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Just a quick note to remind you that the word is getting out and people are reading this site and passing it on to others. We may not always get as much credit as we would like simply because people are afraid to link here.

After all, unlike all of those hip quasi-Nazis and controlled opposite “Christian libertarian” conservatives who get the big bucks to be on television or at least a videocast, we talk about issues in their unvarnished, ugly way. This is a site for desperate people, but honest ones.

On the other hand, all media — including “unofficial” types like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, and SoundCloud — are subject to the same filter: remove anyone who talks about genetics and avoiding White Genocide. These are taboo topics.

We talk about these, but refuse to become their dupes which means that media has no use for us. We will make them no money by being token opposition nor by coming across as raving White Supremacists to use to scare the normies.

Our comments section is currently besieged by work-from-home spammers who are under the mistaken notion that this is a good place to post their links. Disqus seems unable to get a handle on these posts, probably because the form changes so quickly, so please be patient as we clear them out.

In the meantime, if you want to help this site out, please either donate, post the link elsewhere, mention us on your podcast or blog, or in the last case scenario, give us credit at your war crimes trial. Thank you all!

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