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DiversityWatch (September 30, 2023)





  • For business, breaking up with China is hard to do

    You are under their thumb. Trump started the conscious decoupling from China and it has been gaining momentum as the CCP reveals itself to be more manipulative than free markets can allow.

  • Stagflation is ‘the big bogeyman out there’ — and many increasingly fear its return

    As we say here, it is back to the Carter years. When government spends a ton of money on its diversity underclass, who then spend it on marginal products, the core of the economy collapses and everyone experiences a grey socialist Utopia in a less extreme form than the Soviet Union but with the same basic symptoms.

  • Biden’s Social-Media Censorship Harms Us All

    This censorship exists to stop people from noticing the failure of diversity, how diversity is being used to turn democracy into tyranny, and how government has no plan except more of the same.

  • For Some, Open Border Chaos Is the Goal

    Chaos means lots of cheap labor flows into the country to keep GDP up without doing anything productive in the core of the economy, more Left-leaning diversity voters, more taxes to fund benefits promised to Boomers, and an expansion of the welfare state, making government more powerful.

  • Florida’s gain is New York’s loss — again

    The Keynesian socialist welfare state spends its money on anti-racism and anti-poverty programs, which go disproportionately to diversity, and so the only thriving states are those which minimize the welfare state. If any country ever abolishes it completely, it will dominate the world through brain drain and higher productivity.

  • American Homer

    American history began as a race war between English and French, with the former adapting proto-diversity policies in order to swell their numbers and win.


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