing the kings. As usual, their anti-realistic “reforms” and “progress” create new forms of tyrannical dystopia, something Leftists are too mentally addled to see.

I suggest we all celebrate Juneteenth. We do not want to dominate other races, but separate from them, and we do not want responsibility for their destinies. Only they can do this, for good or ill, and it is not our job to judge or administer either way.

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