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Goodbye Mitt

I doubt Pink Floyd Singer/Songwriter Roger Waters spent much of his limited lucidity contemplating the intestinal paramecium we know as Senator Mitt Romney. This may be a good thing. Waters was known for his unremittingly negative opinions of others, and nothing about Romney would have offered him reasons for enhanced bonhomie. He did write some lyrics for a song entitled Dogs that suggest that he very strongly knew or imagined what it would be like to spend too much time around Senator Romney.

“You have to be crazy. You gotta have a real need.” The song begins.

This sums up well the unbalanced ambition of the eternal striver for power. This drive to exceed others for no reason beyond an amoral will to power defines the worst sort of person you could find yourself working or serving under. The planet collapses into Mitt World – the ultimate suck-hole singularity of solipsism at some mathematical limit.

Where would a person of Romney’s wealth and unlimited opportunity derive this need to dominate? His mordant sense that he deserves nothing that he has. He must banish realistic self-appraisal before it morphs into condign self-loathing. Ayn Rand once wrote the ultimate insult to throw at a rich imposter. “Your money will never be any bigger than you are.” While Mitt Romney coined more lucre than Asmodeus, his uses of it reflected rather than enhanced the man’s stature.

Romney’s claim to infamy involves his fake Severe-Conservative image as he failed to protect or preserve anything of legitimate worth. A stanza of Waters’ lyrics describe this to perfection.

And after a while
you can work on points for style
Like the club tie, and the firm handshake
A certain look in the eye and an easy smile
You have to be trusted
by the people that you lie to
So that when they turn their backs on you
You’ll get the chance to put the knife in

It was Severe Conservative, Mitt Romney, who served his country during The Vietnam War by hiding in a theology school. Perhaps he learned greater awe for the one and true god. He would later be a rubber-stamp supporter of The Global War on Terror, US interference in Syria, and President Biden’s ongoing Ukrainian bungle. Wars sure seemed a whole lot less inhumane to Mitt Romney once His-Mittness had zero percent chance of getting cross-ventilated in one.

It was Severe Conservative, Mitt Romney, who gave us the healthcare policy platform that talentless hack Barack Obama used without attribution to build Obamacare. He did so in capitulation to leftists who demanded government health insurance. If you like your doctor, you have another reason to dislike Mitt Romney. If you don’t like getting an insurance bill for a lot of other people’s pre-existing conditions, you have another reason to dislike Mitt Romney.

It was Severe Conservative, Mitt Romney, who ran such a feckless and toothless campaign against Barack Obama in 2012, that we got a second helping of good old Hope and Change.

It was Severe Conservative, Mitt Romney, who joined Bain Capital in destroying jobs all across Amerikan industrial cities. In a fitting twist of irony, it was people like Mitt Romney who led Donald Trump to break with his former political friends in The Democratic Party (eg. Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Hillary Clinton) and run against Mitt Romney Conservativism in the 2016 GOP Primaries. If you don’t like dying towns and cities full of rotting, abandoned industrial buildings, you have another reason to dislike Mitt Romney.

It was Severe Conservative, Mitt Romney, who seethed in jealousy at Donald Trump the entire time Mr. Trump was President. He voted twice to impeach Donald Trump. How dare a Republican other than Mitt Romney win a Presidential Election?

Severe Conservative, Mitt Romney, back-knifed and undermined his “fellow Conservatives” right up until his retirement announcement. He predictably claims Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both too old to serve as President. He conveniently omits an endorsement of a younger, more vigorous Conservative alternative.

Mitt Romney has been a bag of flaming canine excrement on his own party’s doorstep right on up until the conclusion of his career. And how do we sum up the achievements of Mitt Romney? We don’t need to. Roger Waters has that one covered.

And it’s too late
to lose the weight
You used to need to throw around
So have a good drown
As you go down all alone
Dragged down by the stone

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