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FBI Creates Two-Punch Boost For Clinton


By now most have realized that the FBI, after beginning an investigation with much fanfare, has declined to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime. The timing was suspicious and now is impeccable.

When Director James B. Comey announced that he was re-opening the investigation, outrage was unanimous on the Left — which should have clued us in. We know that the Left media conspire via backchannels and in this case, they most likely were.

Their plan was simple: bemoan the event, cry out as if injured, and goad on the Right. This caused the Right to assume that an actual injury had occurred, and therefore to praise Comey and his FBI. Now that, several days later, Comey is no longer doing what the Right wants, they cannot exactly rescind that praise can they? The source they approved of has now done the bidding of their enemies.

Even more, this event comes at the right time: 48 hours before the vote, which is enough time to embolden the Left voters and get them to the polls.

The FBI has set forth a two-punch event. The second punch is the rumor of al-Qaeda attacks on Monday, which should have clued us in since al-Qaeda has been invisible for years. If attacks occur, they would help Trump by showing that terrorism is live and active. But if nothing happens, then it makes the terror threat look like nonsense dreamed up by “bigots” to further exclude the brown.

This subterfuge can be fought. The message is this: the media is corrupt, they have corrupted the FBI, and now they want to put the Deep State candidate Hillary Clinton onto the throne to pardon them all and continue their nearly uninterrupted rule since the end of WWII. Trust no one who benefits from the current system, and get everyone you can to the polls.

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