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Everything You “Know” Is Wrong

Coming out of a decay-era always destabilizes people. They have been going through life acting on a certain set of basic assumptions, like the highest level of code in their computer that tells them which way is up and how to add two and two.

Instead, they are forced into a situation where they encounter relativity, or the fact that some things make more sense to some observers than others; on one level, this is the Dunning-Kruger Effect, but on another, it is the ability of the more sensitive and penetrating to perceive more and understand more than the rest.

When you encounter relativity, you experience the odd paradox of life, which is that all things are esoteric, meaning that more doors open as you go down the path, not only because knowledge is cumulative, but because that knowledge is relative to you, and only appears when you are ready with the right knowledge and (most importantly, and this was the point that half-Jew Jesus tried to make in the Bible) right mental state.

This means that one day you can know something to be 100% true and the only way to live, and the next day you can have discovered a new tributary on the path through life and an entirely different way of understanding existence. This happens on a technological level, for example, when someone discovers electricity or magnetism; it occurs in literature with a new concept like the novel; it comes to pass in politics when paradigms shift because the old way failed.

We find ourselves in the midst of a massive sea change paradigm shift; we just found out that everything from the past thousand years was wrong. The Enlightenment™ was a con-job, the Magna Carta and Constitution basically attempts to regulate insanity to make it minimally functional, the “global village” a larcenous mirage, the Peasant Revolts a George Floyd experience, equality a Big Lie, and of course diversity being totally insane and mentally defective.

Those mean that everything that we think we “know” is in fact wrong, and that other options exist, and it is time to explore them. Our dying system, recognizing that it has competition, has thoroughly demonized these with government propaganda, media condemnation, and social disapproval, but that tells us only that the System fears these things, not that they are wrong. The fact that the System fears them seems to suggest that they might even be true.

What will our future look like? We are transitioning out of liberal democracy, and through it out of modernism, a utilitarian system based on the idea of equality. As those fall, they will first gradually lose their outer leaves, then have their branches die, and finally split open to reveal the rot within. Expect a rocky transition.

Guys like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump know this, but for now, they want to keep the System functional because people depend on it. Eventually, competition will arise, creating a brain drain toward those areas, and at that point, democracy will lose the 2-5% of the people who unofficially have great influence because of their competence, and the exodus will begin.

In the meantime, we must face the grim reality that we are in a dying system that will defend itself by any means it can use, including exterminating us if we let it. Being a conservative in the dying West is like being against a state religion which disguises its ideology as social behavior, so we face not only government action, but media propaganda, and the very real possibility of attack by our fellow citizens who are trying to demonstrate their allegiance to the dying system and the large number of people obediently following it.

While we wait this out, it makes sense to know where we are going, which we can discern by looking at the intersection between what democracy fears and what worked better in the past, specifically before the French Revolution took over in the 1800s and early 1900s. This will look like:

  • Nationalism: one ethnic group per nation, and all other groups excluded. In the past, we made allowances for some groups to live among us who kept to themselves, but this seems to have been an error. This is not civic nationalism, nor racial nationalism, but ethnic. In America, the founding ethnic group are the ethnic Western Europeans — unbroken Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelids — known as “WASPs” or “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants,” shorthand for Nordics from the West of the Hajnal line.
  • Hierarchy: social hierarchy creates upward pressure in breeding and behavior by emphasizing character and ability, and placing those of greater moral and intellectual competence in positions of leadership both official and unofficial; in other words, a caste system, where relatively few aristocrats rule by their greater wisdom and sensitivity, the middle class is restrained, and the proles are told to shut the heck up and pick the turnips.
  • Capitalism: while this term is widely misunderstood, it means “basic economics,” in the sense of laws of supply and demand instead of a politically-motivated central and standardized government control of the economy. No entitlements, no wealth transfer, and no class warfare. In real world terms, this means an end to the great socialist dream, which always accompanies the dream of equality or equity or whatever the proles are fascinating about these days.
  • Eugenics: our ancestors fell short on this front, which has two parts. First, it seeks to promote the best, which is not a “meritocracy” in the sense of school, tests, and red tape but reward for those who on their own initiative undertake necessary and useful actions; second, it removes the retarded, criminal, perverse, promiscuous, and insane, by whatever means we can stomach. Our ancestors drowned them in bogs; we might just send them to Mexico or Russia.
  • Naturalism: we no longer see ourselves as separate from nature, but occupying a sacred role of stewardship in it. This means both a homesteading approach, where each person lives in a house with grounds and some animals and a garden, so that they are not completely dependent on jobs, and something like Half Earth, where we set aside half of the land for use by nature alone in order to preserve natural ecosystems, plants, animals, and resources like air and water.

Expect ire when you mention these, but each relates to the others, since the overall goal is a transcendent goal: accepting nature as a positive thing, and attempting to fit within that order, while maximizing the quality of the experience of life in order to reduce existential stress and increase pleasure. Life should be joyful again.

Those who oppose this tend to be of the elites, namely those who did well at the democracy game, which means by definition that they are bad at the reality game. These are the bureaucrats hired by the system, the lawyers who profit from its labyrinthine Byzantine rules, the affirmative action people pole-sitting their way to pensions, and the many businesses who profit from selling junk to morons who are buying it with government handout money or the money they would have had to save if government were not paying for education, daycare, school lunches, retirement, healthcare, and job insurance.

People of this nature will continue to cling to the old system and defend it viciously, since when it goes away, they go back to being proles picking turnips. These people are essentially organized criminals, much as they were in the Soviet Union, whose only goal is to seize power and channel it toward themselves, having realized that with power, one can have all that money provides, and being empty, desiring nothing but that.

Humanity went down a bad path, so it is time to reverse course and go back to where things made sense, then try again to move forward from there, but in a different direction, since we know that this one failed. As liberal democracy fades away and egalitarianism flounders, those who embrace this new reality will be steps ahead of the angry failures who refuse to accept the change of history.

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