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Feminism And MGTOW: Retarded Twins Separated At Birth

feminism is paranoid neurosis

Recently I watched The Golden One, Marcus Follin, on the Virtue of the West Podcast with Brittany Pettibone and Tara McCarthy. The subject of the MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way) came up.

I’ve dealt with the MGTOW crowd before on social media. Criticize them and they come out of the woodwork. They also have a problem with traditional marriage, which makes them seem cynical and jaded. I wouldn’t have much of a problem with them if they kept to themselves, but no they are evangelical. They want to make more MGTOWs to justify their choices. Misery loves company.

Many have critiqued feminism as being a philosophy for angry, ugly women. They’re not wrong. Most feminists seem to think the world owes them something, a man who is perfect, a perfect job in the city like Carrie Bradshaw, or a position of power she hasn’t earned. Many feminists also believe the anti-male rhetoric they learn in college or from the media. They are taught men are the enemy, potential rapists and abusers without remorse. Their solution is to become as unattractive to men as possible so they can avoid any of the possible problems that come with dealing with the cis het scum asking to buy them a drink.

That’s when it dawned on me: both MGTOW and feminism are cults based on selfishness and radical individualism. Both put the happiness of the individual before the good of society. Both are based on the notion that there are no responsibilities to society based upon the gender to which you were born. There is no obligation to perpetuate your genes.

Isn’t cult a bit strong? No both are exactly that. Disagree with them and they come after you. Criticize them and you will have your feed full of frustrated men and women who’ve decided to check out of the human race.

To understand the mental state of the MGTOWs and feminists and how closely they actually are, let’s look at each in depth. First, modern day feminism is ostensibly based on notions of egalitarianism. But feminists don’t simply believe that women should have equal political rights to men, they believe it is the role of the state to control any behavior that might indicate that there is a difference between the sexes, biological or psychological

Pronouns and self-labeling have become absurd. There are what, thirty-eight genders at last count? Misgendering someone can get you fired or sued, and if you suggest that transgenderism is a mental disorder you’ll end up on a watch list.

Today feminists promote ideas such as refusal to date trannies makes you transphobic, you have to date butter huffers or you’re fatphobic, and if you have any preference at all (God forbid white women should prefer their own race) you’re basically a bad person. They also seem to think Sharia law is feminist, female genital mutilation can be liberating, and intersectionality won’t end badly for them. Because being forced to cover up or get stoned to death is the essence of equality.

We’ve all heard the jokes about thirty-five year old women with three cats, two abortions, and a bottle of chardonnay crying about how there are no good men left. Their problem is that they blame men for all that is wrong with the world, and by world I mean their personal lives. Feminism has taught women they are victims and there is nothing they can do about it.

Sound selfish? It is. Feminism is largely a philosophy that comes out of the individualism preached by so many libertarians. Which is ironic because libertarians generally oppose third-wave feminism.

Feminism is also a philosophy of revenge. Witness the banging on about “muh wage gap” feminists are so quick to bring up when someone dares say that men and women are equal under the law. Title IIV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prevents discrimination in the workplace based upon gender. So if a woman is being paid less than a man with equal qualifications and experience she can sue her employer. No need for additional virtue signaling legislation.

Feminism has convinced women of my generation, Gen X, that they should be like men. Have indiscriminant sex, buy yourself anything your heart desires, take up jobs that will bring social status, and don’t have children. The “childfree” life is where it’s at! This is all based upon the notion that happiness is rooted in individualism. Do whatever you want today, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so if you live for the future, if you live for your children, you’ll miss out on the moment.

That’s dysgenic.

In response to the fact that many women today have abandoned feminine virtue by sleeping around, taking offense to every little act of kindness from men, and obsessing over why women still can’t be Navy SEALs, some men have started checking out too. Some of the Alt-Right came in from the manosphere. This isn’t going to make me popular with them, but so what? They need to hear how selfish their retarded philosophy is.

Now let’s talk about MGTOWs. Go on any MGTOW site, or watch their YouTube videos, and you’ll quickly see two things. First you’ll notice they worship men like Newton and Tesla. That is, men who achieved great things without having ever been married. Next you’ll notice that there is a lot of anger towards women. To be honest, I understand. I’ve had friends go through nasty divorces where their women took them for most of what they had. Most of my friends and I have been cheated on and I’ve also known men who have been in very abusive relationships. Feminism took women away from their natural role and turned them into angry monsters.

The MGTOW analysis of how marital law screws men is not incorrect. Just look at the stories on r/PussyPass to get an idea of what women are allowed to get away with for proof. My problem with the MGTOWs comes in the solution they provide.

MGTWOs want men to go on strike, refusing to marry or have kids. This dysgenic behavior isn’t something a traditionalist member of the Alt-Right can afford to subscribe to. Marriage and family mean sacrifice and hard work on the part of both parties. But the ugly individualism of modernity and the “what’s in it for me” mindset of too many children and grandchildren of the “Me generation” has caused people to use marriage law in ways it was never intended.

Feminism is based in radical individualism. And so too is MGTOW. The solution to men’s problems in the relationship world isn’t to give up and surf the internet for porn every night. One guy on Gab recently told me the new orgasm capable sex dolls would be a good option for men. I bowed out of the discussion. How do you insult a man who admits he would prefer to fuck a piece of rubber?

Both feminism and MGTOW are rooted in a conspiracy theory, namely that the other sex is out to ruin their lives in some way. Whether it’s “the patriarchy” or “thots” this mindset is destructive to us as a group. In the interview with The Golden One, McCarthy mentions r/K selection theory and its relationship to modern relationships. She is right to do so. Unfortunately many of the people who believe in these twin ideas are the people who should be having children, but they’re not. They’re off having girls’ night, or guy’s night, spending money recklessly on ephemeral pleasure, and in general acting as if they never got out of college. All this is done with the assumption that there are no consequences to believing the other sex is out to get you.

If you want true happiness find a woman, and make her want to be a better woman. Simple fact guys is this, you’re not going to find that virgin QT after about the age of twenty-one. The “no hymen, no diamond” crowd will have to learn to accept that most women have known the touch of a man. Really, it’s okay. Just don’t marry a woman with a number higher than the sub-Saharan average IQ and you can forge a lasting, loving relationship.

Men, women are not out to get you. They’re really not. Most women simply want companionship with someone who will treat her with dignity and respect. We are the product of our ancestors, and in the last forty years we’ve not lost the hearts and souls produced by millennia of traditional marriage and childrearing.

Women, men don’t want to see you enslaved to a kitchen living life as nothing but a baby factory. We simply understand that men and women have different natures. The sexual revolution produced one of society’s Big Lies: You can have it all. Women you have within you the ability to create life, and the temperament necessary to build a home for a man.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Men build civilizations for women so women can build homes for  men.

Point out that refusing to have anything to do with relationships is dysgenic and will ultimately leave you unhappy and frustrated and they come back with doublespeak saying men are free to choose to be in a relationship if they want. It’s about going your own way, not being a slave to women. Except when you choose to be a husband or do something they don’t like they jump on you and call you a SIMP.

This is ridiculous and both the feminists and the MGTOWs need to stop, it’s counterproductive and hurts not only women infected by the mind virus of feminism but also the good men and women still fighting for traditional Western values.

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